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Last Updated On: November 17, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: @Link Services LLC
Corporate Address:
13431 North Broadway Ext; #120
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 405-753-7151
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Samual Curtis - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.17 out of 5
Based On: 7 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 31

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $2,430.00
Average Reported Losses: $347.14

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3 Weeks to get a tech out

We have been using AtLink Services approx. 5 years paying $83.90 a month. For starters they put my wifi router in my attic, not a good idea. Internet connection was great for maybe the first 6 months, but when summer came I had to replace the router (I am sure it was the heat from the attic). And I had asked them about placing my router else where, but I was told someone would call me back on that, they never did.

Around June 2016 we were having to call them at least once ever 2 weeks if not more to reset our antenna. Around the third week of July we called them about no service and they said that our antenna would need to be replace.

It took them 3 weeks to get a tech out. By then I had already changed my internet provider. Never CREDITED my account for lost internet.

I just recently cancelled my account, did not even ask for a credit for their lack of service. I received an email from them on 09/30/2016, that they have deducted $167.80 from my bank account. This is why they want your banking or debit card information so that they can collect $ regardless of service.

AtLink Services LLC – 7725 W Reno #319 Oklahoma City OK 73065 | 405-735-7151

Official Responses from AtLink Services

By: Lance MAXEY On: January 5, 2016

Response from Lance MAXEY – Marketing Director at AtLink

I am writing in response to your complaint, I am sorry you do not feel that your getting speeds you want. The Tuttle/Bridge Creek area was hit by a tornado and as you know getting to towers for repair. AtLink is a no contract service, and we have spent several millions of dollars upgrading your the Tuttle Market. Please visit www,, this will provide you with a few details about the recent project AtLink is working with the city on.

Please feel free to email me directly.
Lance Maxey

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We live in between Grove and Jay Ok. The service sucks. I have to type this in a hurry as to my service lasts approximately 1 minute if we are lucky, off and on almost constantly, Oh wait we had sorta of good service that lasted about 2 weeks that ended three days ago. It does no good to call I actually stopped calling cause I always got the same reply “they are working on the towers”. They take their payment out every month on the clock, yet our service is awful. My bad is living in an area that… Read more »
Former customer wanting service.
Had service with Atlink for a few years. Back in March I’d found out there was another service finally available here in my area that used the Verizon LTE network. Switched to it as it was considerably faster but of course that ended up being too good to be true. Upon attempted reinstallation was told they couldn’t get a good enough signal. Was told I’d have to put up a 50ft antenna mount. I was actually looking into doing this until I checked with them before buying the equipment only to find out that I would be charged 650$ for… Read more »
We’ve used AtLink for more than 24 months. We’ve had 22 months where it actually has worked. I will qualify work as it was possible to load pages, often much more slowly than the $89.95 service speeds advertised. I’ve never gotten advertised speeds, yet AtLink always measures the exact speed I supposedly get between their tower and antenna. Speed aside, as well as the months of down time, the 22 months I reference as “working” I’ve logged every outage. Weather appears to be the primary problem identified by AtLink yet my log indicates only about 58% correspond with weather events.… Read more »

Having all kinds of trouble trying to use atlink email. Turns out that atlinkwifi is operating with an expired certificate. Many email providers are refusing to accept or forward email from Atlink saying that it could be someone else masquerading as Atlink while gathering personal information on users. I have contacted Atlink and either got no response or was told to use Atlink Web based email.

We pay for 5mb/s…we get about 1.75mb/s. We call for service and get treated like crap. We bought $300 new router they said we needed. Made the internet worse, said we needed to change the password for it, it was so new we didn’t even know the password! Im all in for class action. Pathetic!!!

Really upset home and business
They want their money but will NOT provide stated service and they are the only option in Tuttle. “Working on the tower, will send someone out, will call you back, change your router, everything looks just fine, we don’t believe in speed test, we put a note in, we don’t have any information on your account having trouble, your problem will be escalated, you can always pay more, someone in the neighborhood must be using a bit torrent, you are trying to use more than one device at a time, yeah my colleagues don’t know what they are doing but… Read more »
person who hates bad service
We had just recently moved when we got Atlink. After having it for quite some time of using it I give it a 1/10. It has slow speeds, and is very unreliable. A POE has to be replaced, or a new router is needed about every other time it rains at all. During overcast, fog, or storms, the internet speed is often cut in half or not working at all. Also, at least somebody working at Atlink must be incompetent. We prepaid for a Line drop in our house so that i didn’t have to be right next to the… Read more »

What internet do u have now I have att wfi and it sucks it freezes up and slow so I need to find a fast internet I live in Ada ok

Of course the internet is down again tonight. Recently I got back around to the “it’s your equipment” excuses and they come out and do some fixes and a soon as the guy leaves it goes down. It’s went down several times in the last 2 weeks after the guy came out. The guy coming out to supposedly fix the equipment made absolutely no difference at all. Same s****y atlink service. I make my living online and my business has taken a huge hit because of atlink. My sales are down, customer retention is down and it’s all because the… Read more »

Currently have .81 download and .12 upload and 417Ms that’s what we pay for lol.

For instance right now we had a little rain this morning and now the Internet is complete trash just from a little rain shower.

