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Last Updated On: December 26, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Dr Green Management Inc
Corporate Address:
2301 Muriel Court
Joliet, Illinois 60433 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 815-774-9475
Corp Email: wecare@doctorgreen.com
Company Contact: Ryan Van Haastrecht - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 1

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $157.00
Average Reported Losses: $39.25

Most Recent Complaint

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We first called these guys to come spray a couple of trees that had spots on the leaves. We ended up scheduling 20 trees. What they did was send a guy out with a backpack sprayer who sprayed our flowering shrubs and killed several dozen butterflies and bees. I didn’t think my wife would ever get over the horrible site of it all.

Zero customer service from 5 calls to customer service. Each with promises of calling back. Never a call back.

Weeks later I receive an email that a tech is coming for the next round of spraying. I call again, cancel, explain everything again. Again get a promise that I’ll get a call back.

Didn’t get a call back, and now today the tech shows up to spray. I explain we cancelled long ago and he just laughed it up as another office mistake…. I can’t express enough that you just need to stay away from this company.


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I signed on with Dr. Green 4 years ago and my lawn has never looked better. I’ve had other lawn services but your quality products and reasonable rates far outshine them all.
I have also taken advantage of your aeration, grub control and seeding services with good results. I also want to commend the people who apply your product to my lawn as they all have been very friendly and courteous. Please keep up the good work.


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