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Last Updated On: April 3, 2017

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Business Name: Ally Financial Inc
Corporate Address:
200 Renaissance Center
Detroit, Michigan 48265 USA

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Ally Auto Phone Number: 888-925-ALLY
Company Contact: Jeffrey J Brown - CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.19 out of 5
Based On: 37 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 38

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Reported Losses: $91,906.70
Average Reported Losses: $2,483.96

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Don't take my equity!

February 2014, I purchased a new Chrysler automobile. I was told by Allied Bank administrative department, I had enough equity to payoff the car.

I was told by the finance department it would take 3 weeks to process my payoff.

It’s been several months, and they keep giving me the run around.

Help me get to the bottom of this matter. I was told I had enough equity to pay off the remaining balance. I’ve called about this matter to no avail.

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Never finance with Ally. My car was totaled on Feb 16, 2017 by being rearended. The insurance issued and mailed a check on Feb 24. I started calling Ally on March 1st and kept being told there was no activity. I started to blame the insurance co. On March 9th I called and got the same runaround. I called the insurance co to get a check number. Called Ally back to ask about the account. Nothing yet the no-english speaking agent told me. I gave her the check number and the check mysteriously appeared just a few minutes ago. I… Read more »

by far the WORST company ever to deal with. I Will never do an auto Loan with Ally again.

My ex and I got this 2014 Jeep vehicle in Feb. of 2014. Most terrible decision we could have made. I have paid on the vehicle for 3 years and the buyout amount is set at $20,000.00 the buyout for the vehicle should not be this high, its more now than when I first got it. They do not want to work with you and you can barely understand what they are saying. Anyway, I called Ally for the past month inquiring on voluntarily repossessing this car. I stopped paying… collections called and I advised the lady to pick up… Read more »
Purchased a car and dealer used Ally for financing. No problems until my car was totaled. They said my last payment was “interrupted” and it was never deducted from my account. Now dealing with Ally claiming I owe them money since they did not apply my GAP/Service Contract/Insurance payments completely to the total loss amount. Also have “accrued” mass amounts of finance charges/interest. Paperwork from GAP is correct with payoff/payout amounts. Ally has different, higher payoff amount, incomplete payout amounts (from Gap, etc), because they took it upon themselves to apply some of it to “finance charges”.. Talking to them… Read more »
Ally is the absolute worst auto leasing company. The Buick I leased was returned in January about 4,000 miles under the mileage allowed by the contract. Ally attempts to collect $310 for Excess Wear due to a dented B-Pillar where the seat belt tang would sometimes get caught in the door jamb, and $180 for a “gouge” in the front bumper >2inches. The gouge is actually under the bumper where the cover meets the front spoiler lip. Really, does anyone look under the car to find a mark under the bumper? Even if it were going to be sold on… Read more »

All around horrible!!!!!!!!

They will put you through hell trying to set up automatic payments. They will tell you that your set up over and over again, and then you will get penalties in the mail when you miss your payment. I faxed in my paperwork about 30 times over the past 3 months and have been told it has been accepted, and yet another penalty comes in the mail for them missing my payment.

Ally is the worst company ever!!! You can never get someone on the phone who will listen. Our truck was totaled in April funny how a week later we get a letter stating they had been in a lawsuit for discriminatory lending and that we had been over charged for interest. When I called to ask when we would be receiving our check they stated it was applied to our principal. My issue with that was that would only be benefiting the insurance company as our vehicle had been totaled. Never could get anyone who knew anything about what I… Read more »

Ally Auto customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. They are the most unhelpful people I have ever dealt with and when I asked to speak to a customer service representative both times they were just as unhelpful They never listened to what I was saying and kept the same speech like it was pre-written. AWFUL customer service. I paid my vehicle off on 1-2-2017 and I have still not received the lien release. I will NEVER finance another automobile through them. They outsource all their call center.

I called ALLY AUTO Customer service last week to settle a dispute about an extra late fee that was charged to my account. After being on the phone with someone that was very rude and not helpful at all for over half an hour…I requested someone else to speak with. After requesting this several times and he was not compliant I had to hang up and call back hoping to get someone else. Thankfully, I did. The lady was able to assist me and said she fixed the problem while I was on the phone. Now its the following week… Read more »
Agree with the numerous comments about this being a horrible company. My case is pretty much the same as others. Ally was mailed a cease and desist order from my attorney representing my bankruptcy. They have been given this information several times. They now, no kidding, with our last conversation stated “We attempted to contact your ALLEGED attorney for this ALLEGED bankruptcy and he did not respond within 30 days therefore you owe us the back payments for your auto or we are repossessing your vehicle today. We demand payment today of 2,000 dollars. Go ahead and give me your… Read more »
OMG The absolute worst company to do business with. NEVER AGAIN I never do reviews but this has to be the worst loan company. I am now withdrawing all my money from their savings accounts, closing auto loans ect. I mean this experience has made me realize that I can not tolerate bad customer service with a company Im paying out my a*s for. I use to be loyal to this company now there is no way in the world this company is getting my business or anyone elses. The claims department hung up on me in mid sentence several… Read more »

Absolutely horrible.

