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Every once in a while you may need to speak with someone who has the knowledge of the law on their side. You may need legal counsel if you are taking someone to court, or if someone is taking you to court. You may need legal representation if you have been accused of doing something illegal. You may simply need help writing up a legal document and turn to a lawyer to help you draft it.

There are law firms and lawyers who represent many fields. Some may be criminal, others may be medical lawyers, or business lawyers, some may specialize in patents or copyrights. There are a number of reasons or instances where a specialized lawyer is needed.

If you have ever needed or used the counsel of a lawyer you relied on them to know and be an expert in their field. You trusted them with your sensitive information and trusted them to give you legal guidance on what course of action was necessary for you to take and what would be in your best interest.

If you needed a lawyer because you were being prosecuted then you needed your lawyer to care about you and work with you. You needed to know what course of action they’d recommend taking and why. You would also want them to spend time working on your case instead of sitting by your side without caring whether you won or lost.

If you’ve paid for a lawyer’s services then you probably know that lawyers aren’t cheap. So was their rate worth their cost? Were they knowledgeable in their fields and leave you feeling confident in their hands or were you nervous or worried about how much they truly knew? Do you feel as though you have been scammed by a lawyer by paying for services that they didn’t deliver?

Or perhaps a law firm is part of something greater and helps a business over an individual person. Perhaps you are fighting to keep your house from falling into foreclosure but the law firm you’re working with also works for the bank that owns your mortgage. In such a case you may find that the law firm would favor the bank and you were stuck in the middle of two businesses (the law firm and bank) that really had no intention of proving help to you at all.

If you have any law firm or lawyer complaints is the place to share them. You can help alert others which law firms or lawyers are best avoided and what they did to lose your trust.

Below is a list of current consumer complaints for Law Firms / Lawyers companies. On this page you can browse through these current user reviews and complaints.

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