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Last Updated On: April 7, 2017

MobiLoans Contact Information

Business Name: MobiLoans, LLC
Corporate Address:
PO Box 1409
Marksville, Louisiana USA

MobiLoans Customer Service

MobiLoans Phone Number: 877-836-1518
Corp Website:

MobiLoans Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 13 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 30

MobiLoans Reports

Reported Losses: $5,600.00
Average Reported Losses: $430.77

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Predatory Loan Scam

Mobiloans promises are false. I have lost over $1000; Paying over $400 a month and the balance never goes down. The finance charges are applied every other week.

I fell for the up front cash deposit direct to my bank account. As soon as the money was deposited, the automated payments started. To my surprise the payments were not monthly but every other week.

It will take about $10,000.00 to pay off a $1,500.00 loan.

This should not be legal. It appears as if this industry is not regulated and preys on people in desperate need for cash.

I don’t recommend anyone to fall for this scam.

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Wow I just got screwed so bad by mobiloans. Was in a jam needed quick cash. Borrowed $1500 setup monthly payments and was mislead to believe i was paying back $1900 check my statements made phone calls and now they said i will be paying back $4700. How can the government allow companies to take advantage of people in need, people who struggle everyday to make ends meet. There must be something we can do about this legally

Oh and just for the record, Im not complaining about they’re fees, I understand all of that.Its they’re inability to get you the funds. The most ill trained staff I have ever encountered, and very rude

Absolutely THE single most piece of crap company I have EVER EVER dealt with, in fact Im making a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as we speak as well as the state attorney general office. Basically they are lying thieves, with untrained, rude robots on theyre call line. I have never been so frustrated in my life. DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT USE THEM a real live loan shark would be better ! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER service, no answers and you it takes endless days, hours to get your money, of which I still don’t have mine !!! Absolutely… Read more »

I made the worst mistake taking a loan out with Mobiloans it’s been 6 most of distress trying to make back the payments with the fees and the amount to pay back it has put me into debt so the purpose of me writing this complaint is to warn others do not take out the loan unless you read all the fine/small print this was the worst mistake I have ever made. Please do not make the mistake I made not reading the entire contract before signing it.

Victoria.. iam one more of the victim for understanding when i took the loan goriginal that they charge$135 each moth with interest and if I want to paid more I will set up that way. after the first payment they want $135 every2 week they took from my check account with out reap off company from the $270 only 60 will go to my principal I will never finish paid the total loan…wile them the making tonk of money of me bad company I don’t recommend to any body

I think people are confusing a line of credit with a loan. They are not the same thing. I got the money I needed, and then paid it off over a 4 month period. It costs some money, but nothing that wasn’t told to me up front like how much they charge per $100 borrowed and how much the mInimum payment would be every 2 weeks. Much cheaper than cash advance places or using overdraft protection, because you can pay it back over more time if you need to…but it shouldn’t be treated as a loan, it needs to be… Read more »

Yes, many companies do so. The fact that they want to hide they’re writing the fine print, so as not to catch the eye. And then people pay much more

Don’t understand these comments. I NEVER had an issue with this company – everything was made clear up front, was easy to request and add money and interest rates were FAR lower than most of the scammy p****y loan companies out there!

Website is always down, you can never access the account

Carolyn Jackson Bynum

They should know state lending practices. In Louisiana, An online lender has to be state licensed if they have a presence in the state. Since mobiloans is using a Marksville Louisiana address as their physical address they are required to be licensed. But guess what they are not licensed by the state. So according to the state of Louisiana office of financial responsibility your contract isn’t considered legal and you are not required to pay them back. You will have to contact the state the office is in baton rouge.

they are an Indian reservation in Louisiana. Completely legal. The state laws do not apply to the reservation.