On October 26 I filled out a credit app with Ally to assume a lease. It wasn’t until Dec 7, 2016 that I was finally able to apply for tags, hours of phone calls with them over that time. A horrible experience, 1/2 time they don’t answer the phone the other half they just give you the run around

Ally auto finance is the worse company. I would not buy the car from any dealer who uses Ally auto Finance again. They hang up the phone on you . My car was total loss and wanted to pay off the balance. I asked for the document to pay off from the loss day. they told me they have to order the document from head quarter and take 48 hours , I will received it in my email . Five days later I never got it. I called back asking them why? and they said we can not have the… Read more »
They’re a finance company that can’t take payments??? They transferred me to third party company to make a payment, western union speed pay. AND they don’t tell you, but they charge your card as a cash advance. Thankfully mine was declined. Thank you Bank of America. Then they lied to me over the phone saying I would send them a check… The word “check” was never even mentioned. “Payment” is the word that was used… I agreed to the payment. They mand it extremely difficult to make a payment. They had my old address, they closed my account online. I… Read more »

ally online payment not working for some reason…but they can take your payment over the phone for a fee of 9.89……..another scam they run..!!

This company is the worse ever. U try to ask for a manager or supervisor the representative will not allow you to speak to anyone. When you have a representative that is helping u and they give u there ex number and you tell the other Representative u would like to speak to that person because they have your file and no your problems without u having to repeat yourself. All they Representative do is I’m sorry like a dam robot. They don’t get u the help you want. I financial a lots of cars thought banks this one is… Read more »

Phil I am trying to cancel a contract loan that a car dealership financed through Ally I was pre-approved through my FI and made it clear to the dealership this is who I want to finance my car without my consent I have been back to the dealer and even call Manufacturing and I have got no where any ideal on what to do.

Eric your right I am in same boat when in years gone by you pay a fee and put it in the Capital one is a lot better than Ally

I asked for a due date they said I couldn’t do that then ok 80 bucks I have never been helped at all they sent me a letter in 2013 or 2014 yes 14 and said we like to help you but bullshit never did nothing at all total ashls in my bookyou cant understand them I thing Ally is outsourcing so as to not pay good people to do thisl

I am having issues too they never can speak English and you ask them a question and they don’t know what their talking about very upset with the whole thing I heard
today from a dealer in Rochester that Ally is getting out of the leasing business good ridens

Ally commits FRAUD on a regular basis!!! I returned a car 3 months ago that was under the mileage and continue to get bills from ALLY saying i was over mileage by 20000 miles. According to the signed lease that I have that was faxed to ALLY 23 times it states that my allowed mileage was 42524 miles yet Ally says they have on their files that the mileage allowed is 24524. I have spoken to them well over 100 times and submitted copies of the physical lease I signed yet still receive bills and have been reported to the… Read more »

I’m preparing for a criminal and civil suit against Ally Financial, they have a history of violating the ESRA law most consumer have no knowledge do your homework then press charges. I plan on a class-action for any consumer who felt as thought they were a victim of Ally violating the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act [UETA] and the Electronic Signatures and Records Act.


So I fell onto hard times after going between jobs, and 3 payments default later I had the full payment but my on-line payment option was actually “BLOCKED!” Right after, and without notice, I found a tow truck hooking up my car at about 4:30 in the morning because my dog was barking. SO my car was repossesed and the repo. people gave me 3 days with an additional astronomical fee of $300.00 tagged onto the payment to get my car out of reposession, or my car and only means of transportation to work would be sold at an auction.… Read more »

yea still fighting somewhat same,how can we stop them

Please go to my fb page “consumers defrauded by Ally. Some of the practices are not legal. I would like to share more. If you are interested please go to that page and tag your story there

They are difficult to talk to. I believe this is so they can’t understand what you are requesting. For example, I requested payment arrangements. After a frustrating hour call, I finally agreed to some silly payment schedule that I knew I wasn’t going to be able to commit to. A half payment now then a full payment + an additional half payment 2 weeks later. Then, the normal payment schedule. That’s like 3 payments in less than a month. I couldn’t get them to understand how that did not help me. If someone is struggling, you don’t force them to… Read more »

Please go to my fb page “consumers defrauded by Ally.

i no longer have facebook. :(

Ally Financial has the absolute worse customer service. My husband has authorized me too many times to re to obtain information on this account and I get the same runaround. It took them three months to correct an issue with the account and it kept going into collections. I talked to about ten different account representative in a span of 10 months with someone always seeming more than willing to help. I sent the same documents over and over again and one of the documents had an error that they made and wanted me to pay for it. After it… Read more »

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