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Last Updated On: September 4, 2017

Royal Locksmith Contact Information

Business Name: Royal Bountiful Locksmith Service
Corporate Address:
630 Flushing Ave #230
Brooklyn, New York 11205 USA

Royal Locksmith Customer Service

Royal Locksmith Phone Number: 855-712-8732
Corp Website:

Royal Locksmith Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 4

Royal Locksmith Reports

Reported Losses: $283.00
Average Reported Losses: $141.50

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False Advertisement!

I locked my keys in my car this morning and called their phone number posted on their website.

They told me they would arrive in 30 minutes.

I waited twice the time they told me they would (1 hour & 1/2).

I paid 3 times the amount they told me I would pay (advertised for 35$ – told me it would be 50$ – PAID 149$! )

Be careful, DO NOT trust this company. They will rob you of your money!

Royal Locksmith Location – NO ADDRESS NOT FOUND Orange Park FL 904-639-5567

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My husband lock keys out of car and called them which they said it would be $20 to come out and unlock car. He agrees and the guy gets there unlocks car then said it will be $200. He doesn’t have that much and the guy starts losing it on him saying well i will take 75 you have to pay me. When my husband said he would pay what was said on phone the guy threatens him and looks the car back up and leaves. He though he was coming back with a gun i recommend not using this… Read more »

Same thing! Quoted 35.00+19.00 service call. Charged $200.00 for ,30 seconds of work. Called and just talked with a cheating liar several times. I think they hire phone reps and send out whoever they can find in your area.

BUYER BEWARE! My wife and I were in need of a locksmith and found Royal Locksmith online. They advertised rates starting at $25 on their site, and we received a quote of $35-50 when speaking to a woman over the phone. When the technician arrived, he handed my wife the paperwork and asked her to sign it as he began the process of unlocking her car door. Unfortunately, our dog was locked inside the car and we felt a sense of urgency and signed the worksheet. He then told us that the price would be $180. When we called to… Read more »
This company is a scam. They charged me $80 on fixing my lock on my car door and didn’t even do it. The guy showed up and said he was going to charge me $160 first and I told him the person on the phone said $65. He started arguing and said ok then $80. He said the lock is fixed, then opened the door for me to show me. I, trusting its fixed, gave him the money. He left. Once he left I tried opening the door again and it wouldn’t open. I called the company and they were… Read more »

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