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Last Updated On: November 18, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Hughes Network Systems, LLC.
Corporate Address:
11717 Exploration Ln
Germantown, Maryland 20876 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 866-774-6580
Company Contact: Pradman Kaul - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.19 out of 5
Based On: 35 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 28

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $7,015.20
Average Reported Losses: $200.43

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Is HughesNet a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Poor Internet Service for the Money from Hughes Net!

We have had Hughes Net Internet service for 10+ years costing $75 month. We live rural so it was the only option over dial-up. They charge a premium for their data options.

We have supposedly used up all of our data every month before the month is even up.

One month, after 5 days of usage they told us we had used up all of our data? I told them that someone must be hacking/stealing or they are manipulating records of usage. That made no sense…but neither does their service. Just me and my wife.

During this month (Sept ’17) we went thru Hurricane Harvey, wife evacuated, the house was without power for half the month and for the last 2 weeks of the month we have supposedly run out of data!

I would recommend using some other service provider if you have a choice available to you.

When I call them the offer to give me “tokens” to make it to the end of the month! And then they proceed to try to sell me on upgrades.

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Was having issues with Exede and called Hughes. I was assured that Hughes was double the speed at the same price. I have email and Facebook and live alone. My second day of use I received two emails. Neither were video or even pictures. I tried to forward them to six friends and found speed equal to old landline! Tech service hung up on Me twice, and the third time I was told “the reason it’s so slow is the Dish hopper”. I have had Dish over two years but they advised they do this as a convenience! The convenient… Read more »
BAD service. Terrible connection. We live in the wonderful rural area of LaBelle, Fla and we ordered Hudgesnet service (our research indicated that ATT would not connect this far out & Xfinity wants $3,600 to connect!). As a teacher, I am expected to work online and there is No accuse for not doing so. I have switched to ATT and the difference is amazing. The Hughes staff are doing their jobs so they are not to blame. Hudgesnet is aware of the poor service but they generate money by locking a customer into the 2 year contract. We paid a… Read more »

THIS IS A WARNING, DO NOT USE HUGHES NET, FOR ALL THE REASONS THE REVIEWS SAY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! All the same stuff happened to me, now they want $400…I have filed a complaint with the federal govt,, just so happens I know someone that can help out.. DON’T MAKE A BIG MISTAKE AND SIGN ON WITH HUGHS NET ..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!

I had Hughes Net for several years and finally got another internet for a LOT less money and problems. I returned the receiver,transmitter,power cord and cable going from receive to the computer in the box they sent. Today I was looking at my bank account and $210.60 charge from them. I sent it back months ago everything they asked for and have never heard from them. I called them and they said they never received the transmitter. BULL. This is a rip-off from a crooked company. Their service has always been bad!!

I had HughesNet for several years and finally got another internet for a LOT less money and problems. I returned the receiver in the box they sent. Today I was called by a collection agency for $200+ for the receiver. I sent it back months ago and have never heard from them. This is a rip-off from a crooked company. Their service has always been bad!!

I called HughesNet on December 30, 2016 from my parent’s home telephone and explained that I was calling to cancel internet service to my parent’s house because we had to move my parents to a personal care facility the previous day. Due to a recent hospitalization and a new diagnosis of a serious chronic illness, my 83 year old Dad is no longer able to care for himself, my Mom (who suffers from dementia and has been cared for by my Dad for the past 7+ years) and the house. As residents in the care facility, my parents no longer… Read more »
I switched from the almost reliable Exede to Hughesnet on January 4, 2017. I have called them daily. I have a dozen case numbers. It took one week for them to stop blaming my equipment. I am running speeds at about 800 kbps dl and 460 kbps upload. I’m no internet genius but isn’t dial up speed 256 kbps? I signed up for their top plan. What happened to the 15 mbps Download and 2mbps upload I was promised? They don’t know. They don’t seem to care. I can’t send e-mails, I can’t listen to music on Alexa, (not that… Read more »
Hi there. I am reaching out because I am very frustrated with my early cancellation fee with Hughes Internet. A few months ago I moved to my new place and got Hughes Internet. The day before at&t installed internet and the signal read to low so I made them un install everything and leave. The next day I ordered Hughes Internet. WHEN I CALLED I SPECIFICALLY asked what my speed would be like and if I can open my webcam and I was assured of the type of services I would be able to get. I have had terrible internet… Read more »

As long as Hughes net has your credit card, you are their SLAVE. LOOSE IT STUPID, APPLY FOR A NEW NUMBERED CARD,H/N can not draw monies from your new card unless you give them your new card number.

Hughsnet has NEVER lived up to anything they have told us. They took money out of our account when we cancelled a month ago. We never had any service when we needed the Internet and that was after we first got it. We lost many sales because of the phone service every time we were on the phone we got disconnected and lost thousand of dollars in sales.
NEVER in a million years would I recommend them

You have my deepest sympathy, it seems that service providers now a days due to supply and demand excuses, do not CARE if the service is inferior..Also, the CEO may have some medical issues.

