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Last Updated On: March 1, 2017

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Business Name: AWL American Web Loan
Corporate Address:
522 N 14th Street, Box 130
Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601 USA

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American Web Loan Phone Number: 877-636-1353
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Average Rating: 1.19 out of 5
Based On: 29 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 54

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Reported Losses: $15,668.00
Average Reported Losses: $540.28

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Threat of Arrest Warrant and Harassment from American Web Loan

I received a call from a gentleman stating he was with the Norristown police department and he has a warrant for my arrest. He asked if I was home and I said no I’m at work. He told me I needed to turn myself in because he has a warrant for fraud. I explained I had no idea what he was talking about and he further explained that I had taken a loan out with AWL and they filed criminal charges against me.

I asked if there was anything I could do to resolve the situation and I was advised to call Eric Thomas the attorney for American Web Loan at 844-869-5396 to see if I could work something out. In calling Eric he advised I needed to pay $1000 that day or he couldn’t remove the warrant. I was told by the would be detective to go to the station on Mt. Airy and turn myself in and I asked if I should ask for him and he said no he wouldn’t be there. After leaving my job at 10:30 am and sitting in my car for hours crying trying to figure out how to handle the situation I started doing some research.

I spoke with a lawyer and was told criminal charges may have been filed but I needed to retain him so he could help me. I decided to hold off and call the Sheriff’s office myself and ask if there was in fact a warrant for my arrest. I explained to the officer the situation and gave him my name. There was no warrant in my name and he also explained that its a civil matter and a warrant cannot be issued for my arrest. AWL has violated Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Rights Laws.

I’ve filed a American Web Loan complaint with both parties including the Attorney General’s Office for falsely representing a law enforcement agent and harassment.

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I changed the bank information for making payments over two weeks ago. AWL keeps debiting the wrong account throwing it into overdraft. Not only is this bad customer service but it’s also being done without my consent. I will be speaking to them today to straighten it out..

so i jus received AWL pre approval loan for 1000$ naturally i assumed gotta b a catch so i looked into it nothin but bad reviews as i fugured so i was wondering cant i jus open a check-in acct today use that same acct to fill out the pre approval form then when i receive the 1000$ loan jus take the money out nd close the check-in acct with no issues so instead of them scamming me i scam them ??

upset former customer

They made a mistake, drafted a payment for rather small amount $37+ after the account had been paid off- The system didn’t close the account out and charges a few extra days of interest. Noticed it on my bank statement, no big deal right, call them they can see the error and would be corrected without hassle. Not so easy. No customer service after the fact. Spoke with two supervisors that I’m guessing don’t have the authority to credit a small mistake when it requires them refunding money.

This company is run by Satan himself. I took out a loan for 900 and to pay it off fully is 4000!! But I saw this company on our local news channel and I’m not sure how this company stay in business. I would advise any and everyone to stay the hell away from this company from hell

I never took a loan out with them and someone committed fraud and used all my info to open a loan and have money taken it out of my account. I called them and they ignored my fraud claim. They need to be shutbdown by the FBI. I plan on filing fraud charges at my bank and a economic crime against them with the attorney generals office. I never signed or opened a loan with them.

I had borrowed 500.00, they said on computer that had to pay 400.00 interest, I thought it is too much but no choice.185.00 month to payoff but all sudden death was horrible that they took double a month, kept taking for 4 months. I called and told them that they take too much, paid 1600.00. They said have 4 more months to take out, I said wtf, I upset and went to bank to talk with manager, he said bad company and just close the bank card and acct, get new bank card, that way they can’t take any more.… Read more »

These people are thieves…. I borrow 2500 dosllar and after 6 month paing 372 dollar every paychecck, twice a month, I still owe de same amount. My Interest is 397% annnual and I will pay 9,000 dollars fir this 2500 dollars… this is real serious scam.

Dear All: I have borrowed from all of the major p****y loan companies and I retained an attorney last year who carefully explained that any and all emails from p****y loan companies that threaten you with an arrest warrant are just trying to scare you into paying them. YOU CAN NOT BE ARRESTED FOR A CIVIL MATTER. People like me tended to believe the email because it stated CHECK FRAUD. So whether it be American Web Loan, CashAmerica, and the like, and you get one of those emails, just delete it. THEY CAN NOT HURT YOU EVER.

I know they should be shut down and nobody should repay them cause they are scammers. Smdh.

I just started 3 months ago and I have already put a stop payment on my account they cant take anymore money the only way they will get it is with me sending them a money order I was in the hospital with blood pressure 190/110 and blood clot in my leg so I was missing 1 week of pay so there was not enough money in the account so they put a stop payment on the account and they cant take anymore unless I remove it and that cost me $30 I am only going to pay back what… Read more »
I’ve been borrowing from AWL for 5 years, never have I had a problem with paying them off, or them taking the wrong amount, or being mislead. Before you borrow money, understand exactly what you are doing! AWL terms, you pay back $30.00 on every $100.00 you borrow, when you have borrowed a couple times and paid back in full you get a discount to $27.00 on every $100.00, it’s not hard to understand. If you borrow $300.00 first time, no discount,you owe them $390.00, if your first payment you give them back $290.00 you still owe $130.00 GET IT?… Read more »

Your an idiot for taking a loan out with these fools. You most likely a fake person through the company putting up the review.


Tracey you have been borrowing from AWL for 5 Years? LOLOLOL. Stop Borrowing and you might have the money to upgrade from that van down by the river to a plush double wide.

