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Your home may be gorgeous but without a beautifully landscaped yard it may not have the completed look. You want a yard that will compliment your home’s beauty. Whether you live in a large double story stone home or a single story cookie cutter house from the 1950’s you probably want something that shows that you care about your home’s outdoor appearance as well.

Not that you may care but people may judge how you live as an individual by how the outside of your house looks just like how someone may judge you on your appearance and clothing. A house with no landscaping may be someone who is poor or having financial trouble while a house with trimmed hedges, beautiful flowers, and a weed free yard may be someone who is hard-working, friendly, and making good money. You may not care how other people perceive you but you may care about how your own yard looks.

You can hire landscaping companies to design and build the landscape oasis of your dreams. You may hire a yard work company to come and spray the yard for weeds, spray the trees for bugs, and pull weeds from the flower boxes. You may also simply walk into your local home improvement store and buy the necessary chemical spray or hose attachments and do it yourself. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person you may have experimented and found what products work best. Perhaps you have even found that some products do more harm than good. Some sprays or yard spreads may do fine for keeping the weeds down but they may also kill your flowers if you spray too close. If you buy a weed spray or vegetation kill it may work all season or it may only be effective for a week before you find yourself going out and spraying weeds all over again.

If you’ve done landscaping you may have laid down some landscaping tarp or weed block around your plants before putting bark on top to hold in moisture and prevent further weeds from growing. Did the bark break down quickly or did it last for several years before you needed to add more or remove the bark?

If you hired a landscaping company did they put in quality plants and use quality products? Did they plant flowers that died shortly after they were planted? Or did they plant a beautiful tree next to the house because it looked cute while it was small, but as it grew started to cause foundation problems? Do you look back and think about how a professional landscaping company should be aware that some plants can cause damage to a house? Did they get their work done on time and within budget?

If you hire a company to do your yard work like mow the lawn and pick up leaves do they do so within a timely manner and within a good price range? Do they raise their rates even though their level of service hasn’t changed? If they spray for weeds has the chemical they used killed any plants or trees? If you have landscaping or yard work complaints please share them here at Others will benefit from your landscaping and yard work knowledge.

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