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Last Updated On: June 30, 2017

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15 South Jefferson Rd
Whippany,, New Jersey 07981 USA

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Phone Number: 855-277-7818
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,054,758.00
Average Reported Losses: $527,379.00

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Taking for a ride

I applied for a business loan with Belmar Referrals and was approved for $10,000. The guy that I talked to goes by the name of Stanley, I was never told his last name. At first he was telling me that I had to send $800.00 in order to get the money, but by Dec. 6 all that I could come up with was $500.00.

I send the money via Western Union to a Timothy Barnes in New York, New York, called Stanley back gave him the confirmation number and was told that the money would be deposited into my account by 8:30 p.m the same night.

Now I sold my food stamps thinking that I was going to get the back right away. Now I have no money in my account, in fact both my account and my wife’s account are both in the negative due to this. My family consist of myself, my wife, our four year old daughter and our 2 mth. old grandson. I took the food for this month out of our mouths to do this, once again thinking that I was going to be getting the money back right away.

After getting up this morning we checked bank account and saw there was nothing there we tried to call the (855) 277-7818 only to be told that the number has been disconnected. Stanley’s ext. is 349


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I am searching for information about Progressive Union Funding (
Their Fax number is the same as Belmar phone number (855-277-7818) and web site was created on April 7 2013.
I do not know if they are legitimate or not but seems odd that two loan companies would end up with the same 855 phone number.

Yea I know what you mean I finally got to talk to Stanley Frost at ext 349 he said that Jason should refund my money to me with in 15 days and guess what tomorrow is the 15th day and when I tired to call the # today all I got was a busy signal. Stanley was really nice and he said tey were legal and any agenices we wanted to send there way to tell them to come on. He told me to call Jason talk to him about my refund due now and if Jason wouldn

I hate belmar…..took 1800.00 of my money. I will sued Belmar.

Did they send you your money back?

well if you sue let me know cause I will be right there with yo _

I to have had th same complaint with Philip, Jason and Berry (who alway seems to be out of town Barry Is suppose to be the CEO) Well I have no intentin of letting this go I intend to do as the other person did I will file what ever charges I can cause these people took 1000.00 of my money All Philip would say on the phone to me was TRUST ME. Well I have a recording devise on my both of my phones so I have everything Philip and anyone else from this company said. We need to… Read more »

I also had the same experience with Philip Jenkins and Jason. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau today.

Did you get a reply from the BBB as of yet they are not a member


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