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Internet has become the lifeblood of modern society almost as much as electricity and indoor plumbing. We rely on internet to perform many functions today. People use internet on their phones, plan vacations, do school work, pay bills, shop, or keep in contact with friends and family. Having internet access is extremely important to keep our modern lives smooth and running the way we’ve become accustomed to. Such is our demand for internet access that we even expect internet service from hotel rooms when we go out of town.

Information Availability

You can find almost anything on the internet. When you want to look up something on information the first thing you probably do is go to your favorite search engine. People have different opinions on which search engines are better than others. People are probably most familiar with Yahoo or Google but there are a number of different search engines available. If you have a complaint about a particular search engine you can share it here at Complaints List.

Personal Information

You can find almost any information on the internet. There are even websites specific to finding people or finding out their backgrounds. While these sites are things you need to pay for or join a membership too many people are uncomfortable knowing their information is so readily available online. Even your address or phone number may not be as private as you would like. Other personal information available may include your work or school history.

Online Shopping

If you want to buy clothes, furniture, electronics, or any number of things online you can always take advantage of the plethora of online shopping sites. Of course, with every convenience there are also times when problems may not be worth the convenience. When buying online you are subject to shipping fees, trusting that your product will ship and arrive undamaged, that you will be sent the correct items, or that your purchase won’t be sent to the wrong address.

Of course, when you shop online you want to be able to return your purchase if there are any problems with your purchase. You are then subjected to the process of returning your order. You are also at the mercy of the sites customer service process as well.


The internet has created a new breeding ground for scams and fraudulent activities online. Scams can come in any number of fields around the internet. You can fall to money making scams; job searches online may lead to money-making scams. There are “get rich quick” scams as well as any number of services or products you can buy online that may be fraudulent or illegal. Unfortunately, the internet allows for many criminals to hide behind ambiguity.


There may be times where the internet goes down or becomes unavailable. You may try restarting your computer, resetting your server, and resort to calling your internet provider. Have you called your service provider and told that there was an internet outage in your area? Perhaps you were unaware that there even was such a thing as internet outages until you called your provider. Outages can be detrimental if you rely heavily on the internet for school or work.

Viruses and Security

Whether you surf the internet occasionally or hourly you know how important it is to protect yourself and your computer. There are an endless number of threats that can endanger you over the internet. Many people are aware to be careful of what to open when perusing through their email. And many people to know to be cautious that anything they open or download may contain a number of things they don’t want.

A whole market of virus protection software sprung up to help protect people from the dangers of the internet. Some of the protection software works better than others and people have favorite brands. Like most things, quality is what you pay for so cheaper protection software may not offer as much protection as more expensive protection software.

There are many complaints that center on problems involving the internet. offers the chance to share your story so you can help alert others to problems they may themselves run into. Sharing your story and complaints at can help you get some closure and satisfaction knowing your story can warn others of the dangers surrounding the Internet.

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