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Last Updated On: July 31, 2017

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Business Name: Sportsman Steel Safe Co
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6311 N Paramount Blvd
Long Beach, California 90805 USA

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Sportsman Steel Gun Safes Phone Number: 800-266-7150
Company Contact: Kevin HandCorp Website:

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Sportsman Steel Safe company - Bait and Switch - Fraud

Kevin HandIn January, 2012 I called Sportsman Steel to purchase a Special Forces Commemorative safe with a plain finish. I spoke with Kevin Hand who told me that there weren’t any available with a plain finish, but for only seventy dollars more I could purchase one with a beautiful gloss finish. Reluctantly, I agreed. Upon receiving the safe I discovered several discrepancies that I brought to Mr. Hand’s attention which have been ignored. The problems are as follows:

Fraud – a lower fire rating than the safe was advertised at, defective paint on the top, door scrapes on the frame, the bottom of the door has been completely ground off after it was painted and missing bolt grommets.

After filing two complaints with the Better Business Bureau they found that Sportsman Steel Safe Company MADE NO GOOD FAITH EFFORT to resolve either of the complaints. Furthermore, Mr. Hand recorded threats toward me and my company on my home telephone answering machine.

Meticulous documentation has been recorded along with photographs to support every claim.

An Internet search for “sportsman steel reviews” yields unending complaints about the integrity of the company and their products.

Sportsman Steel Safe CoSportsman Steel Safe Co


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Mr. B, are you really still waiting for your safe? Why are you still waiting? You should seek for justice. I bought my safe from They selling a lot of different safes. One of their product is trezory na klíče. It is really great safes.

I ordered/put down payment for my safe in September 2015 with a delv time frame of 8-10 weeks. Well it is April 2016 and still no safe

Hey partner,

In my safe research I found that most safes were from China so any safe company that makes a USA made safe is ok in my book. I also spoke with the owner and he told me they sell both USA made and imports. I bought a Sportsman safe that is without a doubt USA made. I’m sure you could have bought a USA sportsman if you wanted one. Mine is so big, 65″ wide by 72″ tall built with 1/4″ steel.


I spoke with the owner and he told me they built there safes right here in the US. Went to there Houston store only to find out the entire showroom was filled with safes built in China! I just walked out. What a bunch of s

I’m kind of surprised at the bad reviews. I bought my safe (non-glossy) in 2007 and it still looks like new. Everyone that stops by is blown away by how solid the safe is. I’ve checked out other safes at Cabela’s/Gander etc. and they all seem like locker room lockers compared to mine. The door alone must weigh over 150 Ibs.

I bought a Sportsman too–after reading these reviews. I was a bit nervous at first but when the truck came and I saw the size and weight I was thrilled to no end. Thank you for the positive post–you helped me do the right thing.


They are the worst to deal with. They delivered my door in the wrong color and hinged incorrectly. Stay away, go to Liberty or some other company. I have purchased from both and never will I recommend Sportsman. Tried to reconcile, but they wanted me to pay for their mistake.

This company needs to be avoided at all costs. They believe they are innovators within the safe/vault business, however they are far from it. I was promised a safe with an automotive quality finish, and ended up with one that looks like it was spray painted with a can of Rustoleum by a stoned painter. No disrespect to the Rustoleum company, because they are much better than what I received. The overall workmanship is crap. Welding splatter everywhere. Grinding marks are also present almost everywhere. Paint is orange-peeled, and according to the factory, this is the normal appearance of an… Read more »
I have bought two safes from them, both top of the line models. The first one arrived looking like it had fallen off a forklift in transit. The combo lock was damaged, the door hinge weld was broken, and there was obvious damage all over the outside. The shipping company took it back, and many weeks later I got it delivered again in good shape. I ordered a second safe a year later, and this one appeared fine on the outside but has significant cracks all along the "step" on the inside of the door. The door also scrapes against… Read more »
I went to the Houston showroom in search of a gun safe. The Web site advertises they have hundreds of safes in stock starting in the $700 range. Don’t be fooled. The Houston showroom has only about 25 safes in stock and they’re all high end. Each safe is marked up $200 for a glossy finish. Another couple hundred bucks for a gold, 5-prong handle. Yet another mark-up for a digital keypad. The salesman advised I could purchase a lower-end safe from the factory in California, but I would pay $350 tp $400 for shipping. He acknowledged the "bait &… Read more »
I had a very similar experience with this company, and the guy behind the curtain – Mr. Kevin Hand. In my case the product I paid ahead of time arrived weeks late, and bore the wrong colors, the wrong locking mechanism, and had scratches all over it. For a safe that was touted as brand new – it had a quality control sticker from 2004 (in 2011), and appeared to be a recycled product. Either way I refused delivery and ended up being berated by Mr. Hand on the phone while he threatened a re-stocking fee, and questioned my honesty… Read more »

I’m in pretty much the same situation. They charged my credit card Dec.2 for the full amount and I still don’t have a safe. I have been told it was shipping the end of Nov. They tell me the paint is wet,it being put on the truck, they have my wrong phone number, they have wrong credit card info, etc. I told Mr. Hand I was cancelling the order and now he wants to get involved including a $500 restocking fee. Its been 13 1/2 weeks. The order said 8 wks. Bill


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