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Last Updated On: November 2, 2016

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2839 Highway Ave
Highland, Indiana 46322 USA

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Phone Number: 219-838-2530
Corp Email: highlandjewelers01@yahoo.com
Company Contact: Karen Fowler - Owner
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Pennies for your Gold

I went to the night window to sell a small clump of 14k gold scrap, I was unable to research it first so I wasn’t sure what it weighed and the going rate…

Anyway when he offered me 5 dollars for 14k gold that weighed 2 pennyweight i thought it didn’t sound right, so when i returned home I looked it up on the computer and discovered that the melt value of it was $3.00, and to get 70% to 85% was standard and not to unreasonable to expect so basically 50 dollars would have been fair…he gave me 5.

I feel i was taken advantage of from this business.


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