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Is Rappaport Osborne & Rappaport a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Psychotic Stalker?

Is attorney Leslie Scott Osborne in Boca Raton, FL and/or his peers psychotic stalkers who rip off clients through dishonest attorney schemes? Does his sidekick, Florida lawyer Jordan Rappaport employ the same deceitful ploys? Let’s find out. Here are the tactics that are used by such UNETHICAL, DISHONEST CREEPS. Look what the facts that our intensive research uncovered. Leslie-Osborne-Attorney-Boca-Raton-FL-Lawyer-Trustee

I am an elderly single woman who feels she has been scammed by these people and i am here to tell my story once and for all.

Double Billing of Clients

Leslie Osborne and/or his peers are reported to bill different clients for the same hour of work, which is dishonest crockery both ethically and from a legal sense. This is a very common rip off scam which is reportedly used by Leslie Osborne, his questionable cohort Jordan Rappaport and/or other members of their profession.

Les Osborne and/or peers of his have admitted to scam practices. In addition, fully one third of US attorneys actually admitted to double-billing their clients on a regular basis. And that is only the attorneys who admitted this unethical scam practice. This is according to a survey from the Law School at Samford University. Reported in this study, those who felt that this act was not ethical dropped from 64.7% in 1995 down to 51.8% in 2007. This practice is thoroughly bedeviled by the American Bar Association as well as legal regulators.

Leslie S. Osborne is licensed in both Florida and New York. One of his peers in Long Island New York, where Osborne was raised, claimed legal bills performed for the government added up to him working 1,271 days a year in addition to the claim that he was a full time employee of five distinctly different school districts as reported in the ABA Journal, as posted on November 9, 2009.

Padding Hours

Leslie Osborn and/or other members of his profession reportedly pads hours as a standard practice of lawyer billing gone amuck.

Work for 90 minutes and call it two hours? Yes, that is standard practice. Have a memory lapse on how long he worked. Let’s call it five. Osborne, and/or other attorneys take after Avery Tolar, who was Gene Hackman’s character in The Firm, who sure did make this unethical practice work.

The Samford study also shows that “a distressingly high percentage of attorneys believe that time-based billing results in bill padding and provides incentives for attorneys to perform unnecessary work.” Sixty-six percent of lawyers who responded said they had specific knowledge of how to pad their bills so that it would not show.

As an example, an in-depth investigation revealed that the billing records of one of his peers showed that he billed more than 150 hours in 10 workdays when he had actually worked less than 50 hours.

The modus operandi was that he would get to the office about 12 noon and remain until the other attorneys would go home around 5PM. Soon thereafter, while claiming to work late into the night, he would go home. Moreover, the investigators uncovered the revelation that when he did work he would make around one edit per hour to the documents at hand.
Then there is one of the more commonly exploited versions of billing gone amuck, as compared to the relatively well-known example in the 90’s of a Cravath attorney who billed 26 hours in a day. as opposed to the notorious 1990s example of an energetic Cravath attorney who billed 26 hours per day as reported in the Washington Monthly.

Excessive Billing for Overhead

Are you paying for Leslie Osborne’s air conditioning? Michael Vick paid for his lawyer’s.
After a $2.7 million bankruptcy case, Vick found out that his lawyers were billing him for excessive overhead charges. As the publication, AM Law Daily wrote, these fees included the amount it cost to run the air conditioner on the weekends, $1,200 plane tickets from NY to Kansas and giving employees rides home in a taxi.
The discredited law firm also billed the NFL star 7,200 hours for 10 months of work. This equates to working 24 hours a day for 300 days straight.

The judge sided with the client and reduced the fees from $2.7 million down to $1.5 million.
Billing for Trivial Tasks

Often, law offices bill very high rates to slam clients with unneeded bills for normal secretarial tasks, unneeded research, cleaning and other trivial duties.

As an example, a federal judge berated a firm for billing $325 an hour for reviewing a landscaping plan for an estate. Then they utilized the services of a $190 an hour paralegal to deliver the letter. The judge asked why they didn’t just use FedEx.

Onerous Expense

Greed is often exhibited in the use of exorbitant expense reports. For example, the attorney might claim reimbursement for first-class tickets when actually paying for a coach seat. He might submit reimbursement for travel tickets, lodging and food when there wasn’t travel conducted in the first place.
As an example one law firm from where Leslie Osborne is licensed to practice used this scam to plunder over half a million dollars before being disbarred a few years back according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. In addition to just plain false expenses, the attorney finally admitted to billing for food, travel and lodging in addition to first-class tickets on international flights when he actually paid for coach or business class, lining his greedy, deceptive pockets with the difference.
Another lawyer pled guilty to one count of mail fraud for falsely claiming $200,000 as reimbursable costs when he had really lied to his client about the expenditures.

Exorbitant Fees

The free market usually works but there is something wrong with four-figure an hour rates.

