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Last Updated On: April 7, 2017

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Business Name: SilverScript Insurance Company
Corporate Address:
PO Box 52067
Phoenix, Arizona 85072 USA

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SilverScript Phone Number: 866-235-5660
Company Contact: Todd Ryan Rooker - President
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Average Rating: 1.35 out of 5
Based On: 87 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 181

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Reported Losses: $30,873.29
Average Reported Losses: $354.87

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Overcharged 2 years in a row, same drug!

This company has cost me money two years in a row for the same drug. The drug is Potassium CL 10MEQ ERcapsules? I was paying $17.50 for a 90 day supply until Jan 2016, when the price jumped to 100 dollars for the same drug in coated pill form.

In my effort to get clarification why this increase, my answer: “it is expensive to make”.

My Doctor found I could get the same medication but in capsule form as opposed to the pill form I had been taking for since 2001. So I changed and payed $27.50 for 90 day supply.

Now 2017, I went refill the prescription on Jan. 9th and was told the drug has been changed from a tier 2 to a tier 3 and the cost would be 120 dollars co-pay to me.

Calling Silverscript did not benefit me at all. The customer Service person was very flip. No explanation as to why the tier change.

I have had it with this company and sorry we didn’t change so we have been duped again.

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Signed me up without asking – without my knowledge. They send me bills each month. I have never applied to this company. Spoke to Michele at customer service; she was very rude and refused to cancel this fraudulent policy. She told me medicare must have signed me up.

The same thing happened to my mother. Just found out today that she was switched to Silver Script without her knowledge. They said she signed up online but that is impossible as she has dementia and has no computer. I am going to fight this.

I have Medicare Parts A-B-D. In November of 2016 I received a letter from AARP that my Part D United Healthcare Plan was being terminated and assumed by Silver Scripts/CVS Pharmacy. I called Silver Scripts and they told me that all of my med’s were fully covered in their formulary. I take 5 med’s as a result of Bariatric ROY Bypass surgery during which I suffered a massive heart attack requiring my hospitalization for 7+ months. My healthcare is finely balanced and managed by IRMC and Sunshine Health Services closely. In December I refilled a few of my meds and… Read more »


I just found out that my mother was involuntary switched to Silver Script from AARP United Healthcare. They also referred me to Medicare but I wasn’t able to switch her back to AARP United. How did you do it??

Do not enroll in this plan! My husband enrolled 2/17 for Medicare part d. Haven’t even used it yet. They cannot get the monthly billing straightened out. They submitted for the social security deduction payment which we did not want. Got it straightened out so we thought but that was just for one month. Now they are submitting payment through social security again when no one authorized this. We tried to set up a recurring charge to our credit card but They seem too incompetent to do this. Supervisors don’t even call you back. No recourse. Customer service reps are… Read more »

I purchased this plan after they told me that the two prescriptions I need to prevent an organ transplant are covered only to find out that they will not pay anything towards the cost of these $900/month drugs. Customer service is useless — nonsensical and a waste of time. I’m paying them for nothing and I’m very angry.

I was covered by United American for 2 years before I realized that since I am covered under my husbands insurance it is not mandatory to have Part D coverage. During the medicare authorized interval I called United American to disenroll. They said they were no longer providing Part D coverage and had transferred my coverage to Silver Scripts. Neither Silver Scripts or United American had notified me. They told me to call Silver Scripts. I called Silver Scripts and told them I did not want to transfer to them or any other Part D coverage. they had already assigned… Read more »

I switched to Silver Script this year and found their pricing higher than the actual cost of the drug. Under my old plan I paid $3.00 and my plan paid $14.70 for 90 day supply, a total of $17.70. SS wants a $60.00 copay for the same drug. Is there a Government agency that I can complain to about this price gouging?

Got a letter in November saying I no longer qualified for my extra help through Silver Script. Than I get one in December saying I do qualify. Opened a letter today January 31,2017 stating I no longer get my extra help. Saying If I bought prescriptions from January 2015 until January 2017 I may have to pay them back. Now I am a single senior with Lupus,Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens Syndrome, and arthritis how in the world is a person that has nothing but social security coming in suppose to pay them back, pay for my medications, and my co pays plus… Read more »

I am a type 1 diabetic. Silver script does NOT pay for insulin!!!! Tremendously angry out of pocket cost now go to $12,000 for a medicine that I will DIE without. Never pick them!!!

As of Jan 2017, if you have United American Part D Coverage, YOU, were automatically enrolled in Silver Script, WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR APPROVAL!!!!! Do not pay the premium notices sent by Silver Script!!!!

YOU have to dis-enroll for for a prescription plan that YOU did NOT enroll in or approve by sending a letter to Silver Script, P.O. Box 52067, Phoenix, AZ 85072. This is probably illegal, but these bureaucrats think they can get away with it, and probably do! Shame on them!

