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Last Updated On: December 1, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Great Plains Lending LLC
Corporate Address:
1050 East 2nd St #500
Edmond, Oklahoma 73034 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 877-836-1506
Corp Email:
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.47 out of 5
Based On: 19 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 68

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $11,330.00
Average Reported Losses: $596.32

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Is Great Plains Lending a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Beyond Rip Off... Will Hurt Credit Score.

This company is awful… Usually, once you are established with a “P****y loan company,” they do not continually run your credit after you prove to be a reliable customer, repaying several loans on time.

This company will run your credit every time you apply for a loan, even if you’ve been with them for years.

This is on top of their outrageous interest and the fact they do not close out your loans properly with the agencies after already causing you a a hit on your credit for each loan.

I’m finally done with this company as a result…

You are losing valuable customers who are already willing to pay your ridiculous fees. Further, your most reliable customers in good standing are the same ones who repay your loans on time….Ridiculous.

People who need short term loans do not need to ruin their credit in the interim. Jerks.

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Do not get a loan from these people they are a rip off they get there payment ever two weeks and the balance only goes down 10.00 how can I get out of tis draft without closing my checking account


The good thing about them is that the debt is illegal, uncollectable and unenforceable in most states — they cannot pursue you through your state’s legal system (you will not be served) & if they try to collect, tell the debt collection company they are collecting on an illegal debt (if it is a legal debt collection company, they will leave you alone as they want no part of that). The bad thing is that it will remain on your TransUnion report (I fought this through CFB/FTC too) as TransUnion does not care if legal or illegal just that Great… Read more »

Bad company! Sells your banking info to other parties, then your account gets drained!

I would never use this company again. I was aware of the high interest but took the loan anyway. Paid it off early and had a zero balance. A month and a half later they illegally debited my account for a payment! It’s supposed to be returned and it’s only been one day but this is illegal!

I needed a very short term loan and I received, by e-mail- a note from Great Plains Lending that I had paid off a previous loan and inviting me to apply again. I did. Great Plains took up more than an hour and a half of my time for an exceptionally lengthy form and then repeatedly told me that I needed to wait for them to review the application. When they finally responded, more than 36 hours later, they asked me to fax them additional information….my driver’s license, utility bills, etc. I called and explained that I did not have… Read more »

We used this as a solution to a problem we needed fixed quickly. We pay our account on time, every time. It appears they will just draft anytime they want (when payment is not due) say sorry it was a glitch and lie saying it will be 24 hours when they really mean a week and then the next payment is due. Shady at best.

Hey MAD, go take your prolixin and pay your bills. GPL would reduce the total amount if you pay off early on the schedule.

Diesel you prey on folks that come across a tough situation or really need the money and desperately look for a company to help them with a reasonable pay back plan. There is a special place in hell people like you..and you don’t have to worry about hopefully having friends forever there…have fun!

Look at the FINE PRINT PEOPLE !!!!!! They give loans @ 249.30% !!!!!!!!! This should be illegal. I got this junk mail in US postal mail. I am not even looking for a loan but opened and read this crap. I am pre-selected for a loan of $1200.00 …. after repayment I would of paid $7377 !!!!!
How in the world does anyone fall for this crap !!!!!

MY spouse did a loan with them but then got hurt. I tried over & over to pay the account & as told several times there was no account. then other times I was told they could not allow me to pay anything on this account since its not mine. I even explained everytime my spouse got hurt very badly & was unable to handle this & all I wanted to do was pay the payment but they would not allow me to. in the mean time they harassed his employer to the point his job is on the line… Read more »

“cHRISTY” obviously works for Great Plains. I took out an $800 loan and paid it back within a week. But it didn’t show up in my bank. Now Great Plains claims my payment was returned. Twice. The payment was never even SENT TO THE BANK! If it was returned, why didn’t the bank charge me an overdraft fee? Why doesn’t it show anywhere on my statement? There was MORE than enough in there to pay this off. These people are scam artists and liars, pure and simple.

I got a short term loan from them in the state of Maryland, I paid the amount on the plan back 5 TIMES OVER with their charges and interest.. They are a Terrible company, STAY AWAY

are they licen in the state of nj?

I need to know if they are licensed in the state of Ohio.

Go to your state government web page and search pay day loans. That is how i found this company was not authorized to issue pay day loans in my state.. My state compiled a list of companies they issued cease activity orders to and this company was one of them.. I had to contact my state government and then go to my local bank for help….

I received a loan from Great Plains and when I tried working with a debt management company to help me pay them off they ceased to talk to me….still haven’t gotten anything resolved. My suggestion is to STEAR CLEAR OF THEM TOTALLY, NOTHING BUT BAD NEWS AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED!!!

What state are these guys approving applications

Great Plains Lending is the worse! Knew there was HIGH intrest rates but didn’t know that the way they figure their "Loans" are you pay nothing but intrest the first 6 months. Which adds up to over $1600, then $40 comes off the principal for about another 3 months. By then you’ve paid $2300 in interest and less than $200 has been paid on $1000. The other topper is, if your late you pay that month’s payment and $30 AND if you pull up your loan it shows they extented your loan to a longer time.So your paying longer. Found… Read more »

close your checking account..go to your bank..and they will close it..make sure your balance is another accoutn it will charge off…you’ll get phone calls..they are a joke..t miller


They are not licensed in all 50 states to conduct business, if you have a loan with them, and they are not licensed with the state you preside , depending on the state statues you do not have to pay them back . First, a contract entered into between two parties under misrepresentation fis no and void and not legally responsible for the debt period. If you are in Washington state they can not pursue you ro harass

‘Preside’ means to govern or rule like a king. So if he is the King of Ohio, I do not think he would have to pay them back.

Great Plains Lending is a very serious joke .I borrowed 800 dollars and made 4 payments back to them of 237.00 and thought it should be close to being paid off. So I went on line to check it and it showed I still had 6 more payments. I thought there is no way so I called them and the gentleman I spoke too said yes .I said they told me 5 easy payments. He said they are charging 400.18 percent interest. I said this is joke .He said you can pay your loan off today for 603.03 dollars So… Read more »

Did you read the terms of the loan before you signed? Do you know what the word terms means? I’m sorry, my mistake. You obviously dont know how to read. Poor thing,

you must be the owner and i just got something in the mail from you htf did you get my info perturbs me but I guarantee, I will not be dealing with this company smh

I would say you would be missed but we will just keep on sending you a bill every month, for the next 19 years, so that we can keep in touch and hopefully be friends forever.

wow im glad I saw these comments now I have changed my mind about getting money from them. thanks for the heads up

And people thought towing companies charged alot for rescuing you, stranded on the side of some road…

Loan Amount $200.00
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 448.76%
Weekly Payment Amount $48.94

Just an FYI and it said next day direct deposit….I’m on day 4, thanks a-holes!!


So they took the money from your account on day 4 not on your p****y???

I recognized the fraud at once, briefly read the beautiful part about the loan they could give, immediately jumped to the small letters, read 300% APR… that’s all I need to know about them. I don’t care how much I may need money, i will not be feeding these scammers.


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