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Last Updated On: December 15, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: ViaSat Inc Exede WildBlue
Corporate Address:
349 Inverness Dr S
Englewood , California 80112 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 866-945-3258
Company Contact: Mark D Dankberg - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.11 out of 5
Based On: 47 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 45

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $48,414.10
Average Reported Losses: $1,030.09

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Is ViaSat a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Disabled elderly customer lied to and taken advantage of.

Exede Internet and CUSTOMER SERVICE

When EXEDE got me to sign up with their Internet service I was told it would be $55 unlimited fast internet service with no caps and no limited to the fast Internet . I could also add voice for $20 more a month. Also that if there was any problems that they would come out at NO CHARGE to me what so ever. I was told the same thing by the installer that came to my home. They also told me no set up or installation charges, but my first month would be prorated.

I asked several times and was told the same thing each time. I decided to go ahead with the internet service.

Now I have found them to have mislead me and lie to me! I am 81 years old so my Daughter was present to witness the conversations and spoke to EXEDE personally and asked the same questions, and was also told the same as I was.

I have been billed for phone service 3 months in a row, and I am not even receiving this service which I did not want nor ask for. I also am being charged over the amount I was quoted, and they have pro rated my bill each month my service started, and billed me fees for set up charges, I was told there was NO SET UP FEES.

I tried to call their 1-800 number again and now I get a re cording that says they can not take my call to call the company that set up my account which is contracted by EXEDE when I try to call them there number is disconnected.

So tell me what do I do? They have lied to me and taken advantage of a Disabled Elderly.

I HAVE SENT AN EMAIL to them about there payment they tried to take from my account and the amount was higher than the previous amount. I can not even get a call back, but yet they are sure wanting another $115 +. This is a shame doing this to a elderly person, as well as a customer. AND that’s not all they also lied to me and told me that they did not have wild blue which was available to low income at the time it was available.

ALSO it is advertise for $39.95 a month on the internet now for exceed monthly price. The South Hill Co in Puyallup, WA told me that I needed to hurry and sign up now because the price was going up higher than $55.

What do you think? Why was I told all these things? And WHY am I paying for Voice and I did not order or want it.

Exede Internet / South Hill Satellite / Via Sat – 6155 Elcamino Real Carlsbad Ga 92009 | 360-526-0267

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Alternate Business Names: Exede, WildBlue Communications, Inc. | | |


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When first started as wild blue It was a very good service . But this VIASAT is as bad as it can get. But the good thing is there are other companies These folks are really rip offs I have had this service for a long time

I bought a new home and had two options for internet service. We decided to go with viasat. When the technician came out to install he kept running into problems and was never able to get us hooked up he was told to bring a router as we did not have one and The one that he brought had no cord so he had my husband run about 30 miles to the nearest store to buy one and he would come back out for free and hook it up. When we called to have them come back out to look… Read more »
I was a 12 customer of wild blue only because DirecTV didn’t offer anything else in our area. We had a house fire. We had to move from Sept 2016 till March 2017 till we got into our home. They charged us a vacation fee of over$20 a month while it was inactive. We had it turned back on and they said they needed modem to replace other one or we was going to have to buy one. Well duh! We had a house fire it is burnt up so we had to buy one to replace one. We moved… Read more »
A company call future vision lied to get my 92 year old Mother to sign up for excede phone and internet. We signed up in May 2, 2017 and the techs that installed lied and said it was all hooked up…when in reality the phone was never hooked up…2 days after the tech were here they took $111. Off my bank card…which they were not authorized to do.I called they put it back…After May calls to complain in three weeks time. I called the corporate office only to be told that excede employee that excede is not compatible to the… Read more »
They slowed down my internet speeds, during the free period (12-5 a.m) being aware of how much data I was using during those times. I was told over and over that work was being done on sattelites, or that it was a high volume period. I figured something was awry when the speeds would go way down at 3a.m., then back up to normal at in between 5-6 am. When I was told of a new plan that I could try, and that I would be getting an extra 2 mbs per month, I wasn’t sure, but I was told… Read more »

