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Last Updated On: July 31, 2017

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Business Name: Matson's Landscaping Everett
Corporate Address:
13315 12th Place W Apt #2
Everett, Washington USA

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Phone Number: 425-245-8600
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Matthew Matson - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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I am an absentee landlord and hired Matt back in Dec 2014, all was good at the beginning, but than I came in town on a short notice and had a meeting at the property. Well, if I could not leave any stars at all, that would be my response at this time. Lawn pretty much abandoned, it went into seed. Evergreens neglected, one of them pretty much dead. image1 IMG_8328

Trimmed a tree few in 2014, did not properly seal cuts, the tree got infected and one brunch completely died, than he did some pruning and completely ruined it further.

Installed some sort of mulch that looks like dirt, and without asking for my permission removed lava rocks I had under boxwoods and dumped the reminder of that mulch underneath, telling me how he did a wonderful job.

My tenant complained that sometimes he arrives late and mows the lawn past 9:00PM, or leaves his crew man and they just hung around the property.

Last but not least, he wanted to charge me $100 to set up irrigation, which he did wrong and basically left the drip line on for the part two months – read water bill $800; when I offered him to own up his mistake and pay a portion for it, he refused and no longer answers his phone or my texts.

So the verdict is, he is great initially, winning you over, and than it all goes downhill, so be careful, check his work, and make sure you get EVERYTHING in writing. I have taken pictures of the property while it was under his care, so he can’t say that I made it all up, anyone wants to see these, I will gladly share them, email me at 315ast1407 at

Matson’s Landscaping – 503-502-4249 


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