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Last Updated On: December 3, 2017

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Business Name: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co
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One State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, Illinois 61710 USA

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Company Contact: Edward B Rust Jr - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $50,500.00
Average Reported Losses: $7,214.29

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When replying “No” several times about driving a recently familiar friend and her son, and my two sons in my vehicle, out for a Sunday drive (though it was Saturday), to my surprise it was not accepted and so she blurted out that she would drive. It would be her car. I was too tired and never would drive hers, and definitely did not want to take ours out that afternoon when I was exhausted. She was sensible in conversation and had freshened up dismissed my thought of really was on her mind. Anyway she drove her vehicle, and we were passengers. Stating she was used to the route- “I just see the green light and go; do not have to look around.” Ten minutes later I seen us approaching an intersection after glancing over to driver to see her movements, and in a low voice I shrieked, “Oh ****, No”. Dee wrecked her car with us riding along. No braking means the downhill speed of distance of four house lots indicated the speed and force of impacting the other vehicle. The front seat passenger air bag had slammed against me (gases burst on tearing) choking me up with lingering smoke.

I managed to get my boys attention of voice response to open windows- conveniently manually controlled. Left side of my left leg hit shift console, and my sacrum and lower back had twisted, the outside portion of my left foot could not lay flat on floor because of the vehicle design of KIA (jamming my leg -showing up on images as stick fractures, but denied as such), body thrown and head jerked around enough to bring me within less than an inch of hitting the windshield upon my reverse body force from being forced deep into my seat. The bag saved me. But also many do not know the difference between a bag hitting rider and a rider hitting the bag. Left shoulder and hips misaligned, I knew it best not move. Line of impact of force went right through the left side of my body to the back seat to my son Tim (12 years old) in the middle, according to how he was injured and sick (I escorting him to hospital in ambulance). My other son and driver son were also injured. Smoke was filling inside of vehicle and steam coming from engine. Hood jackknifed high enough I could not see what we hit.

When not wanting to blame the other vehicle driver for turning in front of us at the intersection, I kept my cool and waited to speak to the Police Officer at the scene. I was told I was not allowed to speak to the Police Officer! Our driver was busy 30 feet away justifying her position. My friend, our driver, never met us at the tow place, as my husband and I took our camera. The major problem is concerning the advantage of the Insurance Companies believing they are only liable for six months, they do not pay third party (depending upon who they considered to be third party) which in this case could have been at least five insurance parties involved to cover the work of a two-car accident. What happens when a company pays only one payment (when they think you have only organized the bills like they want) and limits it to six months (making the victims limited to a recovery time of six months only-and “medical” is not even when the policy shows coverage. Not paying in cases of both parties at fault if been reported by any driver or rider on the claims does not sound much like an insurance company.

When submitting the initial claims for up front medical with our driver company, Farm Bureau, and then told to go to court to receive remaining. Defendants, both drivers I felt at fault, denied a good representation of all my new injuries because of the belief of denial of any harm done to me when their assumption of my receiving of Social Security Disability over rides (nothing was on file concerning those kinds of physical disabilities to rule out new-SSA had nothing to send to the Defendants’ request. I was accused of refusal to send or have facts sent). I have not chosen to pay into insurance-instead covered under my husband’s employment policy we chose, Coventry of KS, at the time. Our attorney took the cases into four sections- not accepted as divided up. Went to Court of Appeals and was told by that Attorney not accepted by Supreme Court, though believed the case not properly accepted based on the merits of the whole case. In a deadlock. Family attorney was losing health and did pass in 2010 while working case – had tried to take boxes to other attorneys who would not respond why they not take the case-without reviewing all paperwork, excuse them from accepting my filing through them because they would quote the 5 year law (not knowing case had already been in process but with technicalities, needing more thorough review of facts and better treatment of). From several different sources we hear of State Farm being a good company to purchase automobile insurance from, though whatever happens they do not pay out? Why is it not possible to file a totally different other Case also in Court at the same time when one is already in process? What happens I should receive remaining compensation for remaining due me that I had begun receiving prior to filing a lawsuit? At what point is someone going to close the case by proper paperwork files to notify such Company so I am allowed to speak to the Agent again? By the way, the driver of our vehicle asked me to drive her to the emergency room when we were seeing to our son’s care in the Childrens’ Hospital. I was not feeling good and any movement would make me feel sick or dizzy. Very slowly I did all that with my husband’s vehicle-just across the street. I checked in also though my driver was asked if she thought I was injured. Strangely enough I was not asked in the same manner.

Only as a needed secretary (the only one) in my father’s office was I considered worthy – defendants should not ignore my alert about my relative, Dennis Muller, who was the attorney had sudden serious health problems-when he not comprehend how computers work delayed responses to the factors involved when affecting filing of questions and answers in my Case. Though working hours and making many contacts to do as much of my own documentation on the case long before filing in 2008, the other son, Jon, referred to in the above accident, was involved with a drunk who t-boned Jon’s driver door, sending his vehicle half a block (leaving Jon semi-conscious and causing amnesia). We had just filed my Case shortly before this. making it necessary to include the new one also (of which I did a lot of footwork on also. This was critical timing too because of his valuables in the car, but his car impounded. (Jon had worked the Pro-Life booth at the Stadium at kind request of grandmother). Only called from ER about him, not from the scene. In ER Police delayed his treatment and surgery for over and hour, first because when his father and I were called at home would take 30 to get to drive to Centerpointe (and I was driving from my father’s office that would add an extra 15 minutes) because they demanded drug testing! He had no evidence of drinking. Found out later son had signed earlier for Aunt to be on call-he had forgotten that. He had already returned to live back home again. My father, the attorney, related a strange thing about the law-no allowances for family emergencies! This is when I was to hear from Defendants about an agreed mediation meeting. Then later when I was not informed about it, was claimed I refused to meet when they did.

Way back in 1991 my husband and I and our three were hit from behind, which usually causes whiplashes. I was in the direct line of force. Filing with State Farm then, “sign, take the money, maximum six months, or nothing”.


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State Farm is the worst company to work with if you are injured by someone they insure. My younger sister was walking to school when she was in first grade, we live a block from the elementary school, when crossing the street IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL, she walked diagonally throught the intersection instead of crossing in the crosswalk, i stood on our side of the street and saw the whole thing. An elderly man slowed down, but did not stop at the stop sign, rolled through the intersection, did not see my sister, hit her, then ran her ankle… Read more »

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