DO NOT do a one time move with the company. We waited out our 2 year contract, and for what? Them to tell us that because we moved in the middle of our c
ontract, we are 15 months away from the end contract date. WORSE EXPERIENCE EVER

Yes Corporate does exists. My hubby & I do IT and we have had numerous issues with Exede so we finally hunted them down. Currently our modem has us in the middle of the Atlantic according to reboot times. I could list for hours but basically I just wanted to empower y’all to reach out and speak to a real person at the REAL corporate office. :D

Phone: 760.476.2200
Fax: 760.929.3941
6155 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009-1699

Do not use this company they are the worst wi fi company out there when you cancel your account with them they take 328.50 out of your account and keep it until you send the modem and take a large piece of the dish and send it back to them, then after they receive the equipment you have to call them and request the money be refunded and then they tell you it will take 7 to 14 days for them to refund the money. so if you don’t call them they will keep your money. if you have to… Read more »

Glad I checked up on this company before I signed anything. NOT gonna do it…..I am with AT&T using a wireless device and though I don’t get the amount of gigs I need, the service is fast and reliable. I am sticking with my AT&T wireless data card. Plus I can take it with me anywhere I go. I called DirecTV to check into getting something that offers me more data gigs but not at this price….the price of sanity, speed, customer service, etc…..not worth it…..

I would say I got about 6 months of mediocre service over two years. Most of it was spent dealing with problems (with speeds, disconnects, data usage inaccuracies, billing inaccuracies) and headaches (don’t even try to get assistance from phone customer or “tech” “support”) and frustration complemented by anger (at the entire company). BBB complaint responses were EXEDE-ingly rude and they lied about rebates). I was assigned an engineer who worked with me for over 2 months to get their technical issues cleared up. For that I received 3 months free service (after a year of unreliable service). And now… Read more »

Speed is mediocre, customer service is horrible, and with a two year long contract they managed to make an excuse to increase my bill in the middle of it. When I called to cancel I am being told I am going to have an early termination few around $250.

We got Dish Excede internet in June 2012 with 10 GBytes anytime usage. In June of 2014, according to Dish, we used up the 10 GBytes two days before the end of the billing cycle. At that time we “upgraded” to the 15 GBytes anytime usage plan. The following cycle we ran out of data 8 days before the end of the billing cycle. (We have not changed our internet habits.) This past cycle we ran out of data 20 days before the end of the cycle. This time we will run out 23-24 days before end of cycle. We… Read more »
What ever happened to accountability and accepting responsibility for ones actions? The majority of the comments on here are from ignorant people. Gee I didn’t know I had a data plan. What do you mean I can’t download netflix blah blah blah. Did you consider that you are dealing with third party installers for the company and that they may tell you what ever you want to hear in order to sell it to you? Every complaint I have read on here is addressed right on the excede website disclaimer.… It is also on the FAQ page… 2nd… Read more »
Customer service people are not legally allowed to lie to you to make a sale. Period. Ever. They are not event allowed to make misleading comments. For example, my sales representative told me that Exede has several upgrades in the works, including unlimited internet coming very soon. Shaded not tell me that this new upgrade will NEVER be available in my area, due to our sector size. That is a misleading comment. Even though she never promised that I personally would have access to unlimited internet, she did infer that I would. If a customer service person lies or misleads… Read more »

Snarky replies are unhelpful. These are smart people with legitimate complaints. Yours is a typical Exede problem solving technique.

Absolutely horrible company. I’ve only had it for 2 days, hated it the first day, and tried to cancel on the 2nd day. They say I have to pay the termination fee of $360.00. I have filed a dispute payment on my credit card, and will do everything I can to get out of this miserable mess. Shame on you exede, you are taking advantage of what looks like many, many innocent customers. It’s slow, data charges are enormous, and I feel like a fool for ever signing up!

