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Last Updated On: May 24, 2017

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Phone Number: 704-951-7548
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Reported Losses: $2,600.00
Average Reported Losses: $2,600.00

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Dickens stole $2,600 from me

he withdrew from the case after not doing what I hired him for and it is usual for a withdrawing attorney to return funds for it is refusal to represent. I paid him $2,600. I need funds for another representation. Unlike attorneys who milk clients for nothing, I don’t have funds available for re representation.

He acted like a vulture when I had my bank reverse the funds. He took them back with false documents. He will not produce the document I signed to hire him, which said or FMV and principle reduction and hamp loan only. I had secured others on my own.

I said on the contract the payment was for the hamp only. I had sent the paperwork some 20 pages in before hiring him to push through. I never got the bank statements for I had not been at my bank for 3 moths. I was getting them.

I sent income documents and the application. Dickins claimed Ocwen could not read my writing and gave me an in-house form to do over i objected it did not say hamp. His words to me were, “it is the new hamp”.

There was no new hamp the program was over, and by tricking me to sign other papers, he tricked me into an in-house, at more than I had gotten on my own.

He totally lied to me and let me down. He did not insist to Ocwen consider the hamp application then of two days before the closing he trapped me and I am still trapped.

They sent the in-house ad I wrote on them I was not accepting and sent them back unsigned. Their machine now says my payment is the new amount I declined.

Dickins got me in worse trouble than I ever was in, and he shows no remorse about it.

A withdrawing attorney should refund the client. I need the funds to get help elsewhere. I will never get the hamp for he nixed it and purposely it seems.

He lied to me his client. He tricked me. And he will not return my funds so I can save my house. I don’t have his slick income taking people like he did me.

I will complain to the bar, but it upholds it’s own, especially when Dickins sends paperwork I did not sign and will not produce the agreement I did sign. Until he does, he is in violation, for I never signed anything else with him and he had not right to my money.

People like him are only out to make a quick buck. he spent 2 hrs at most talking to Ocwen. and he tricked me knowingly. I did not have to fill out a new form. He should have told ocwen you asked it be hand written and it is. The income statement was typed. The fax said 33 pages went through to ocwen.

They claim they only got a few pages and that is what an attorney is for. He did not do anything to represent me. He only passed on their offer to me. I am due my money back and immediately.

He is dishonest and tricked me and put me in a worse situation than I hired him and has harmed me. He withdrew and owes me back.

Do not trust this attorney for he only wants your money and no satisfaction to you, he lies and tricks you and hides documents you request back. He only wants my money he kept illegally.

He withdrew.

An attorney who withdraws owes you the money back.

I have not sent in my claims to the bar yet but will tomorrow. He erred but will find a lie to cover himself.

Attorneys like Dickins care only for your money and not for your welfare. He did not represent.

So far he has only lied to cover is tracts. That is no professional no honorable.

Do not hire this man. Unless he refunds me I will take him to court if necessary.

He will look foolish producing the agreement I signed with stipulations or not producing it as well for there is no other document saying I hired him. If he tampers with the document that is Freud and dishonesty.

Official Responses from Dickens Law Group

By: Andrew Dickens On: May 24, 2017

Response from Andrew Dickens – Owner of Dickens Law Group

The complaint made by Linda contains false and defamatory statements. Linda hired me to help her get a loan modification for her mortgage that was in active foreclosure. I worked with Linda and her mortgage company for three months. I was able to procure a loan modification offer from her mortgage company including a 2% interest rate and approximately $127,000 in principal deferment. Unfortunately, Linda felt she could not afford the monthly payment under the modification and decided to reject the offer. The total fees she paid me were $1,750 (not $2,600 as she claims in her complaint). My representation of Linda was very clearly set forth in an engagement letter, signed by Linda before I began representing her. The letter clearly states that my fees are not based on the outcome of the representation; and accordingly, that she is not entitled to a refund simply because she rejected her mortgage company’s modification offer. Understandably, Linda is very stressed about her situation. I have continued to try and assist her, but she has recently gotten extremely bitter and angry. While I am sympathetic, it is illegal for her to make these types of false accusations of criminal and tortious behavior against me. This is not a constructive or helpful complaint. This is a personal attack containing false accusations and information. I am happy to answer any questions and am also happy to provide documents related to my representation of Linda showing that her accusations are false.

Thank you for your time,


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