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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Flowood, Mississippi USA

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A Rip off

They have threatened me and i am not very happy because i have a new born baby that has had some health problems. And they have said that is not their problem, in a very rude manner.

I will not answer their calls and they need to stop calling me.

Now am not happy how they have treat me as a person. They need to get better customer service skills. I file a complaint with the bbb and tell them how there busniess is not very friendly. I will be contacting a lawyer today.


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very upset with this loan company called my job several times after I told them not to call my work also told my boss that my check was going to be garnished which she has nothing to do with HR, or Payroll im catching my payment up by paying extra a pay period which I get payed twice a month and ive got a call yesterday and one today already from Justin im at work they need never to send me any info about another loan and im putting on social media how this place is a rip off and… Read more »

These people have also somehow gotten my number as well. I have told them repeatedly that I am not who they are trying to reach, but it never stops. They have multiple different phone numbers as well.If/when the tables turn and they are the ones being repeatedly called I bet they wouldn’t be so patient…..

We do not have, nor have we EVER had a loan through this outfit, but we keep getting calls on our landline (Which we only have in order to have the internet. We do not use this phone line for calls). I don’t know if they are trying to drum up business or not, but we have no need or desire for a loan from them or anyone else.


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