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Last Updated On: September 1, 2017

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Business Name: SilverScript Insurance Company
Corporate Address:
PO Box 52067
Phoenix, Arizona 85072 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 866-235-5660
Company Contact: Todd Ryan Rooker - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.34 out of 5
Based On: 88 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 205

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $30,873.29
Average Reported Losses: $350.83

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Prescription denied - but we won't tell you why or what to do about it

Doctor prescribed med for painful skin condition. Took to pharmacy within 2 hours.

An hour later, pharmacy advised that insurance would have to get confirmation of prescript from doctor (!) and not to bother to wait.

Checked with pharmacy later that day – no word.

Checked over 24 hours later – no word.

Called Silverscript (apparently a subsidiary of CVS Pharmacy). Runaround – gave name, birth date, acct no. at least 3 times. No one had attempted to contact doctor or me.

Gave me a case number and told me someone would get in touch within 24 hours.

Already over 48 since I should have had it. No explanation for why doctor had not been contacted or why I had not been contacted.

I don’t know when or whether I will get the medication. Pathetic service. Would not recommend this company.

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They price my drug on their website as $8.39 for 2017, for 2018 they are publishing a price of $7.27 a decline yet they tell me I have to pay $45.27. Medicare Plan Finder a government website states the same prices. Their explanation after a day on the phone and being disconnected several times is the price went up. So all you people who are look ing for 2018 plan don’t believe what they are publishing.

I received a welcome kit from Silverscript and it gave me a number to call to set up automatic payment. I called that number and they didn’t know what I was talking about. They got my info., transfered me, and then I was hung up on. I tried again and was put on hold indefinately. I then called the grievance department and after being on hold was simply disconnected. I’m trying a fourth time and have been on the phone for almost a half-hour. This is absurd. Does anyone know of an effective way to contact someone competent at this… Read more »

Ignorant, illiterate people taking the calls, who can’t speak properly and have no idea what you are asking. Sound like they have a 3rd grade education. Not worth dealing with.

Was forced into SilverScript by MA G.I.C. Horrible company. Completely disorganized and apparently they do not take or keep notes on your calls. I have spent way too much time on the phone with them trying to correct their mis-information. I was hoping they were just overwhelmed by all their new forced Massachusetts GIC customers, but apparently (I see here) it has been going on for a long time and across the country..

Drug no longer covered in mid year. Prior approval obtained and was told drug cost was 82.50. Then without premison charged credit card 429.51 for same drug. Cancelled order but told could not cancel since sent to dispensing. Filed grievance and company agreed to send return label for return and cancel charge. Fraudulent buisiness practice 26 years as healthcare case manager and will never do business with them again. BEWARE!!!!

This company is no better than a scam artist! They sold me a plan on the phone just to get the commission! The sales woman lied and when I filed a complaint through Medicare they answered by snail mail within 24 hours? Wow! Naturally I was wrong ! We the people usually are always wrong ! Why? Because we are not blood sucking lawyers hired to deceive the general public. Enjoy my money silver script and I hope you choke on it! Oh I did find out you cover aspirin and it only has a copay of $300.00 dollars !… Read more »

After paying in full, for 1 year my rate almost doubled and I canceled over the phone. Used the plan 1 time for just 1 script and it still was overpriced. Just got a bill 7 months later(after canceling) for 78$ and called to tell them I will not pay because I canceled in the beginning of Jan after receiving notice of the plan almost doubling in cost.
These guys think we are old and dumb and want to scam you. They think they can automatically reup your membership when you cancel…bad business practices.

After a year with these people I canceled because the rates almost doubled. I had used the plan to fill 1 script 1 time. I canceled in January and just got a bill 7/2 for 78$. Called and they wanted to tell me that I needed to cancel, which I had done…WHAT A RIP OFF.
These guys are a scam, do not buy from these people, not worth the headache. They do not want to drop you, so they scam you.