Silver Script is working the numbers. They claim higher than actual costs and then have you pay a copay that is actually higher than the total cost of the generic drug was in December 2016. Some is getting rich on the scam that this is actually a payee., They are in with CVS to artificially inflate drug costs to Medicare I was switched to SS after they took over United American. They tricked me to believing they were as good as the coverage I had. If you don’t like it tough go to Maximus. They s***

Apparently a rate increase took place. I never received notification but then get a notification that I am behind in payments. I have my payment automatically sent monthly. Now I go to login to my account and can’t find the right portal. Did they move that too? Very customer unfriendly company. Don’t take their prescription plan if you can avoid it.

I just enrolled and when I went to get my first RX, it is not covered….after I enrolled it when I applied. Now, I am not paying and will take the penalty, found out through my pharmacist that if you go through GoodRX, the prescriptions are a lot cheaper than with this insurance! Not happy with this company at all, what a scam that Medicare forces you to have a prescription plan!

I searched for Part D at the Medicare site. All of my prescriptions were listed, and Silverscript claimed to cover all of them without copays for the rate I’m paying, so I switched to their plan. Jan. 11, 2017. First prescriptions sent in with nothing new added. Copays on everything, including 50% copay on one of my RXs, for $131, and 100% copay on another for $31. They lied outright about covering my RXs, and now it is too late to do anything about it until next year’s open enrollment. Five RXs for $175, all generics, on a no copay… Read more »

You might be confusing a “no deductible” plans with a no co-pay. Almost all of their drugs have a co-pay at different levels. But they definitely do not have a deductible that must be met FIRST – BEFORE they will cover any drugs. Many of the other companies do have deductibles – so beware.

Hey, I just got a raise on my co-payment, that I was told by a healthcare agent that I’m suppose to
get my Rx free, they are suppose to be completely covered by Silverscript.

I wish I had checked this sight before enrolling! They increased my premium by 30%, with no prior notification, giving me no opportunity to change plans. A supervisor told me Medicare sets the rates and sends notification (not true!). I called Medicare to complain ( 1 800 633-4227). They were extremely helpful and I was able to submit a formal complaint over the phone. They said they have had no complaints about Silverscript, so everyone should do this. Maybe Medicare will take some action against them!

An awful company!! On Dec 17 I got word my rate was increasing by $7. To cancel I had to do it before Dec 7. When I cancel Oct 15 of 2017, I STILL am locked in to this company until 2018!!! Plus they can raise again next year!

Call 1800-633-4227 and ask to speak to a senior representative-file a complaint with the senior management of Medicare-Silverscript misrepresentation-if your unable to reach a senior Representative at Medicare -keep trying, Silverscript has indeed become grossly negligent for the misrepresentation and fraudulent claims of medications they never paid for!

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This is illegal and the medicare complaint online site or you may call. I urge us all to make a stand. Medicare dose not think silver script is a thirs party company and agrees it is dangerous for us!! please I beg you to go to medicare and copy and past your personal stories, medicare pays $80 dollars a month to silver script per person that’s our American tax paying money. then silver script is stealing more from us by the enrollments gaps the well honest what ever story silver script employee wants to tell. our life our govermenment money… Read more »

So disgusted with company…Sure hate to put my Dr thru their hassle. Old and they do not want to fool with us…I need 2 nonformulary drugs and what a hassle.. Guess this is program set up by government and i sure can tell it.

Nightmare company is putting it mildly. This a company from the stone age. Their customer service is non existing. You have people who can’t answer questions, let alone resolve any issues. I was visiting relatives in Texas and was hospitalized for four (4) day with Cellulitis. Upon my release I was told that I could pick up my prescription at Walmart pharmacy. I was discharged and went to Walmart and the pharmacy was closed. I then went back to the hospital to get a paper prescription and had to locate a 24 hour CVS pharmacy. I went to the CVS… Read more »

Nightmare company, very poor customer service and misleading coverage. NOTHING has gone right since signing up with Silver Script. Their agents have bad attitudes and don’t seem to know what they’re talking about. When you challenge them on something, then the attitudes really get bad. Some generic meds are cheaper at Walmart, so buyer be aware!

I fired CVS a long time ago. Go to Walmart.

Okay look here all silver scripters… fortunately I was able to get my issue worked out you know, somewhat. Of course it was expensive. I’m wondering if anyone else has been able to get their ins issue/ matter situation… worked out? Please let me know, yes or no, either way.
In advance..thank you ladies and gentlemen.

No, I was told a drug would be covered before I joined SilverScript and after two prescriptions they denied it. I have had my doctor call, write letters, etc., and even appealed twice and within 12 hours of each appeal, I got an automated call saying it was denied. This is the worst prescription drug company I have ever dealt with, can’t wait to dump them in October.

Comeon admins, its not inflamatory, its FACT!
Shouldnt be an isssue per your tncs!


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