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Last Updated On: September 5, 2017

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Business Name: American Home Shield AHS
Corporate Address:
860 Ridge Lake Blvd
Memphis, Tennessee 38135 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 888-429-8247
Company Contact: Mark J. Barry - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.20 out of 5
Based On: 23 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 14

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $36,154.85
Average Reported Losses: $1,571.95

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Out of Pocket Costs not Re-imbursed

I have had AHS for several years, and in the past, they have been a good company. We had a heat wave in June, and both of the A/C units went out at the same time. I placed a call into AHS for service and was told that they were experiencing a high volume of calls due to the heat, and that if we did not hear from anyone in a couple of hours to call back.

After 4 hours, I called back and was told to go ahead and contact a repair place on my own, but not to use contractors from a list I was read over the phone.

I contacted a company who couldn’t come out until the following day. I called back AHS and gave them the contractor information, and I was given an Authorization number for the repair, but was told to have the contractor contact AHS upon arrival.

So the following day, at approximately 5:00PM my time, the contractor came out and completed their diagnosis of the problem. I contacted AHS while the A/C contractor was there, we waited on hold for over 45 minutes, and when a service representative finally answered, we were told to contact another number. When we dialed that number, we got a message that said they were closed!!!

The A/C contractor stated that they were booked for the rest of the week, so I asked them to make the repair since we had an authorization number. I had to pay them out of my pocket for the entire bill.

The next morning, I contacted AHS and was given the address to send the bill to. I sent the bill off and didn’t think anything more about it.

About 2 weeks later, I received a letter in the mailing stating that my claim was denied for not following procedure!!!

I immediately contacted AHS and was told the only way to handle the denial letter was to e-mail or fax a letter back. I proceeded to E-Mail a letter explaining that we indeed did follow procedure and that I was given an Authorization number, and through no fault of mine, their claims office was closed at the time of repair.

After another 2 weeks, I received a letter stating that they reviewed my case and the denial still stands. I called into AHS and asked to speak to a human in the claims department and was told that they don’t have phones in the claims department and the only way to access them is through fax or E-mail.

I will not let this just lie, I will continue to fight for what is ethically correct. I don’t understand how a national warranty company does not have a 24 Hr. claims office. Unfortunately appliance failures don’t abide by the 8-5 schedule.

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After being a faithful fee-paying Member of AHS for many years, they have now demonstrated the unseemly inappropriate conduct which gives rise to so many complaints and may be contributory to the reduced BBB rating of AHS. What follows demonstrates reprehensible performance and customer service similar to that reflected in and other areas: On Friday 27 OCT 17, I placed an online request for emergency service as both toilets in the home suddenly became totally nonfunctional and backing up. AHS issued Dispatch No. 432843662 with one of their vendors. Subsequently the vendor stated they would not be able to… Read more »

The plumber sent by Home Shield sent a plumber to install a
dishwasher. Small leakage resulted which damaged our
floors. The improper installation was verified by another plumber sent by Home Shield. The installing plumber seems
not to have insurance or sufficient funds to replace the floors. We were unable to reach anyone above the service center. Home Shield is denying any responsibility for the damaged floors.

On Aug 31 I requested service for AC problems. You contacted Central air condition & heating. They never contacted us and when I cemalled the number it was busy, I tried several times. I had to call someone else to fix my problem.


I called ahs and requested service; a washer repairman from greenway home services came and had to order a part. this was on 4/10/17 and was told part would come in in 3-4 days. I called greenway and part was not in and was told part was ordered through ahs on 4/11/17. I call ahs customer service and was hung up on. I called 2 times afterwards and was hung up on both times before anything was said. I called the number to request service and someone talked to me after I asked her not to hang up on me..… Read more »

AMHS technicians have left my house flooded
From they made
And refused to fix the problems that they caused (ripping a door seal on my dishwasher while repairing a control board)
They have also left me high and dry for weeks and sometimes a full month before parts and a technician could come back to actually repair the appliances due to the fact that the first technician you see will have no parts with them even if you tell them what’s wrong
Poor customer service and a lack of reputable service providers is normal

I’m furious! Have been waiting a month for supervisor to call! Every time I call I am told my case being escalated but still no return call. Am not giving up! Plan on filing a complaint with BBB.

Before you purchase BEWARE: I put in a claim on my A/C and was told initially it would be 5 days before their chosen contractor could come out….. This was not acceptable and the company contacted another service company who told me it would be 4-5 days response time. It should be noted I got quicker service during a hurricane without AHS. I then contacted the company and asked if I could get someone on my own….The rep said yes but there were guidelines and she would have dispatch try again to get a repair company to come out quicker… Read more »

Being President of American Home Shield should be such an embarrassment that
Mark Barry should never let anybody know what he does. Their lack of customer service and the way they seem to find completely unqualified service companies is amazing. Mark, you are giving Georgia State grad a bad name if this is the way GSU graduates run companies.

They pick AC contractors had do no even have the manpower to timely do work. This is the third summer in a row that I have had the same AC problem and each time they send over a company that company is a small two man company. AHS could care less if you have no AC because they say it is up to the vendor. THE TWO MAN AC VENDOR!!!

This is the worst company you could deal with. This is what a company who used to service American Home Shields customers told me…. When you are contacted by the vendor they will come to your house usually in a week…a week! (This is true on every call they have done for me in two years). Then they send in the problem and the cost of the service to finish the job to AMERICAN HOME SHIELD. Then it has to go through their managers who then figure out if they want a competing bid or if they agree to the… Read more »
I have been an American Home shield customer for years, have recommended AHS to dozens of family members. 01/24/2014 we down in the tens my furnace is out. It goes out every summer and winter. AHS is doing patch work but tonight if they don’t put me up in a motel or whatever I am blowing the roof. I have been holding on the line for over 1 hr after learning they are 1 and half behind schedule. This is unacceptable I am just waiting and all they reviews I have been reading since waiting I am getting prepared. I… Read more »
My spouse and i patiently lay a short time for it to become taken care of along with yet again wanted to schedule the fix with regard to yet another object in my house along with seemed to be yet again well informed with the assistance fee charge. My spouse and i well informed these people that we settled most necessary prices along with wasn’t going to pay out yet another dime with regard to anything else. My spouse and i submitted two problems on-line in order to National Property Protect along with patiently lay to help them to contact… Read more »
I have been trying for 5 weeks to resolve an on going plumbing issue with American home shield. the contractor that started the job did not finish the job and I have been begging for service. my hold time has been over 25 minutes each time.the vendor, once again begged me last night to allow him to finish the job. I agreed, however, once again, he did not show. he called 2 hours past the due time saying he was on his way, about a hour away. I told him not to show up. he attempted to come to my… Read more »

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