Does Leslie Osborne overbill his clients? If he is like most attorneys he does; maybe not in excessive hourly rates but perhaps in billing for work not done.

Lack of Efficiency

Amazingly high legal fees charged by Leslie S. Osborne and/or his peers seem like a massive rip off. Often a judge agrees.
According to the AP, attorneys charge $27 million for three months of awful work while only recovering $81 million for the plaintiff.

That is, a shocking 34% of what was recovered was to be paid out in legal fees. There was somewhat of an improvement when the judge discounted the bill by $7 million.

Negligent Practices

When you pay upfront fees, there is a risk of Les Osborne and/or peers not doing much or any work.
This happened in a staggering number of foreclosure cases recently, where the lawyers were paid up front. For example, an elderly lady named Gladis gave money to an attorney to arrange a loan modification. Several months afterwards, she found out the bank had not been contacted at all and the lawyer had tried to remain in hiding, according to the Daily Business Review.

Graciously, he lost his license after receiving dozens of complaints about negligent practices and abandonment. .
Paid Training

There are times that law offices charge their clients for on-the-job training of themselves and their staffs. Does Leslie Osborne resort to this trick?

Not long ago, an investment company sued a law firm asserting that the firm had laid the case on inexperienced young associates. The billing illustrated that the junior associates were getting trained at the client’s expense according to Above the Law.

Billing for Sleeping

Some unsuspecting clients may be duped into believing their lawyers are superheroes. Even so, it is undeniably questionable that the lawyer’s time is worth much he hasn’t slept in several days.

One liar ‘er lawyer billed his clients over 5,471 hours in a year. That amounts to 15 hours per day, every day.
Termed “possibly the hardest-working lawyer in America” by his peers, he said that he pulled 52 all-nighter sessions in a row in 1993 working on a bankruptcy cases. , Spiotto claimed to have pulled 52 all-nighters in a row in 1993, working on bankruptcy matters, according to a report by the Washington Post.

More Background Information on Boca Raton Attorney and Trustee, Leslie Osborne

This background information on Leslie S. Osborne, aka Les, an attorney in Boca Raton, Florida. We did extensive research to find this information. We have been very disappointed with Leslie Osborne as an attorney. As a private investigator myself, I have uncovered some very unsavory information about him and some unscrupulous dishonest dealings.

To top it off, our observation is that Leslie Scott Osborne seems to avoid looking at you directly in the eyes – probably the result of the guilt from his lies and deceit. It is unfortunate that we have seen him and his associates lie verbally and in writing. Not only have we seen him lie, but we have seen him repeat the lies of others, we believe, knowing that they are lies. So, we respect Mr. Osborne as a human being but have been very disappointed in him as an attorney. My female intuition tells me he is a good hearted person but a bad hearted layer. As someone who has worked with attorneys for years and has had a rightful inheritance ripped from my hands I know what I think I should know how to judge. These are our our own opinions from what we have observed. You need to make your own judgment but don’t be surprised if you find the same.

Now for the background. First of all, he went to Nova University (now Nova Southeastern University), which our findings show is on the list of the easiest law schools to get into in the country. It has one of the higher acceptance rates of any law school in the United States. Nova accepts well over 50% of the people who apply. Yale, in contrast, accepts only 9% of its applicants. Harvard 15%. In other words, it is pretty easy to get into. That does not make it bad or good, just easy.

Les Osborne was born in January of 1965 to Sylvia R Osborne and, we believe, Richard T Osborne of East Northport, NY 11731. So as of this writing he is 50 years old. He has a sister named Bonnie G Felitti from Commack, NY 11725. On November 8, 2011, he got married to Maite Hernandez-Osborne, born in September of 1972 (age 42) who has roots in Lake Worth, FL 33463. In the summer of 2014 they had a beautiful baby boy, whose name and photograph is withheld for now. He has a sister named Bonnie G Felitti from Commack, NY 11725.

He lives at this address: LESLIE SCOTT OSBORNE, 11265 CORAL REEF DR, BOCA RATON FL 33498. The directions to his house are as follows: 1) From State Road 7 (aka Highway 441) in Boca Raton, Florida, 2) Drive west on Boca Chase Drive, 3) Left on Coral Key Drive and then, 4) Right on Coral Reef Drive. 5) He lives on the seventh house on the right and as you face the house it has a red fire hydrant in the left side of the front yard.

The house has a one-car garage and a bay window in the front. The back of his house centers on the opening of Clear Brook Circle where it intersects with Boca Chase Drive and has a small levy that must be crossed before reaching the backyard from that direction.

A Maite Hernandez in Florida has appealed her 51 month sentence for credit card fraud, credit card skimming and illegal possession of credit card duplicating equipment in the criminal case UNITED STATES OF AMERICA versus MAITE HERNANDEZ. No claim is being made that this is the same Maite Hernandez that is married to Leslie Osborne.

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