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Last Updated On: December 7, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Mr Lid Containers
Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 210827
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 262-787-2035
Company Contact: Keith Everson - President CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.38 out of 5
Based On: 65 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 134

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $2,974.63
Average Reported Losses: $45.76

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Mr Lid is fraudulent

Bought Mr. Lid. I had a call after that. They told me I had a free gas card coming. Then they told me they wanted me to look over this budget book. We never got anything. They charged out bank account 30 dollars. I have tried to contact them, I get nothing. I want my 30 dollars back. I didn’t sign up for the budget book.

We, also, didn’t receive our free 100 dollar gas card. I hope to god you fix this with them. they are a bait and switch company. I talked to the man on the phone he asked for my bank card number, and of course I gave it to him.

I never have heard from them again, but for them charging, my bank account 30 bucks. They need to stop. You guys need to shut them down. They probably have ripped off so many other people, just horrible people.

Jan Reither

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More About Mr Lid

Mr. Lid is an As Seen On Tv storage container brand. It is unique from other plastic storage containers, in that it comes with the lid attached for convenience. Mr Lid containers are advertised as being: "BPA Free | Commercial Kitchen Quality | Dishwasher and Microwave safe".


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I want all my broken mr lids replaced 5 fold

mr lid productss UCKS!!!!poor workmanshiptheyh screwewdme out lof hundesd of dollars

I did not buy my Mr. Lid containers online, I got them last Black Friday at CVS in the “As seen on TV” section. The sale was buy one set for $10 get one free so I got a total of 4 sets for $20 (obviously no shipping charge since I bought at the store). Each set equaled out to cost $5 and each set had 10 containers so I got 40 containers totals for $20 (actually I had my 30% off coupon so it was really 40 containers for only $14 bucks!!) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE these containers!… Read more »
I first checked Amazon to see if there was a better offer prior to ordering. I could get one set for $15.00 with Amazon Prime so no shipping charge. The TV ad said 2 sets for $10.00 so I started the order on It showed a total of $19.90 including shipping for 2 sets. I continued to check out with pay pal and after confirming my pay pal account it took me back to and that screen gave me an option to upgrade each set to a deluxe for $10 per set. Had I clicked on continue, it… Read more »

saw the infomercial and thought, cool, they stay closed. But when I got my order I realized they were difficult to close and could barely open them when I tried. One fell on the floor and cracked the corner. Not worth the money or patience lost on this item.

I had some ice inside the smallest container in the freezer. It fell out hit the floor cracking the lid making it useless. Stacks easy, is fairly cheap in price. I have yet to contact the company for any if whatever compensation they give back!

Thank you all for warning me here. I was going to use the website to order and found they were going to charge me $25.91 for doudle the process & handling. I give them a call and they said the same thing. Also, they took off the PayPal payment process from there website. I guess many people complain there as well. I will to Wallgreens and Bed Bath & Beyond, where they have it for $9.99 for a 10 set. You can buy 2 for $19.98. Thank you again people.

Thanks to you all here. I will not order using there 800 number and not use there website. I seen there was changing a double process & handling charge. I will go to Wallgreens where they have it for $9.99 for a 10 set.

their^ their^

William Patrick Gipson
I am William Patrick Gipson, of Oxford, Mississippi. I have made my order, First time, online, somehow, there were technical troubles. Second attempt, I call someone live. When I made my order, she then told me of other deals, but once I have found out that the charge would be 59.99 dollars, I said no, just let me buy the 19.99 dollars. That charge got through with no trouble and with my consent. In about 2 weeks, got the 19.99 set. What I did not knows, the first attempt did goes through, and I was using my companion debit card.… Read more »

William, I am so glad that you posted this information. I read this review and others. Will not bother to order. Thank you for helping me to avoid this headache.

Just ordered they charged me 55.00 for one set 10 + 8 shipping PISSED!!!!!!!!!

im tired of all the m****r f****ng spam emails from these jerkoffs everytime you block one sender they have another one..gonna f*****g e-bomb their inboxes

SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!!!!!!!

So glad I read these comments. Was ready to go on line and order. No thank you. I’ll wait until they show up at my Rite Aid or Walgreen and just pay the $10.00 for the one set. Thanks to all of you and I’m really sorry for the mess you all fell into.