DO NOT GET SILVERSCRIPT. Silverscript decided that they would not pay for my Testosterone Cypionate, even though this is a covered medication, and not a very expensive drug at that. Denied my claim saying that I did not need the drug, even though it was prescribed by doctors for about four years now because of seriously low T. Told me that I would have to go in front of an administrative law judge. Part D providers have paid for my Testosterone replacement medication in the past. Can’t wait to drop this P 0 S of a provider. Take your money… Read more »
SilverScript has no care for its clients! I needed a simple over ride to have a prescription filled for 90 days since I will be out of town and traveling to see family. I spent 6 months very ill due to surgery an infection as well as a long stay in a rehab center. They made no attempt to assist me. All the agent would do try to get me to have the prescription filled on the road as needed. Oh ad by the way tried to have me look up CVS pharmacies that might be in the area were… Read more »
This is absolutely the worst Medicare part D insurance you can have. Nothing I take is paid for. My thyroid medication is not paid for. I had a prescription for an ointment for a dog bite on my hand. They refuse to pay for it. Another for the bladder. I was told they did not pay for meds that only treat symptoms. Well what do they consider pain meds. IThey do not cure anything, they are for symptoms. Just a poor example of so called insurance. Take your money and pay for nothing. I will never have it again. Will… Read more »
I convince my doctor to reduce my medication from 120 tabs per month down to 90 per month. I was hoping that this would also reduce my co-pay cost. To my surprise, it did not. Calling Silverscript did not benefit me at all. After being on the phone with the customer service rep for 20 minutes and he Kept telling me that the cost doesn’t change because it is for a 90-day supply and me telling him that it was not a 90-day supply but a 30-day supply. Because this customer service person was being very flip I asked to… Read more »
EXPLOITATION of the elderly! My mother was likewise a victim of this fraudulent collections scam. SilverScript started sending her bills for monthly premiums when she never signed up with SS. She has GREAT medication coverage through the same plan she and my father have had for over 15 years. They send letters that upset her and threaten that she may not be able to receive her medications if she does not pay them. She is 97 years old, in assisted living, and with heart problems. She does not need this! I called SilverScript and the woman was an ignorant sloth… Read more »

Part D policy written April 1; only 1 drug on the list. purchased one time in late April and notified the drug is not covered. Cannot get beyond the CSA on the phone to discuss this “bait and switch” policy

They take your money and pay for nothing.

Anyone with A DEATH, OF A FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND, DEMAND your Medical Examiner determine if THIS DEATH WAS CAUSED BY MEDICAL NEGLECT, NO SHOW refills or failure to meet professional service standards. Are you being told ?, “your meds. are filled and were mailed out already. “. I was told that two ago. Today I WAS TOLD, ” YOUR MEDICATIONS ARE STILL BEING “PROCESSED”, TWO DAYS AGO MY MEDS HAD JUST BEEN MAILED !!! Are your medicines LATE OVER AND OVER ? … EVERY MONTH ??. Are You being lied to ? WHEN I ASK KINDLY, WHICH STATEMENT WAS… Read more »

Signed me up without asking – without my knowledge. They send me bills each month. I have never applied to this company. Spoke to Michele at customer service; she was very rude and refused to cancel this fraudulent policy. She told me medicare must have signed me up.

That is their tactic to get a commission ! Medicare is in their pockets so when it comes time to fight you are not only fighting the government you are also fighting the biggest mob ring in the history of the world ! Insurance ! legalized extortion! We would have gotten a better deal from the Mafia!

The same thing happened to my mother. Just found out today that she was switched to Silver Script without her knowledge. They said she signed up online but that is impossible as she has dementia and has no computer. I am going to fight this.

Try your attorney general or city attorney. Sounds like fraud.

I have Medicare Parts A-B-D. In November of 2016 I received a letter from AARP that my Part D United Healthcare Plan was being terminated and assumed by Silver Scripts/CVS Pharmacy. I called Silver Scripts and they told me that all of my med’s were fully covered in their formulary. I take 5 med’s as a result of Bariatric ROY Bypass surgery during which I suffered a massive heart attack requiring my hospitalization for 7+ months. My healthcare is finely balanced and managed by IRMC and Sunshine Health Services closely. In December I refilled a few of my meds and… Read more »

You got lucky Gary . I am stuck with these criminals ! They don’t cover my tier 5 insulin but in the beginning when I signed up the lying woman assured me it would be covered. Now I have to pay $1600.00 for the insulin. I found that I can purchase it in Mexico for $11.00 and it is made by the same company here in the US. Lilly! Nothing like price gouging the American people ! And they have the balls to go on TV and ask for donations !

