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Last Updated On: December 6, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Hearthware Inc
Corporate Address:
1795 Butterfield Rd A
Libertyville, Illinois 60048 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 855-742-2665
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Jay S Moon - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.39 out of 5
Based On: 251 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 295

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $41,835.34
Average Reported Losses: $166.67
Product Price: $79.90

Most Recent Complaint

Is NuWave Oven a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Cracked Oven Doom

About 1.5 yrs ago my dome cracked on my Nuwave Pro Infrared Oven. There were several small crack that developed about 2 years after I purchase it. Made nothing about some stress cracks where the heating unit connects to the dome. But after a while at every contact point where the heating unit connect to the dome a crack all the way done happened. Dome was just hanging on by small pieces.

Had 7 year Extended warranty, but they conveniently said it did not cover the dome. I had sent customer service an email over a year or so ago. Back and forth with them asking me which warehouse it was shipped from because they could not locate my information. I surely did not know which warehouse it was shipped from. Why in the world would I know that, they have so many.

Finally I got on line and made contact. Funny they all of a sudden they have my information. Gave same information as I did over a year ago. I clearly stated it was a flaw or defect. If you could see this, any company would see that it was a design flaw.

So, they said I could purchase a new reinforced, high heat resistant new dome. They said it was a little shorter that the one that came with mine and that I would need to use my 1″ rim or could purchase a new 2″ rim, so conveniently, again.

I have a hard time when I know that I take care of all my belongings and that something like this happens, a complete flaw, they know it, so they make a new part, well maybe, the not cover the broken ones, just to sell and make more money of customers… NOT ME ANYMORE… I was considering the purchase of their cook top stove… not now!

Official Responses from NuWave Oven

By: Alice Pace On: May 21, 2013

My name is Alice and I am the Social Media Coordinator at Hearthware, makers of the NuWave PIC. I have read your complaint and it seems as though there were several touch points where things could have been handled better. I genuinely apologize for your frustration. I would like to see if we can resolve this issue for you.

Please contact me at with your original order information and I will assist you.

I apologize for the confusion with processing your order. If you did not cancel your order, the system will automatically continue to process the order. We have implemented an email confirmation system to avoid these types of occurrences going forward.

We will continue our efforts to improve the customer ordering experience.

If you need assistance with your returns, please email me at I’ll be happy to help.

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More About NuWave Oven

Nuwave PIC is one of the highest spending companies on Infomercials. The Nuwave PIC Infomercial runs multiple times per week making up a huge portion of it's sales.Other Names: NuWave Oven Pro,, Nuwave PIC 2 - Precision Induction Cooktop, Nuwave PIC, Nuwave PIC2, Nuwave PIC 2,, picontv, More Info: The NuWave PIC (Precision Induction Cooktop) is a portable burner that is designed to be more efficient and convenient than a full size stove-top burner.
Contacts: Janet Delaney (Sales) - John Stewart (Sales)


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I love mine oven had it 3 years works great ,I used it ever day

Hard to get on the phone. will not answer my phone calls. Can not cancel my order. I hate that I hate this company.
What a waste of money.

what i find truly amazing how nuwave has not been forced into a recall. due to limited kitchen/counter space i bought a new mini nuwave . within a very short while the plastic dome cracked ,though i never dropped it or any other possibility to cause it to crack thinking it might be me . i bought another plastic dome very shortly after that that one too cracked now i am on my third dome exceeding what i paid for the new nuwave as i see this is very common problem and a fire hazard why has OSHA or any… Read more »

I am thankful to see these reviews! You have saved me some grief, and purchasing the wrong item!
looked into cuisinart air fryer oven , temperature fluctuates drastically. Any recommends?

