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Last Updated On: August 4, 2017

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Business Name: AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company
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1290 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, New York 10104 USA

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Phone Number: 866-487-7484
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Average Rating: 1.44 out of 5
Based On: 9 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 23

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $127,756.68
Average Reported Losses: $14,195.19

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Life Insurance Rip Off

I am a senior citizen that has had a life insurance policy with AXA Equitable Insurance Company for 30 years. I’ve paid my policy in a timely manner.

In the last two years this company has terminated my policy to try to avoid paying out benefits since I am now up in years. I have had to fight for three months to get the policy reinstated last summer.

This month they have done it again, stating that they had not received payment. I never received any notice or warning or termination or of non-payment, I believe they think that since I am older I will not be able to fight them to stop this unscrupulous practice.

I find it suspicious that I’ve never had a problem with this account until these last few years.

Shameful and I am disappointed and exhausted fighting this company to stop trying to terminate my insurance to avoid a payment in the event of my death.

I have paid this policy for 30 years and I have been a customer for 30 years with no problems until now.

AXA Equitable  – PO Box 1047 Charlotte North Carolina 

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i’ve been attempting to make payments towards my loan against my life insurance. AXA has now lost two payments for a total of 1080.34. filed an inquiry and was told that they found the first one and will be crediting my account soon. two weeks later still no credit and now they haven’t credited another payment. called and they couldn’t tell me why they haven’t been credited. I’m very leary of having this company handle investments if they can’t process a payment correctly.

HUGE fees if you try to withdraw funds and a very painstaking process at that. The legal boilerplate of all the documents you sign when opening your account and creating a policy hide the fact that you will pay enormous amounts for very poor performance. If I’d been smart enough to research this company before investing my retirement funds with them I would have gone elsewhere. From account inception onwards I lost money month after month. I would have been much better off investing in a simple savings account even with the miserably low interest rates because at least I… Read more »

Where is AXA s incentive to grow my account? Each year they solicit me to annuitize. When I annuitize the death benefit goes away. Then I’m stuck with an account that increases less than 1% a year until it goes to zero and I have to annuitize. I didn’t see it coming. Shame on me.

I took out an AXA annuity (8 years at 6 %). It has basically turned out to be, basically, a $185,000 loan to AXA. I was (am) invested in their mutual funds which have a poor Morningstar rating for the most part. Any “profits” have been gobbled up by the yearly fees and other hidden charges which I call booby-traps and hand grenades. Because of this, my holdings never really got above the original investment. I ended up after 8 years withdrawing about 60 % of my holdings. Their prospectus is difficult for the average investor to understand and calling… Read more »
AXA EQUITABLE ACCUMUMULATOR PLUS FUND IS A RIP OFF SCAM! – SIGNED UP AT JAMES AVE BRANCH OF WELLS FARGO, COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VIRGINIA My mom worked hard for her money and fell for this investment with a Wells Fargo Advisors rep from Richmond, VA, 8 years ago. Mom was told and I was told at the first meeting that as long as she left her money in for the 8 years required contract period, she would be able to exercise the option of taking her beginning principal ever how she wanted in a lump sum, by the month or annually.… Read more »

How much commission does an AXA agent receive (percentage) for selling annuities? Are they required by law to disclose their commission?

Commission arrangements vary greatly. The policies have base commissions which vary depending on what payout structure the representative selects (from ongoing low fees to a single substantial lump sum). Moreover, with variable annuities the broker’s supervising dealer may get up to two thirds of the commissions charge. GENERAL RULE of THUMB: Please be aware that the LONGER the penalty period for contract surrender (and the HIGHER the surrender penalties), the greater the percentage more the broker will be paid. (It is not uncommon for 1st year surrender fee to equal the amount of commission paid out to the broker if… Read more »

My AXA Financial Advisor in the Ridgeland, Mississippi office sold me investments, now he will not return my phone calls.

My AXA advisor is in Ridgeland, MS, it is unfortunate, but after the sale he does not return phone calls.

Hi Larry, I am so sorry. I am an advisor myself and I really hope he sold you the right product. You can read and file a formal complain against this agent. Please file so he doesn’t continue this behavior. Thanks

Are there any current lawsuits on thiese situations? I was told several things that I am now told are not true. I was told that the rate of return was guaranteed and that so long as I only took the increased value of the account each year as income (not touching the benefit base) I could take the full interest each year as income and still have the death benefit until age 85. Now, my 3rd discussion with AXA, I am being told NO, you can take income from the market value but once it is depleted you have no… Read more »
I took out an AXA variable annuity on the advise of one of their reps. They told me my principal would be guaranteed and I would lose anything. Unfortunately I put 65000 in it and now 6 years later its worth 53k right now. They claim when I filed complaint that all the papers were sined and things were explained to me. Kind of funny the person that sold me the policy was fired later and no explanation given. When I persued the complaint they said they couldnt find any wrong doing and closed the file. Yes I get a… Read more »

This happened in Illinois to 3 clients that took it to the sec state and local media and AXA settled

Have you been able to get anyone to tell you what happens if your principal goes to zero? Got this through Wells Fargo. Will I lose everything? I have AXA variable annuity too with so called guaranteed income for life, with a death benefit, the fees are high, and the principal has dropped 30,000. I can’t get a straight answer out of them. Am so sorry got stuck with this, they are the worst company to deal with.

I’m in the same boat as you,I have a guaranteed income for life with a death benefit. Mine lost $49,000 , I ask my advisor what happens when it goes to zero, he did not know.All they do is give you your money back a little at a time.I should have left it in my bank @2%. I lost my balls but his new M5 BMW looks good. ( I call this the AXA Wall ) Lost all my trust.

My mother has an IRA with AXA Equitable. Her beneficiary passed away before she did and she never updated it. Now that she has passed away, I’m living a nightmare trying to get a death benefit claim processed. I am the designated Executor of the estate and there is a Will on file in probate. AXA is basically telling me to **** with a Will they have their own method of determining who gets the proceeds from the claim starting with the children (all are not listed in the will). Are these funds now the property of the estate? Why… Read more »
My father started a whole life policy for me when I was a kid (maybe 6 or 7). I have since taken over the payments. The premiums due each year are $1079, so I’ve given Equitable (later AXA) easliy over $40,000 for a $95,000 policy so far (in addition to 40+ years of interest). Up until the year I turned 40, AXA kept telling me that the dividends would cover the premium by the time I reached 40. I am now 52 and the dividends still don’t cover it. Not only that, but the portion that I pay out of… Read more »

Hi Walter, You can exchange that life insurance policy for an annuity or life insurance policy as a 1035 exchange, you will basically transfer what you paid in into a new life insurance policy or annuity, it can save you some money. If you need the insurance for your estate, family or surviving spouse, you should certainly review your plan with a professional. I hope this helps.

That’s ridiculous. Cash it out. Very bad investment. Invest in a normal IRA or Roth. Just get it out of there.

I worked for AXA until September 2012. Recently, I received a letter from a collection agency requesting the amount of $1,181. I was told from them that the amount requested is money that I owe to AXA for the commission paid in advance. The amount of money that AXA is trying to collect from me is money that I received. The situation here is that the manager in charge of my district did the following: -He had a client (new or existent) -He used the name of his employee (In this situation, my name) and put it in the contract… Read more »

As a former agent for 21 yrs this happened to me and has happened to other reps I know.AXA is the last company as an advisor that I woild ever work for.

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We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact Lauri Pettit, Customer Relations Analyst, at or (315) 477-2821, to discuss your individual issue. Thank you.

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