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Last Updated On: October 4, 2017

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Business Name: Locksmith-Pros Net

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Phone Number: 888-374-3434
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Average Rating: 1.25 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 29

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Reported Losses: $205.00
Average Reported Losses: $51.25

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Locksmith-Pros are misleading!

When speaking with the locksmith on the phone, he said there is a $15 fee plus the service that starts at $35. Since he could not guarantee me what exactly I’d be paying, I’d decided to call him back.

He calls me right back offering a flat rate of $60. I agree to pay 60 total.

Then he shows up, takes 2 seconds to unlock my car, and charges me $75.

It was not clear to me that I would be charged $75, since flat rate to me means a total of.

I found him to be misleading, because he clearly knew that’s I was expecting to pay only 60.

Not calling again.


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Got a bad feeling about these guys and Regret the service

Do not hire this company. I was charged $229.00 to open a bottom lock! Plus, when I asked for an itemized bill telling me exactly what the charge was for, I received no reply. Again, DO NOT GET THESE PEOPLE TO OPEN YOUR LOCK!

This business appears a bit sketchy after the experience I had with them today… I own a rental condo, and my wife and I were in the unit getting the place ready for my new tenants. Turns out, my previous tenants broke the handle and lock on the sliding glass door that leads to the patio, which now needs to be replaced. So my wife does a quick 30-second google search for “locksmiths”, and these guys were probably the first search result to pop up. She calls them, and whoever she spoke with was too busy to make an appointment,… Read more »
I had terrible customer service and paid an astronomical fee for the 5 minutes it took to get into my car. $120 dollars. They said I wouldn’t have had to pay that much if I would have called when the technician was there- they could have arranged a “deal”. I asked for an address to leave a formal complaint but they have a company policy to not disclose their business address. They told me to leave a review on their website knowing full well they don’t have a review option on their website. I had to speak with a customer… Read more »

Changing the price on you could be considered theft by intimidation which is a crime and one that Gwinnett county will prosecute. Did he block your car so you could not leave? Follow you to an ATM and demand the money, etc.? If you felt intimidated and can explain that you were intimidated by their specific actions, then you have a case. The difference in cost may not be an issue, but how they do business is just plain wrong.

This company is a complete scam. I was locked out of my house late at night and called due to the prices they indicated on their website (starting at $35 for residential) and a quick guaranteed arrival time (15 minutes). The woman who took the call assured me that for a “simple lock” the cost would be as stated – $35. We called at 8:30. The locksmith did not arrive till about 9:35. We called him directly multiple times to which he stated he was “almost here.” When he arrived he stated that this was a very simple lock and… Read more »
DON’T USE THIS COMPANY! I was locked out of my house with my young kids on a hot day and called this place after seeing their ad on my phone. $15 service charge, 15 minute arrival, and house lockout starting $35. Based on this, I thought it would be around $70-80 max. The locksmith does not show up until after 1 hour 20 minutes and me calling again. He comes in and says it will be $195. I asked why and he says, I have a special lock that costs more. I told him to hold off on the service… Read more »
DO NOT USE THIS PLACE…EVER. STAY AWAY!!! The Locksmith Pros website advertises a 15 minute arrival time. I waited 1 hour and 14 minutes for the locksmith technicians arrival. The Locksmith Pros website advertises ‘cheap’, ‘rock-bottom prices’, ‘quickest and most affordable solution’ (all quotes from your website). After a total of 40 minutes of service, 20 of which was just to break the lock (in all the wrong ways) I was charged $519! This is in NO way cheap, rock-bottom or the most affordable solution! The locksmith technician didn’t ask for ANY proof at any time that I lived in… Read more »
Called Locksmith Pros since I didn’t receive a response to the email or a call back regarding me experience. Supposedly talked to the owner and was told that since I didn’t call them to argue the total cost (after the work was completed) that I agreed to pay and there was nothing he could do. The owner also said that the arrival time of 15 minutes on the website is only an estimate as they can’t predict traffic or accidents. This company didn’t have the list of the work that was done to even tell me what all they did… Read more »
I was promised 100% guarenteed and a price match of other companies. I was told I was paying around $50 and was charged $209 dollars. The guy literally took five minutes to unlock the door (Which didn’t even have a deadbolt). When I called the manager Hosea, from Utah he proceeded to yell at me and told me that no other company was better. IN actuality I called around and other companies would literally charge me a flat fee of $35. He then told me to go ahead and report him “because no one would do anything about it.” Also… Read more »
Googled locksmith locally in my own area and got Locksmith Pros stating a $15 service fee and $35 fee for changing locks with arrival time in 15 minutes. The operator took my info and then locksmith called from Philadelphia during traffic hour which is much further than 15 minutes. He finally arrived about an hour later and took a look. He quoted $350 to change two locks. I repeated to him what the prices were on the site and specified someone from my own area, not all the way in the city. And there was no way that I would… Read more »

Stay away!!!
These people are crooks
No 15 min call out only excuses
$15 call out fee and $35 home lockout fee for a total of $50 is a fraudulent claim.
Try $125
I should have searched for testimonials before using them.
Can’t emphasize enough. Stay away.
If people don’t stay away and hit them hard in their bank account they will keep on doing this to others so please stay away.