The VAST majority of complaints I see here are whiners crying about the price. I just received a solicitation from them and I took the time to READ the details and went to their website and READ the prices and disclosures there. Yes, the price is high and it shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you whiners if you took the time to READ what you were getting into BEFORE getting into it! If you want a low interest rate, then go to a bank and get a loan there! However, most of those whiners here destroyed their own… Read more »

WOW, it must be easy for you to call People like us whiners, but I did read it (the fine print) and not once did it say no matter how much you pay the f@#$%ng payment is never going down. I mean I took out this loan to help me not to f#$% me over. You must have money to throw away. I don’t

Your stupid Ive had many loans with them for quick cash. NEVER had a problem. I like them for taking not only the fee for fees but also on principle. Then u can pay more that goes toward principle. Plus they give you points so you can get a lesser interest rate. Who does that! Very smart business practice. This is a P****y loan read everything before you agree. I like the company they were and are very upfront. If u dont like this kind of loan then dont apply. Nothing hidden fees are upfront.

I just took out a loan with Mobiloans and EVERYTHING is completely spelled out. It clearly tells you how much your principle payment is going to be….it tells you how much your interest payment is going to be… tells you what the one time cash advance payment is going to be. It also CLEARLY states that by paying the minimum payment you WILL be paying back more in interest fees than what you borrowed. For those of you WHINING, you either cannot read or are completely clueless on how these types of loans work. Oh and it also gave me… Read more »

Then it must be you have nothing to do than to make a lengthy reply to something of no concern. Read a book

This company took advantage of me in time of need and now I’m paying for it. I applied for it without doing much research only to find myself in a bad situation. They charge ridiculous rates for interest screwing you financially even more. I ended up cancelling a couple days later after applying and had 2 different reps tell me they would waive the $100 cash advance fee they charge you. After speaking with multiple supervisors about this issue they explained to me they couldn’t waive the fee because I didn’t cancel within the 5 days. This is not my… Read more »

Complaint Filers, Thank you so much for the information. Companies like this should be shut down. It has gotten too scary, how easily these companies will abuse personal and financial information. I had started to fill out an application, but then stopped when they wanted my banking account info. If it hadn’t been for your guys, I would have been the next victim.

omg stay away from these people that will rob you

I’am going with a debt relief company to get my loan taken care of,will this work

I did call service department for my receive pay in full in 12 112013 but no result give to on line or stamen to my house .if you see this note please give a message with letter by your company or on line to my address this is very appreciate your business thanks you William Chen (2431497110)

Did you get a reply?

Be aware mobiloans is offering a line of credit in PA since p****y loans are prohibited in the commonwealth the max they can charge you is between 6 to 7.5% interest per year moreover they need to be license and register in PA to do business with residents of the commonwealth. PA 8 and 18 Chapter 51 in other words you don’t have to honor their contract it is unlawful .

They are a ridiculous scam. They are staffed by ignorant bill collector types. Their fees are in excess of any principal, I borrowed $600, after $450 in repayment they claimed I still owed $610??? How can I owe more than the original amount after paying $450? They are a joke and need to be shut down They claim to lend with $20 on every $100 – that’s not the case. They are dishonest, rude and ignorant!!!

damm that happen to me,pay pay pay and you still owe more that you got

They are a scam. I borrowed $600 and my payments are $100 a month. Well out of $100 dollars, $65 of that goes to fees and only $45 goes to paying them back for the $600. Huge scam, run away while you can.

I have a loan with Mobiloans as well and I have had a very pleasant experience. They let me know right up front that the loan has a ridiculously high interest rate and if you understand interest and p****y loans then nothing about the fact that only 25.00 was going to your principal balance should have seemed strange to you. I have had them for almost a year now and they have been nothing but nice, and I have never had my information stolen or weird companies taking money from my account. I personally think you might have applied to… Read more »

you work for them,they steal money from people

niki like you my credit is bad but i am satisfied with the company EXCEPT as i have come to find out; if you have windows 7 in any form, they do not recognize that system and you can not reset your password. i can not get to my account

I agree with Nicki. I understand what goes to "juice" and what goes to principal and they have always been upfront with me. When I have called customer service the rep has always been professional.


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