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Last Updated On: July 8, 2017

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Business Name: Assurant, Inc
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501 W Michigan st
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

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Assurant Health Phone Number: 800-800-1212
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $1,800.00
Average Reported Losses: $600.00

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Healthcare Hoax

I inadvertently got on the wrong web site looking for healthcare plans. While still on the computer i got a phone call from a william corchado,866-535-5238, who told me he was with the national enrollment center and that it was safe to give my personal information, ss number, credit card etc., because his group was the most watched/ supervised group in the government so it would be safe. He was angry because i told him i was working with an agent and i was trying to check out health plans. He told me i would lose my health coverage, that i would be penalized by the gov. If i didn’t sign up with him. I hung up and called my agent. My phone rang again it was mr corchado and he raised his voice telling me i was getting penalized because i wouldn’t sign up over the phone. I told him no thanks and hung up.

I was called on 12/18 again this time by another man who immediately put me on the line with a joshua westendorp,610-223-0572, who was very polite, talked to me about several plans and told me about an aetna signature policy. I said i was thinking of united health care and he said he had already checked the plans available to me and that the aetna plan was the best one. He also explained that he was in the most supervised agency of the government. That they enrolled 70 percent of the population and that my information was safe. I told him i wouldn’t have the money to pay until next week but i gave him my credit card number.He assured me no monies would be withdrawn until next thursday.

I didn’t realize till later that would have been christmas day. He then put me on with amanda torez 888-460-1434, who was very polite, she allayed my fears and closed the deal. She also told me no money would be withdrawn until the folowing thursday. The next morning i saw an email from assurant insurance saying thanks for enrolling in a new policy. My old policy was with assurant and i was told this new policy was with aetne signature. Today 12/20 i got another email saying that a payment was withdrawn using my credit card to pay for putting my policy in place. Over 130 has been withdrawn.

I immediately called the assurant number to cancel but the office was closed. It was then that i noticed the number amanda gave me was the assurant customer service listed on their web site. I have since signed up for a real policy through my agent and i will cancel the assurant policy on monday morning.12/22. I will stop payment on my card because now i will not have enough money to cover payments coming out of my bank account.

Assurant Health – A.s.a., P.o. Box 91604 Lubbock, Tx, 79490


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