Pretty funny! You people credit sucks that is why you can’t get a real loan! Quit trying to get out of paying your loans and bills, that is why your in the mess your in now!

I think you work for AWL

Nope don’t work for them, I just believe in paying my debts that I borrow. You can’t tell me that you didn’t know that it was a high interest rate! You are giving legal advise, are you a debt collector or an attorney?

Jim you sound like awl person i talk to earlier.

I recently took a loan with AWL and it has been the worst financial experience I have ever had and a complete scam. I needed a quick $1,000 to cover a vacation I recently went on so went online and this seemed to be a good deal, I was a little bummed as I was told I would be paying $300 dollars in interest on a $1,000 dollar loan but willing to do this to get the money the next day. As most of the people have stated below, I paid $300 every other week for 8 weeks ($1,200 total),… Read more »

Hey Ben,
Did you ever check your credit while you had this loan? I am willing to bet that it never showed up on your FICO as part of your credit line. These people just lend money and than scare people into paying more than they should. You probably could have gotten away with taking their money and not paying them a dime.

Let me know…

If you were only paying 300 each time you weren’t paying anything off on your original loan! They only take your fee out every 2 weeks you have to call them or go to the website and arrange to pay off more the fee. So if on your first payment you paid 1,000 bucks back 700 of that is the fee you will still owe 300 plus 60

Lmao whaaaaa you big baby girl

Ok. I live in the state of Florida and will need to do some research in ref to if it is illegal tto do this type of business here. I was not told as well what the interest rate will be or else i would not have took the money. I will be contacting my state att rep and report this as well. I called to see if they could reduce the amount of funds being deducted or at least change how often the funds will be withdrawn and was told there is nothing that I can do. Well the… Read more »

Lmao wth you. Will research next time lmao

Ok so i took a loan out for $500 on 12/9/14 i did not realize it till it was all said and done that i would have to pay back $300 a month for 7 1/2 months over $1500 interest i cant afford that what a joke i put i stop payment of anything that’s $150 on my bank account ..the first deduction is suppose to happen friday when i get my paycheck direct deposited ..will they find another way to gain access of my account ? Should i just close the account ?


What did you end up doing cuz i wanna close my account now. I’m in the same position. Thanks in advance for any advice.

send a letter to AWL revoking their ability to debit your account.
fax, scan and mail with your signature. banks have to follow this law. fax and scan with signature and date.

I just paid off my loan and the reality is this : If I had good established credit, I would not have needed AWL. In my case, all was disclosed and they encouraged I pay the loan off immediately to avoid the interest, which I knew I would be tied to. I never had had an issue with customer service and needed this kick in the a*s to work on my credit. I would advise folks to read contract info (it is emailed to you before you sign), ask all questions (before you sign) and make an informed decision. I… Read more »

Interesting brenda they didnt send me s**t. I applied for it than decided not to sign for it . Boom the next day the money is in my account. I didnt even talk to a representative until i decided to pay some of it off

Paid half of my loan off with this rip off of a company and I called them to make sure they were not going to take the full fee, a week in advance. However they still took the full amount which cost me 70.00 dollars in overdraft fees and they refused to refund me that money even though it was completely their fault. This company is a scam and will over talk you to try to confuse you about the fees.

do i need to close my account or just stop payment its crazy

What did you end up doing ? I put a stop payment on them did that work for you

Contact your State Attorney General office and let them know what is going on. There is going to be a Class action suit soon so make sure you get involved. This company believes that because they do business on an Indian reservation, they are exempt from federal law and they are not. Certain States forbid them from conducting transactions.

How do I close my account, my bank is telling me I can not close my account?

Do not ever take a loan out from this company unless you have the means to pay the loan off immediately!! They will take a set “payment” from you every two weeks until the loan is paid off. The “payment'” is completely interest, nothing goes towards the loan balance. The represenative that I spoke with while taking out the loan did not explain this to me; so while I was paying the “payment” every two weeks (thinking it was being applied to interest and balance) my loan balance stayed the same. I ended up paying 110% of my loan amount… Read more »

its crazy how are they allowed to do this in nj???its killin me

what ever happened in your situation


I received a loan on 2-4-14 of $500. I was scheduled to pay $150 every pay check until it was paid for which was paychecks ago. Needless to say I called them where I was rudely informed that none of the payments went towards the balance. I need to close my account today because another $150 was taken out after I had the bank stop payment. Its illegal and needs to stop.

American web loan are crooks. took out a loan for 800.00,paid them over twice that amount, and they say I still owe 800.00 . don’t really know what to do, besides closing my account. they are criminals . don’t ever get a loan from them.

American web loan are crooks they are loan sharks actually worst. Even loan sharks don’t charge that much interest. They know what they are doing by giving u a loan that they know you can’t afford to pay back all at once so u make all these payments that can equal over triple the loan. They don’t tell you if you get a loan for say 600 and the interest is 150 thatthe 150 would be charged every two weeks until the loan and interest completely. They explain to you that the interest will 150 thats it. And they so… Read more »
This company is owned by an American Indian tribe. I have been warned about taking loans out with tribes. I had the same happen. I took out a loan and they locked me out of my account so I could not make payments. But then they went away without ever contacting me or answering my calls. Four years later I start getting calls from a collection agency on their behalf also threatening to charge me with fraud, etc. So I called the company themselves. They told me the account number given me by the agency is not even assigned to… Read more »

So what would happen if I stopped them from taking out money from my account and called their bluff about the claim and someone coming to my work and being sued for Fraud? Im in MO. Can they legally do this?


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