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Last Updated On: September 15, 2017

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Reported Losses: $13,495.00
Average Reported Losses: $4,498.33

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losing my house

I got a call from u.s.educators telling me that they could help save my home. I told them all that was going on with my house, they still told me that they could help. I was told to fax all the paper work they needed and we did. The next call was to tell us that they could save the house and lower the house payment. I was talking to Daniel Harris at first he told me that the company needed me send them 2295.00 fedex cashier check. I did that and then he told me that i would have a case worker and her name was Jovanna and we talk for a couple of weeks.

Then my bank called and said that they would work with U S Loan Educators and so I thought they would was working together. So I would call ever week and see what was going on.

Then one day I called and I was giving a new person to talk to her name is Elizabeth so we talk and she said that she and the company could help us. She said that there was a lot of planes and government planes to help us and we could save our house. So I call ever week and see how ever thing was going.

Then one day i called because there was a sale on my house. The company stop that one and still saying that they could save our house. Then they said the bank stop taking to them and that I would have to talk to the bank. So I did and the bank said that there was nothing that we could do.

The u s loan educators said that they would and could still save our house. So there was a new sale on our house and know stop this one. So the bank sold our house and know one stop it and so I called u s loan company and they was out of bushiness and all the phone numbers was out of order and know way to get in touch with anyone.

So we are out our money and know one talk to and they said that they would gave our money back if they couldn’t not help. I have tried to get in touch with the phone numbers that I have and the are out of service. So if anyone knows how to get in touch with this company please let me know. We are still trying to save our house but I want my money back.


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They got me too. I probably paid more than the rest of you. I’m wondering If I can take a theft deductiion on my Schedule A income tax deductions for 2012. That would at last ease some of the pain, and embarassment. There is no one to call or email as all communication channels have been severed.

I too have been a victim of these scam artists. I live in Trenton New Jersey, that’s how far they are taking this scam. I have had an identical experience to all the above folks. I am now backed up with my mortgage and the mortgagers are threatening foreclosure. We need to find a way to get our money back and stop these SOBs I AM OUT $2200. This could have gone towards my mortgage and lower the payment. These parasites preyed on hard working American who are having financial challenges.

I too am a victim. I am really ashamed of myself for believing in a company that would be able to assist me with lowering my monthly payments. I did all of my homework and background checks for companies such as these that require funds to be involved, seemed legit, so I went for the bait. I had originally began this episode with Angela (THE TAKER) whom then assured me the Jowanna (THE LIAR) would be handling my case and to be expecting a call from her, needless to say she had never contacted me I had contacted her only… Read more »


I had the same experience as J. Burns describes. I had to pay $ 2, 200…supposedly for a new appraisal and other legal paperwork. They started out just fine, I even got a letter from the mortgager stating they would not contact me while this was in arbitration. I was told by U. S. Loan Educators, who claimed to be working for the government to stop mortgage companies from illegal practices, to stop paying my Chapter 13 and my house payments. I had and have no credit cards. In September of 2012, I received a foreclosure notice from the mortgager.… Read more »

angela and nathan parker are the names of the people that took me to the cleaners literally

I too have lost $2,500 same story as above now I am afraid of homelessness

sent $2.900 dollars to lower my mogage rate they told us not to pay our morgage 4 to 6 mounths.2 mounths go by, have herd not a word, we call them all we get is an anwsering saying phone list is full.2 more mounths some called said they call us the next day no word . we try to call that no anwser. now going on 5th mounth ready to call a lawer to get thiS resolved. DO NOT WANT TO LOSE MY HOUSE!!!!!!. called more than 20 times now the phone is disconnected .and directory assistance has no listing… Read more »
I am ashamed to admit that I am not even an elderly person, but US Loan Educators lured me in by stating it was part of the presidental funded program to help people lower thier interest rate and keep thier homes. I gave then over $2,400.00 since March, 2012 and have stopped receiving calls and updates from them since August. I have filed 2 BBB complaints and one of the things they stated was that if they could not do anything to help lower my payment that they would refund 1/2 of the money I paid them. They are frauds… Read more »

This company contacted my elderly father and put on bullcrasp real thick about being able to lower the intrest rate on his martgage payment. Unforunitaly my father sent in $1995 in February of 2012 and to this day

9-10-12 has not heard back from after making 40 phone calls requesting the stauts of thier services. Please help in stopping these SOB’s from further scamming hard working americans in these tough economic times.


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