Looking to Make Some Extra Cash or Get Rid of Your Junk?

Who doesn’t have a bunch of junk piling up in their garage or basement? We know we have our fair share. And, frankly, it can’t wait until “spring cleaning” – as if that ever happens anyway. So, in an effort to help you (and help ourselves), we’ve compiled a brief list of places and ways you can get rid of your stuff. You might even make some extra money in the process.

Give It Away

Giving away the stuff you don’t want is the quickest and easiest way to clear out some space. Plus, you should get a nice tax write-off, too. Also, most charities aren’t going to be too picky about what they take, and don’t take.

Goodwill: Back your car up to the loading dock, let the employees pull it out, and walk away with a tax write-off check. Most Goodwill stores aren’t even going to look at what you bring them. And, if you’ve ever walked through a Goodwill (or a Goodwill Outlet), that becomes quickly apparent.

Salvation Army: Salvation Army will actually come pick up stuff from your doorstep. It doesn’t get any easier! If a piece works and is in good condition, they’ll pick it up. Check out their online valuation guide.

Your Own Local Thrift Store: Then again, you might choose to support a local thrift store. Many people choose to donate to a local store because it helps support small non-profits and businesses in their community.

Charities: Lastly, there are countless charities that will take your unwanted items. Who better to help you find the right one than Oprah?

Sell It

We don’t blame you if you’d like to make a little extra money as you get rid of your stuff. If you have items of value, putting them on the marketplace makes sense. Here’s where you should go (and why).

Vintage/Consignment Shops: If you don’t want to bother with the internet, then seek out your local vintage and consignment shops. These shops can be quite selective because they already have such a large amount of stock. Just because they don’t take an item, doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. Rather, these shop owners have to make purchasing decisions based on what their market buys.

Garage Sale: Have your own garage sale! This is a great way to get rid of everything you don’t want, from old TV’s to baby clothes. Plus, it will help you get organized, too.

eBay: eBay has only gotten easier (and safer) to use over the last few years. Whether you sell on eBay or not, it’s a great place to look to ascertain an item’s general selling price.

Craigslist: Even easier than eBay is Craigslist. Of course, with this site, you’re limited to just your local area. However, if you live in a major metropolitan area this shouldn’t be a problem. Also, Craigslist is especially great for selling large items that wouldn’t be practical to ship.

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