This is really a FRAUD COMPANY.I don’t know how to stop this company.They said price starts with 15$ and technician will actually tell the price. I paid 135 $ ….I had checked the price from auto insurance and they told 60$ only. I was not aware about this FRAUD company else I would have gone through my insurance company only.
Technician also said you can claim this amount from your rental car company..


Slow and charged me 3 times as advertised

I got locked out of my house, and needed a locksmith. I called locksmith-pros.net because the online prices were reasonable ($15 service charge, $35 labor). The locksmith showed up in a decent time. He picked my lock within 5 minutes and charged me $100 (and it was before he did any labor). This place is a rip off, and when I called the “manager” said I paid, so she didn’t understand what the problem was. What a rip off!!! Price gauging!!!! Isn’t that illegal???? I’m calling better business bureau!!!

Ignition on my car would not turn. Locksmith pro, Simon, arrived told me $480 for him to remove and repair or replace tumbler. 2hrs job. 2 hrs in I checked on him. He had completely drilled out the tumbler, was not able to remove it , metal and shavings all over the interior, then proceeded to tell me he didn’t know how to fix it but his friend would call me, he could fix it. Like I was going to let that happen. Called office and was told “dispatch manager” would call me. 4 hrs…no call. That’s because there is… Read more »
i just called them to unlock my car.. I needed to pay by credit card as i wasnt on site as I was helping someone else, so they took my information by phone prior getting an estimate as “the technician will be able to tell you how much it will be”.. so… ok… the guy called me first and said “what is this place i’m going” and i said “a home depot” then he answers… “i dont see it on my GPS, dont make me drive if it is not the place” what????? then he gets there, charges $165 to… Read more »
I called Locksmith Pros to have the lock changed on my front door. I called at 12:30PM and made at 3PM appointment. At 3:15, I called the local office number to see if the service tech was still going to be coming. Customer service rep told me the technician would call in a few minutes. He called moments later to say it would be 25-30 minutes before he would get there. That would mean he would arrive at 3:45pm for my 3pm appointment! At 4pm, I called AGAIN since he still did not show. I told them I just wanted… Read more »
I called to have a duplicate key made for a keyless entry for my vehicle..it was in a Sunday he said he could do it, quoted me 3 different prices and said I had to pay cash. He said I needed to pay before he got a text message for a code back from dealer in order for car to be reprogrammed and stop start. I was desperate and inpatient and believed him and paid $240 for the service… he said he had to get another machine since it was a newer car. He never came back. Same girl always… Read more »

Was quoted $15 service fee to come out and a range of $35-$50 to unlock my front door. When the tech arrived, he said $125 plus the $15. That is more than double what I was quoted for a job that took 5-10 minutes. When I called back, the woman tried to say I did not understand. The only reason I choose this service is because of the advertised rates and what i was quoted over the phone. I had to get to work, or I would have called another locksmith. What a SCAM! DO NOT use this company.

Biggest joke of my life. They advertise $15 service charge and base of $35 to unlock your car, so you figure the final price will be around $50, give or take. They used a basic inflatable tool and a rod to open the door (standard of most locksmiths) and charged us $210 because they had to use a “special” tool!!! Are you kidding me??? I’m furious and disgusted. The communication by the technician was terrible and I feel completely mislead and ripped off. Worst locksmith experience ever.

I had the exact same experience

This technician comes out
182 for a small inflatable bag to slightly pry my door open and rod to press unlock on my car door

Pricing is insane
I’d rather be a locksmith and run them out of business with better pricing for probably a 20 dollar tool kit

Total ripoff. They said $15 service call plus $19 per key for four keys. He wrote out a ticket for $60 total, which I signed after confirming the price. Then he stays out in my driveway for TWO HOURS to rekey four locks. He then wrote additional amounts on the paper I signed and said the total was $335.00! I told him I’m not paying that. He sits down like he’s not going to leave, so I ask him to leave my home. He sits in the driveway. Then an 800# calls me trying to bargain the price. First they… Read more »
Lying Locksmith, I locked my keys in my car and called Locksmith Pros who say they charge $15 service fee and $29 to open a car door. When he got there he asked how was I going to pay I said credit card he then said it would cost $240 to open my door because I was paying by credit not cash and it was sprinkling. I thought he was joking but he wasn’t. I said no way and asked about beating everyone’s prices and they will match any one he said no we don’t do that. Needless to say… Read more »

What city and state? They have branches everywhere and I am trying to figure out if it is at all locations.

Worst service ever : Today I needed my car door open and the man took less than 1 minute to open the door. He tried to say that it cost a total of $185 to open up my car which was all manual not electrical at all vehicle. Then I told him nevermind lock it back up I will call someone else that’s not what the operator had told me he then locked up my car door and took my key with him. He drove around the complex of my apartment and then stopped and I wanted a copy of… Read more »

I don’t recommend this buisness to anyone.
Very misleading advertising. Saying you will beat anyone’s price. Then show up and charge way more.. called to complain and they basically told me..sorry about my luck.
Never again will I use these crooks



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