Atlink is terrible ALL I get when calling customer support is the same old stuff try unplugging this and that and oh that didn’t work? Sorry I’ll send it up to the techs when they come in I’m over here like then who the heck are you?? Terrible service I have bad Internet about 7 days out of the month might not seem that bad to some people but I play games and would like to enjoy my time on them when I have it.

Shane Atlink did lie to you. I live within spitting distance of the bixby tower and the service goes down during all rain not just heavy rain as a matter of fact it also goes down every sunday evening.

I have to hurry and add this before I lose my signal. The one reason I switched to atlink from satellite was signal reliability. Atlink told me that their service is not affected by rain, clouds ect… I was told specifically that the only weather related issue that could be a problem was heavy fog. Well, that was a complete lie.

Shane, I am sorry feel that you were lied to. Certainly rain in the amounts of 6″ in an hour could cause for some rain fade. Heavy rain and Tornados that your area has received over the past several months has caused damage to several of the towers and equipment on the towers. Looks like we re-aligned your antenna on the 28th. Please let tech support know if your still having concerns or email us at

It’s not a feeling. You guys make so many excuses as to what’s wrong with the service that you can’t keep it straight. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, a tornado or if it’s nice and sunny, the service always goes down. I’ve been letting you guys know about my concerns on a consistent basis and yet I don’t even get 1 mb upload or download. I get kilobytes. Supposedly you guys had a bad part on the tower in Blanchard that supposedly you were going to fix 2 days ago. Then you were going to fix it yesterday. You… Read more »

^^^^^^ guy just said it all

This is just an update to my comment below. I had many people tell me “Just wait!!” and it turns out they were right and all of you here are right. The service started out ok but then it went downhill in a hurry. Over the last month I’ve had problem after problem. After having problems with other internet companies, I decided to get a setup that monitors and records every aspect of my signal. It logs performance data 24 hrs a day. I did this so these people can’t say “Well, we did a speed test and it looks… Read more »

I don’t know but I’ve had pioneer which was horrible and satellite which was over priced and horrible and atlink has been the best by far. I’m in Blanchard. Been with them for about 2 years now and only been down maybe 1 time for no more then 15 minutes.

Support for the times I’ve called them have been very helpful so I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky or what but my experience with atlink has been the opposite of what I see here.

Getting downloads speeds of 2.97 Mbs with AtLink but when try to download book told me one day eighteen hours to download Same computer connected to Verizon card at 4.2 Mbs downloaded same book in 11 minutes. Explanation was that Verizon uses download booster that AtLink does not have. Suggested that I upgrade service. Maybe that would reduce download time to just 24 hours!

I’ve been with At Link for several years now and fortunately have received fairly decent, though occasionally inconsistent connection speeds and support. Now however I have been unable to send email to most of my contacts for over 2 months. Numerous calls have yielded various reasons, but no solutions. Most often I receive "non-delivery" notices from other ISPs, but not always. Many of them just go off into oblivion, or the NSA storage facility. While satellite is an option, it’s not much of one. I was told that I’m not the only one having this issue, but there is only… Read more »
I am here to echo the same frustrations as stated above. I have been with @link for 3 years now. Do not thing I have ever reached speeds I am paying for. In the beginning they were very quick to respond and had a tech here within usually same day. They took a very good tech and stuck him inside. I called more than 7 days ago and held for tech support and finally left name and number asking to return my call, just like they say they will do. Nothing yet. Hey on the bright side they did have… Read more »
I have been dealing with the same problem for 3 years now. This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. I’m getting upload speeds of .06 and they cant tell me why its so slow. They have changed out my equipment 3 times and it still don’t work. They want us to pay for a product they cant deliver, isn’t that stealing? Its nice to know that these incompetent people got a grant to start this sorry company. I waited 2 months for a return phone call from a manager and it never came… Read more »

I have been calling and calling. sometimes it helps but mostly not. We have been with them for 8 years.
The first 5 were great then they added to many customers to the same tower and service went way,way
down. To get a call back well seldom, I requested a month rebate for all of the disrupted service and
SLOOOOOWWW speeds, well I haven’t herd back YET.

I’m General Manager of AtLink Services, LLC. We’re not always able to satisfy our customers, that’s true, and sometimes the reasons that our support folks give out sound weasly. Delivering broadband over the air works really well sometimes–good line of sight between the tower and a house, a low level of radiation in the area from other sources, no trees or barns or hills. In the past, we outgrew our equipment. In some cities that we serve, we had to stop taking orders, because there was no room left on the radio waves. We’ve just spent $500,000 on new equipment… Read more »

Excuses are just excuses. Atlink has a abundance of them.I wish I could just review my account history.

This guy is a liar. Don’t even waste your time sending him an email.

I have sent you messages and you never return them. I have to call you guys every d**n day because it goes down. To this day.

I know this was 9 months ago, but. the problems obviously still exist. Apologies are nice but better product would negate the need for apologies..Disappointed Customer!

I agree with you all about their service. I too deal with this frequently. They actually had to put new antennas up on houses in my area because that’s all they could do to provide service. I was also told that they cost about $500 a piece. The interesting part is, I found them online for $125, normally $150. That is still nowhere near the 500 I was told. I know in my area, I am really looking forward to another company coming and competing with them. Maybe a little bit of competition will help because if they don’t want… Read more »

They suck! Their customer service sucks! Their tech support sucks! Download speed of .32 mbps and upload of .45 mbps called in a trouble ticket over a week ago and am still waiting.


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