i am on my second nuwave oven my motor head went now on the second one this time in 6 months they refuse to stand behind the year warranty on it saying it was not sold by them even though i have a receipt and can prove it was baught within a year brand new i sent all the information over they requested and they never got back to me so i called them to ask about it and they just informed me today that they will not be replacing the motor head on it cause i baught it from… Read more »
I lodged a complaint about how the company sent me a dome that will fit my oven but I have to buy a new rack to be able to use it because my 4″ rack is now too tall. Well that would be an additional 15.00 in shipping and taxes. HMMMM. My invoice that came with the dome states that the box and dome weigh 4 pounds. A small cardboard box and plastic dome. 4 POUNDS? I think not. I have an appointment with my lawyer in two days for a different matter. I’m gonna be having a discussion with… Read more »
I purchased my Nu Wave a little over one year ago. My original dome has now cracked so many times that I can not use it. They discontinued the old dome so I had to purchase a new one. The service representative that I spoke with said that I would be able to use the new yellow dome. After paying $51.35 which includes taxes and shipping I received my new dome only to realize it is smaller than the original discontinued dome. I can no longer use my 4″ rack. I called Nu Wave customer service back and was told… Read more »

Should I continue with Joy.t or work with you?

I just talked with joy,t when I finally got through on the phone. She asked I email the following: Sharleen Gonzalez phone # 819-636-2431 Serial # JW1701-0066809A I bought this at Kohls on Friday, used for the first time on Sunday, and I can’t remove the basket. I tried using the button, pressed forward and it will not release to lift out the basket. I had my daughter and husband try too. I have two sore thumbs and a broken finger nail but no luck. We have not tried any tools on it in fear of negating the warranty or… Read more »
Yeah I had my Nuwave for 5 years, never needed the warranty, and now turns out that I had left it on my counter, it fell head 1st down (since the head is heavy, and it is cracked, and also there are fragments very teeny inside jossling around inside it, so now – It may be broken, and not work? I contacted NuWave about it, only they offered me to buy a new head for $75.00 + 14.95 shipping – and I have never mistreated this, it never feel before until this time, so – now what can I do?… Read more »

I have 3 Fry pans perfect that were suposed to come free. Not only not free but
stick no matter what temp I cook on. with oil so disapointed. after i see what customers say do I wast time trying to collect.or pay shipping again.. Pat H March 25 2017

watch out for Twister!! started smoking was told by Nuwave I must have held
down button to long, not covered…convienent

Hi: My husband bring me as Mother’s Day gift this oven the first 3 months I used it for small home made pizzas, or chicken breast and small or salad potatoes. On Dec. 2016 I noticed that the dome start to crack from the center to extremes out. We call several times to the client service line. and the only offer the gave us was to buy a new dome caramel color with and extension. When my husband explained very well that the appliance was in warranty the NuWave Oven rep. hang up. I proceed to call again from my… Read more »
Hi, My name is Jimmy, alas If you look in your records, you will know I have been a customer since 2013 and I’m a dedicated user of my Nuwave appliance. I no longer use my electric, gas or propane for cooking nutritional meals that I get from my Nuwave. Just recently I purchased the pressure cooker, the other cookware and two new Nuwave ovens. One I sent to my sister, who lives in Memphis TN, she was looking for a more healthier way of cooking and I suggested the Nuwave Oven, well I sent it to her around… Read more »

I was charged postage when I canceled my order the very day I ordered. $60.00 down the drain!

Called to order and found out nothing is free. Plus if you don’t like it you send it back at your expense. SO NOTHING REALLY IS FREE!!!! VERY CONFUSING!!!!!

That’s normal. Any “As Seen On TV” product does that. You are lured in with low costs and they make more money on you with “all you have to do is pay shipping and handling on this free item.” I’m not saying it’s right, but that is a normal infomercial practice.

Shipping cost is misleading and by the time you pay it it equals to the other free items actually not being free

Nothing is free. There are no free lunches in life. If it were free then they would simply add the cost to the original product. Either way you pay. There is no infomercial in the world that handles this any differently.

