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Last Updated On: February 26, 2017

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Dean C. Adreasen: Salt Lake Attorney Lies in Court

Ultimately, the firm of Clyde Snow & Sessions of Salt Lake City will be responsible for the dishonesty of its staff. Both Dean C. Andreasen and Sarah L. Campbell, who is no longer with the firm but was employed by it at the time of her dishonesty, committted a fraud on the court by lying about a Decree of Divorce that was drafted by Andreasen three years earlier. Not only did Dean C. Andreasen lie multiple times to a Judge in a court of law; He has also had a junior associate, Sarah L. Campbell do the same. Though the judge in the case was made aware of up to six material (significant and relied upon in determining a decision) lies in one court hearing, and though I have lost millions of dollars because of his fraud on the court, Mr. Andreasen has not received any discipline. The lies were documented through exact quotations from the official record and were provided to the court in a memorandum. I will stand by my assertions. The defense for slander is the truth, and the transcriptions and recordings of the court sustain my claims.

Not only did Mr. Andreasen fail to correct the lies, he also told the judge that he was insulted by the allegations that he had lied in court, and said that he had done nothing dishonest. Normally it would be possible for an attorney to lie in court inadvertently, but it would be a violation of the attorney ethics oath to not immediately retract the lies to the court, and do everything possible to eliminate any harm done by the dishonesty. Dean C. Andreasen compounded his fraud on the court by continuing to lie and verifying that he had done nothing wrong. A previous judge/commissioner, Commissioner Michael Evans, had challenged Mr. Andreasen on the same lie the year before and had told Mr. Andreasen that the wording he attributed to the divorce decree was not as he told the court. Mr. Andreasen backed down from that challenge but proceeded to repeat the same lie multiple times in subsequent court hearings.

Though at least twelve states make it a crime for an attorney to lie to a judge, there are no such laws in Utah. Because the law profession is policed only by its peers, there is little chance forcing Dean Andreasen to take responsibility for his fraud on the court. It is very much like having the referee’s team on the playing field. Holding attorneys responsible for ethical breaches in court has become a criminal act (misdemeanor) in the states that have enacted stiff laws regarding attorney dishonesty to a court. Not only is it deemed to be a criminal act, but conviction gives the person harmed the right to sue in a civil action and entitle the victim to treble (triple) damages.

In addition to Dean Andreasen’s dishonesty, he has: ruthlessly pursued a vexatious court battle against me, has scheduled ex-parte hearings (meaning that neither I nor my attorney received proper and timely notice and were not present to defend at the hearings) during which Mr. Andreasen lied about the property remedies of a fraud case I have filed against his client, saying that the case did not seem to request any property remedies, which ended up with a judge declaring the lis pendens (pending liens) on the properties to be invalidated (even though the lis pendens were filed in the fraud case, in a different court, and under a different judge); acknowledged in negotiations in May of 2008 that certain multi-million dollar loans were not available to me to fulfill the divorce agreement, and then pursued years of contempt proceedings against me for not complying with the financing requirement which could not be met.

Loans were simply not available at that time, due to collapse of the lending markets; While a party in a case is required to tell the truth to the judge, and can face criminal perjury/contempt for lying, Mr. Andreasen has fallen through the cracks simply because attorneys are not sworn in during court proceedings; I would go to jail for doing what Dean C. Andreasen has done, but dishonest attorneys, under present Utah laws, cannot be charged with criminal perjury; Bar complaints against Mr. Andreasen have been multiple, and the Utah Bar Association has failed to pursue the ethics violations contained in those complaints.

I do not have any agenda but to warn the public that Dean C. Andreasen is dishonest and ruthless and has violated the oath he took when admitted to the legal profession. The public should have the right to know what attorneys are ethical and which are not. Dean C. Andreasen is a banner carrier for all attorneys who would deny Americans of their constitutional rights to equity, fairness, justice, and an impartiality in the U.S. court system.

Michael S., Robinson


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