Sounds like some kind of scam. Sounds like something they are trying to pull. If you did not sign up with Silverscript, they had no right to have your account. If United Health Care wanted to terminate your account, they should have told you to enroll in another plan with a different Part D provider. If United Health Care is still in business, and did not go bankrupt, they have no reason to switch your account.


I just found out that my mother was involuntary switched to Silver Script from AARP United Healthcare. They also referred me to Medicare but I wasn’t able to switch her back to AARP United. How did you do it??

How can they just do that? Is that legal? You didn’t sign an agreement with that company. These are different companies with different rates and different medications that are covered. I would rather not have Part D coverage than be bothered with Silverscript again.

Do not enroll in this plan! My husband enrolled 2/17 for Medicare part d. Haven’t even used it yet. They cannot get the monthly billing straightened out. They submitted for the social security deduction payment which we did not want. Got it straightened out so we thought but that was just for one month. Now they are submitting payment through social security again when no one authorized this. We tried to set up a recurring charge to our credit card but They seem too incompetent to do this. Supervisors don’t even call you back. No recourse. Customer service reps are… Read more »

I purchased this plan after they told me that the two prescriptions I need to prevent an organ transplant are covered only to find out that they will not pay anything towards the cost of these $900/month drugs. Customer service is useless — nonsensical and a waste of time. I’m paying them for nothing and I’m very angry.

They pulled the same thing on me. Told me they wouldn’t pay for my medication. Take my money and pay for almost nothing.

I was covered by United American for 2 years before I realized that since I am covered under my husbands insurance it is not mandatory to have Part D coverage. During the medicare authorized interval I called United American to disenroll. They said they were no longer providing Part D coverage and had transferred my coverage to Silver Scripts. Neither Silver Scripts or United American had notified me. They told me to call Silver Scripts. I called Silver Scripts and told them I did not want to transfer to them or any other Part D coverage. they had already assigned… Read more »

I wholeheartedly agree with your views.

I switched to Silver Script this year and found their pricing higher than the actual cost of the drug. Under my old plan I paid $3.00 and my plan paid $14.70 for 90 day supply, a total of $17.70. SS wants a $60.00 copay for the same drug. Is there a Government agency that I can complain to about this price gouging?

Got a letter in November saying I no longer qualified for my extra help through Silver Script. Than I get one in December saying I do qualify. Opened a letter today January 31,2017 stating I no longer get my extra help. Saying If I bought prescriptions from January 2015 until January 2017 I may have to pay them back. Now I am a single senior with Lupus,Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens Syndrome, and arthritis how in the world is a person that has nothing but social security coming in suppose to pay them back, pay for my medications, and my co pays plus… Read more »

I am a type 1 diabetic. Silver script does NOT pay for insulin!!!! Tremendously angry out of pocket cost now go to $12,000 for a medicine that I will DIE without. Never pick them!!!

As of Jan 2017, if you have United American Part D Coverage, YOU, were automatically enrolled in Silver Script, WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR APPROVAL!!!!! Do not pay the premium notices sent by Silver Script!!!!

YOU have to dis-enroll for for a prescription plan that YOU did NOT enroll in or approve by sending a letter to Silver Script, P.O. Box 52067, Phoenix, AZ 85072. This is probably illegal, but these bureaucrats think they can get away with it, and probably do! Shame on them!

Silver Script is working the numbers. They claim higher than actual costs and then have you pay a copay that is actually higher than the total cost of the generic drug was in December 2016. Some is getting rich on the scam that this is actually a payee., They are in with CVS to artificially inflate drug costs to Medicare I was switched to SS after they took over United American. They tricked me to believing they were as good as the coverage I had. If you don’t like it tough go to Maximus. They s***


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