We have stayed with W/B-excede only because it is hard to find service when you live out of town. Our "high speed" is so slow, I can drive to the library, view yahoo email, make copies and be back home faster than I can get it done here! Is that sad? Worse, we have been unable to get into the wildblue email they say we MUST have and no-one has fixed it for over a year! They send notices to it and we have no way of reading it. Finally, I asked via chat, how to stop service AND their… Read more »
Customer service is the worst, they give you an answer that they think you want to hear, when signing up we were informed that the 10 gig would work for us and we were also told we would be able to stream up 15 movies a month from Netflix, wrong after going rounds with them they gave us 25 gig package for a month and we only streamed 3 movies and we reached our limit before our billing date, I would never recommend this at all you spend more time on hold and waiting for a customer service person than… Read more »
My experience with Exede has been what I was told it would be and therefore expected. Yes, there is a data limit and some latency but it streams 1080 HD vids perfectly smooth from Youtube and other sources. No, I can’t do Netflix because of the data limit or some games because of the latency, but I can do most everything else and do so at super fast speeds compared to dial-up. There is no other option for me so this is a blessing compared to dial-up even though I can’t do Netflix or real-time gaming. I can go to… Read more »

stay away … cannot believe anything they say …service never performed as promised. Hughesnet is no better and they can’t speak English, so only choice is country is 3G or 4G Lte. Not much better either but at least you can use it anywhere. Local companies usually offer the best service. At least local companies have a store you can walk into and speak to someone face to face.

I have spent over 28 hours on the phone with this company trying to resovle a multitude of issues that started on the install date. 2 months later I am still having the smale issues, data diddappearing, reps not knowing how to fix anything. on hold for 45 mins only to get hung up on, with no call back. My time is not getting repaid…. and the problems still exist. HORRIBLE COMPANY

I am so upset. I had this service hooked up for not even a month for work. Was never told we had a contract. I signed up with Time Warner a month after. Just the other day, those shady suckers took $287.00 out of my account. I have filled out a complaint to the BBB. These people must be stopped.

I recently had this service installed in my home (Feb 2014). The day they installed my service was installed, I was not home. But, magically, I received an email with their "Customer Agreement" the same day which showed I had esigned it. My father in law was the one present during the install and he was never even shown a contract or asked to sign anything. I wrote to the BBB and was referred to the Attorney General of Colorado. If i were you, I would also check your contract to see if they signed on your behalf and then… Read more »
This company sucks to the max. We returned our equipment as we were asked but because THEY DID NOT do their job and receive the equipment into their system, we were charged $324.15 for not returning our equipment. Then we had a hard time getting them to refund OUR money, that they NEVER should have taken out. This all started 11/08/2013 and now it’s 12/31/2013 and we are still fighting with this incompetent company. If this continues I will be contacting: Company: ViaSat, Inc. Exede, WildBlue Corporate Address: 349 Inverness Dr S Englewood , California 80112 Phone: 866-945-3258 Contact: Mark… Read more »

they also say if you cancel them you haft to pay to return equipment . I will set it on front porch but they WILL COME AND GET IT

Exceed internet service is easily the worst internet provider I have ever dealt with. First of all they have a data-plan (which I was unaware of prior to setting up the contract) I didn’t even know that existed for anything other than my phone. The internet itself was worthless. We were unable to stream videos via netflix, in fact, we couldn’t even connect to netflix because the connection was so slow. Even after we added more data to our plan there were numerous devices throughout the house that couldn’t even connect to the internet. I couldn’t even send an email.… Read more »
Worst internet company I have ever had the displeasure to register with. So I contact directv to sign up for cable and internet at my new home. Directv transfers me to exceed which conveniently does not inform me their internet works through a data plan! I have never had to use an internet data plan other than my cellphone plan years ago! So we almost immediately exceed (great name) our data and are unable to stream netflix, movies or even connect to the internet. Even prior to exceeding our data package the internet was slow and took several hours just… Read more »
I called them to find out why I don’t receive a bill. I was told they are a green company and don’t use paper. Really? Then how did I sign a two year agreement? I was not told about this. I also wasn’t told they would be deducting my payments out of my account every month. I bundled with direct tv. Viasat said my total bill would be $79.99 for both. It is $110.00. I was told all this info is on their website under the email address I gave them I never gave them one! I would have never… Read more »

One of the most dishonest companies I have done business with. They promised the service call fees would be waived but still charged me for them. If you do not get it in writing, do not believe the promises they make. I am very unhappy with this company. I would not recommend doing business with Viasat/Exede.


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