Mr Lid rip off: All of this for $10.00 but wait! Order now and get 2nd set for free! Pay separate shipping and prosessing fee. Well I ordered this online and YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THESE FEES ARE UNTIL YOU PRINT OUT ORDER CONFIRMATION. I WAS TOTALLY PO WHEN I SAW HOW MUCH THESE FEES WERE. I called right away and they told me my order was already processed and they could not cancel. Called my bank and sure enough the money was withdrawn. All within minutes. Will NEVER fall for this scam again.

Exact same complaint. They did offer me a 10% discount, in the future??? I SPENT $27 MORE THAN I WANTED TO SPEND. I told them that I know I’m not the first person to get scammed like this. And never offered a chance to review, or edit my order before it was finalized. Not sure about the product yet, but this company sucks!

I ordered 1 set on line and was told I would get second set free.I got the first order and then two weeks later received another set.tried calling to no avail.I sent or should say I refused the second order and set it back.waiting to see what happens next.I was charged $50.00 on my credit card and called the credit card company and they are going to battle with them.

I had the same thing happen to me. It’s very confusing. However, I called the company and got them to send the correct amount. and it only cost me $25.90.

I ordered 2 sets and it came to $20.00 but the P & H was $31.80, what a crock of ****. That is where they are making their money on shipping.

Saw the add on t.v and was super excited to order. Made the order online and was expecting to get the product offer where I would get buy one get one free 20 pieces for $10.00 plus 7.95 . I was okay with paying the 7.95 twice for the second "free" set of lids for a total of 26.00 but it does not give you a conformation page before you see the total. THE TOTAL PAGE ENDED UP CHARGING ME $51.95!!!!!!!! I instantly called the customer service number to cancel my order and a women picked up the phone. She… Read more »

Mr Lid Customer service was excellent in my case! I talked to a male on the phone and he was very very nice. I had a problem with my order, and they offered me a discount for the problems I had on their website. The discount they gave me corrected half of my shipping cost and now I am very happy now since we cant buy this product in the stores yet.

willy p works for mrlids, he’s bullsh….ting

I so wish i would have read these reviews before i ordered. I am very unhappy and have requested the order be canceled. They are not on the up and up. BEWARE – do not purchase via on line! If they honor my request i will update my review as such. I hope they do. I am leary.

it seems to me the BBB should do something about Mr.lid. What good are they if they keep letting Mr. Lid rip everyone off.

Like everyone else on this page I was a victim of this company. Never got my containers with attached Lid but did receive 2 plastic sunscreens for my car that were not ordered. Tried numerous times to get through on the customer service line that is not toll free. Waited on hold and finally gave up. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!.

they ripped me off i didnt get all my order my lids are cracked they charged me 74 dollars and i cant call the number because its know ones number i cant get my bowles or money they are bogus dont order from them

ordered the buy one get one free, but website does not give you the abililty to confirm order, suddenly my order on their email message was double what is should have been – after a long period of time talked to customer service & had it corrected (customer service is a 262 area code number, rather than a toll free.) when package arrived it was a totally didderent product than I had ordered. have spent 2 days trying to reach customer service with no success. tried their 800 customer number & actually talked to someone, but she could only take… Read more »

I’m going through the same issue right now-I have been calling the 262 number ALL morning- and nobody answers… I am billed for 2 additional sets and for $31.00 shipping fees!!! not $7.95 like the advertise- grrrrr!!

Do not I repeat do not order from mr lid as in too was scammed and overcharged for my order!!! My credit cad was charged immediately even though it says it would not be charged until shipped. I am contacting BBB and attorney generals office. I immediately contacted Mr Lid after placing order and was told it was cancelled and I would not be billed well lies all lies I was billed they got the money then would not answer hone when I called to complain. So they got my money and Igot nothing but bripped off
Add me to the list. They have a phone number that you can never get anyone to answer, not even a machine. I deleted my order two minutes after I placed it and don’t ask me how they still got my information, but the city and everything else is wrong. My next step is the Better Business Bureau and also, I do have a grandson who is an Attorney. They are total rip offs!!! If you send them an email, you get one back saying that their email is not monitored, therefore you won’t get a reply!!! If it’s not… Read more »

SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same scenario as others here….they do not give you a total until after you have submitted your credit card info…total scam…
the shipping is more than double and they will not answer the phone…I immediately called American Express to start a claim
to dispute the charges… Hopefully I can avoid the bogus charges that way and IF if get the merchandise…I plan to return to sender…Very dishonest company….if it is in fact a company. Hope the state of WI will do something about these guys ripping consumers off…totally a scam and they should be held accountable.


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