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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: MOHELA
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633 Spirit Dr
Chesterfield, Missouri 63005 USA

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Phone Number: 636-733-3830
Company Contact: Will Shaffner - Director
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Mohela - Scam

In 1996, I took out a student loan, via The Plaza School of Technology, Paramus NJ. The course was only for 6 month, for a certificate in medical billing. The school applied for the loan on my behalf and was paid directly to the school. The course commenced in March to September.  I started repayment in 1997, through 2012 when I got a call and a bill from Mohela, saying they have taken over my billing and as such, they represent the D.o.ED . Since I had less than $150 to pay; I went along.

All of a sudden I got hit with a bill of $697.34, dating back to 1999. It was then I went on line to check out this company. My jaw dropped on what I read. I then went on line to the FBI and BBB. I stated my case.

On 6/10/2013 I got a letter dated ,May 30,2013; saying “our records indicate that your consolidation loan disbursed on March 08,1999 was added to our system on July 10,2012.

My questions are, since it was a 6 months course, that ended September of 1996; why was and to whom was a loan a loan disbursed to? Certainly not to me and considering that the course ended in September 1996. I definitely would want to know which school got the money.


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