I would never recommend Hughes net to anyone. I had cancelled by service in Feb and in April they took out of my account 213.50 for not sending the transmitter back. I had to get a tech out here and remove it off the roof. They were going to charge me another 100 for there tech to come out and remove something that is there equipment awful. Don’t ever use Hughes net. Another thing I never heard of a internet service with allowance time. You are paying for service and giving you allowance time

After about ten days all of your allotted time is used up with just normal web browsing or listening to a few songs every other day and then they deliberately slow down your internet speed to get you to buy ‘tokens’ to speed it back up. Hughesnet in my opinion is a total scam. You are better off with any internet provider that uses phone lines. Dsl over your phone lines is alot faster and they dont turn your speed down. Very unhappy with hughesnet. There are a lot of other providers that you would be better off with. Also…..hughesnet… Read more »
TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! We had HN for several years (it was the most reasonable even though the speed was terrible). Well when phone companies started advertising the family plans with more data to share, we were curious. When our HN contract was up, we called to cancel, and ended up getting talked into a year agreement. Was supposed to be a better plan at a lower price and it seemed to beat the price we would have paid thru the mobile phone company that we were considering using for our internet. Well in a couple months, the phone company lowered… Read more »


Sadly been a HN consumer for about 6 years now, as it is our only option here. If some other option ever comes our way we are running into their arms and never looking back. Always getting randomly throttled (as we speak & actually the past couple days. Worse than dialup speed), rolling 24 hour download allowance, FAP, price, no video’s/music/streaming/games, got to even watch how many pictures you look at, etc. Plan allowance is only 250mb – per rolling 24 hour period. Always have to keep our rolling 24 hour “download allowance status” meter open just to keep an… Read more »
Suspected I was not the only consumer disgusted by the lies and misrepresentation of Hughes Internet company. After the treatment I received from Hughes I would never deal with them again. Much slower speeds than promised, even the installing tech was amused by what I was told. My installer was excellent, but the phone reps were terrible, repeatedly trying to blame my computers for the problem. Also, "tech reps" for Hughes insisted I go to their website for "compatible" speed estimation on down and uploads. Their system kept reporting 5 megabytes with almost no variation as my available speed. Other… Read more »
WORST COMPANY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!! See the following: Hughes Net To whom it may concern, We started your service on July 29,2013. We were told we would get 10 gig plan with 5 meg per second and the person on the phone said it would be more then enough for us. We not only started service but paid $345.77 to pay for the equipment. In August we called back and let them know that the speed was not fast enough. 1. They told us our equipment was bad, but they never replaced it. 2. They told us if we… Read more »

I have had very similar problems with these reprobates. They are con-artists. and (at the very least), should be shut down.

This is the worse internet provider I ever tried. The speed is ridiculously slow like the old dial up service.
The customer service is even worse than the service.
They only want to take you money. Only looking to charge you for the early termination fees that is a fortune.
Please do yourself a huge favor, do not use them !!!!!

wow, you guys hAte hughes-net. i dont getit, what you are forgetting is WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU WANT INTERNET AND THE ONLY OTHER OPTION IS DILEUP?? i wish hughsnet didn’t take advantge of people living in the country, but i have to say it is better than dial up. we get calera hughesnet address is , it is OK

Maureen you must not really look at what you got. Its better then dial up but not much. In January 2012 I was given what I thought was a deal they charged me 299 for service then gave me back 99 of it. They told me they would buy my equipment back for 199. They told me that was not true. When I told them I still have the paperwork they hung up on me. I called them back and they did it again.

Hughesnet is a mess. But, I emailed the Better Business Bureau and Hughes responded immediately after the BBB contacted them. I got all my money back the next day. So I am thinking the best recourse is to notify the BBB. I also got Hughes to email me a letter saying that I had returned the equipment, had a $0 balance and we no longer had any kind of financial relationship. Oh yeah, the other option is to change your credit card account number, then they can’t bill you. Also, our credit card company blocked any further charges from Hughesnet.… Read more »

I have no problem with HughesNet internet service. I am happy with it. But their website is the absolute worst!! Takes forever, and you can’t do what you want to do. Takes half an hour to pay your bill and you may not even be successful

The only way to deal with Hughes Net is to contact the Better Business Bureau where there home office is in Maryland, I promise you will get results and it want take you long to get an answer, I went round and round with them never could speak to anyone who could speak very good English. I filed a claim with BBB against them and within 2 weeks a very nice young man from Hughes Net Corp Head Quarters called me and I had a $500.00 refund and an apology for poor customer service.

I am a previous Hughes Net customer. They are the worst company I have ever done business with. The download speed tests on the company”s website were skewed. When we checked the speed of our Internet on other sites, we found that we were getting a tenth of the speed we were promised. I was dumb enough to believe that if I upgraded, my speeds would be better. Wrong! I paid ten dollars a month more with no improvement in download speeds. When I tried to call them to complain, I would be put on hold for 30-45 minutes. Their… Read more »
HUGHESNET is the WORST. DO NOT USE THEM. They will overbill . You cannot get anyone on the phone for over 40 minutes then it is someone who does not speak english they will make you PROVE to them what their online installation fee was they will charge you and once you question they will send you an email- THEN THEY DON’T they say they will reverse charges-THEN THEY DON’T they will send you a new email saying login with password to see what you are chargeed THEN THEY DON’T RECOGNIZE YOU WITH THE PASSWORD THEY PROVIDED they will ask… Read more »



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