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Last Updated On: July 27, 2017

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Business Name: Cottonwood Financial Ltd
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1901 Gateway Dr #200
Irving, Texas 75038 USA

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Phone Number: 888-968-5265
Company Contact: Trevor Ahlberg - Owner
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Is Cash Store a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Cash Store used fake account to draw money then could not pay off

I went to the Cash Store at 12626 Woodforest Blvd Houston Texas, yesterday (10/12/2016). Then called on Monday (10/12/2016) and I told them I did not get pay until Wednesday.

(10/12/2016) I came into the store on Wednesday, the man there told me that they tried to put money out of my account on the (10/11/2016) and it I had no funds available. I ask him what account were they trying to pull out of, and he said 1185. I told I had no account in that number.

Then they had to wait until Thursday or Friday.

As of Friday, there has been no post of the Cash Store trying to withdraw any money out of my account.

So we are back the try to pull of non assisting account.

Why, when you tell them you paid of the second Wednesday of the the month, that they try to pull money out of my account before, I get paid and did not authorize it to pull out, but every second Wednesday of the month.

After being humiliated by the guy at Woodforst, that I was a complete idiot and than finding out than there was a mistake, said he could not take that it to done by corp.

When I got home I called Corp. At first they said I was wrong and then saw that it taken out of the wrong account. Said that he would take care of it in the computers, and call the Woodforst store.

The next day, which was Thursday, I wasn’t feeling good every since got off my Dialysis machine, so I got home I laid down.

When got up I called corp. office to see if I could take of this matter over the phone. I told her that the drive to Woodfoerst store for to drive since I move. She said the closest store was on W. Tidwell. When I looked my GPS that is not close to me. I did find that a store on Taylor St was closer. So I when to that store.

When I got to store I was greeted the woman, she saw I was using a cane to help me to walk and me to climb into a high stool in a booth. I told I could not climb into that stool and I got an eye roll back. So move me both with regular chair.

I told what happen the day before and that I called corp. and were to straight it out. She that attempt to withdraw from my account, but there was not another account just my account.

I ask her to call corp. and did and corp. was saying the same thing. I was told to pay it off was a $132 and jut the day before it going to $92. She they were charge me for the monthly loan payment and $30 return fee.

I was steaming by now, especially when there was mistake on accounts. I got tried of being made to look like an idiot. Plus Driving time and fighting with 2 stores.

I told her they could eat the loan, out of the harsh feelings from the 2 days that incurred in 2 stores.

I may had be wrong, but they could had curse them out.

I do not recommend any one going to the cash stores. When a mistake is made they cover it up to make them look good and the customer to look like idiot. I may have everyone remember that there being not attempt of any chargers to my account and if any attempt to withdraw from my account will be unauthorized.

Cash Store – 12626 Woodforest Blvd Houston Texas 77015 713-637-8105


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