I am still waiting for one that I ordered weeks ago on a two-for-one. All that arrived was a blender and some pans. Any suggestions? They asked me for photos of the mixer and the boxes that is came in, but that is all that has happened thus far. Should I report it to my credit card company?

Yes, that sucks. And if they don’t take care of you simply call your credit card company and furnish the receipt and pictures of what you received and you will get your money back.

this is about my third nuwave, i really like it very much. but iam very dissatisfied with the latest one i just bought about 6mts ago. the chrome wire rack has discolored, the pan in the bottom has rusted out and the dome has cracked so bad i am afraid to use it. i have been on line looking for places that i could replace the dome cause i can put tinfoil on the rack but i really need a new dome. i will be calling this phone number they have on this site

I have had my NuWave countertop fryer for about a month.I was frying chicken, with the
NuWave , it was so hot” I could not touch it with my hands.very disappointed with this product almost burned my hand

We have had our NuWave oven for about 4 years now. We have never experienced any problem with it. It has performed exactly like it says it will. We also bought the induction cook tops and the results are also exactly what they showed on TV. These two products are the only two products that we have ever written this good of reviews on. I love to cook. Not only does it free up burner space, I know prefer to use the products rather than our stove-top, oven or microwave. Regarding the cost: When I spoke with the people on… Read more »

Glad that people are passing on the information on these companies scamming people. for those of you that it worked out sounds as though you got lucky, thanks for the info and I wont be buying anything from them

What a Scam they say free then they add all the shipping charges for all the FREE items so what should cost $120.00 now costs you $279.00 these are the business practice’s that should be halted. I will be registering a complaint with the D.A.

Why single out THIS company? I’m not saying it is right, in fact yes it sucks, but the reality is ALL as-seen-on-tv products do this. No exceptions! It might be best to turn the channel whenever an infomercial comes on because what NuWave does is standard business practice and I am just about to buy one (which is why I am doing a quick review of people’s thoughts) and have no issue with it. For a little less than $400 I get TONS OF GREAT STUFF. :-)

yes and they include that useless ultimate cook set all it is a fondue pot or steamer and the bogo they charge you 29.95 to ship it. so this bogo deal is crap people buy each product separate you might come out cheaper.

i think you just have to keep saying NO TO everything except what you want. they try to get you to add too many things than add shipping for each thing ridiculous.

Same thing happened to me!! I’m so disgusted with this company!!! Did anything come of it? I wanted to return the products that I didn’t even remove from the box, but they would absolutely not give me anything but the purchase price of the items! How do they get away with charging for shipping and processing that costs more than the actual product???

I have had 2 of these ovens. Each one broke after about a year. The plastic they use on this oven: CRACKS, BENDS AND MAKES THE UNIT UNUSABLE. Called the company and wanted the plastic replaced. $45.00. I sent pictures to them showing that the plastic actually cracked and warped so it was unusable. The sales lady wanted me to purchase a new plastic: I told her I could buy another unit and be better off. The I told her that I wanted a SQUARE COPPER COOKING SYSTEM. I don’t think copper cracks. Well see. The cooker worked great while… Read more »
I read a lot of your complaints and lot of you are complaining about the shipping charges. Well same here I bought the NuWave cooktop last October and now everything in the middle sticks to my pan. After emailing them back and forth they are willing to exchange it but not without ripping me off with shipping charges and thru UPS thank you very much. Living in Canada I darn well know not to do business with UPS so all in all the shipping charges from NuWave for another piece of garbage plus all the UPS ripoff it’s going to… Read more »

I have the same problem and tried to cancel the order that arrived day before yesterday. They shipped the order and then replied to my email requesting cancellation and said they couldn’t cancel the order. I am stuck with an inferior product with two domes that I believe are defectively designed. Try looking at the Rosewill Convection Oven that is very similar to the NuWave with the exception that the Rosewill oven comes with a glass dome and glass top, both of which are shatter-proof. Ant the cost: $49 for analog and $59 for digital.


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