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There’s a certain amount of irony that comes along with complaints about insurance and warranties.  After all, these two industries exist to prevent complaints.  A tree fell on your car?  No worries; insurance will cover that!  Oh, your computer crashed?  No big deal; it’s still in the three-month warranty period!  However, assuming you weren’t born yesterday, you know quite well that people have plenty of complaints about insurance and warranties.  In fact, it’s the kind of subject you can bring up at a dinner party, and people will start telling personal stories for hours if you don’t cut them off!

Instead of yammering on about your complaints with insurance and warranties to your fellow dinner guests, start sharing your stories somewhere that matters:  When you share your story on, it isn’t just an amusing anecdote for someone else to read.  It’s a fact – a piece of hard truth – that can be used to make a difference in the world of insurance and warranties.  When you start voicing your complaints, the insurance companies and warranty-backers will start to notice.  And, they aren’t the only ones that will notice.  You might be surprised that when you file a complaint, other people who are dealing with similar issues will start to come out of the Internet woodwork!  One by one, people will come forward and share their stories.  Together, readers can make a difference!

Here are just a few of the issues you may have with insurance and warranties…

Insurance: Claim Not Honored

So, that tree that fell on your car did turn out to be a big deal?  The insurance company is refusing to honor your claim?  Insurance companies are notorious for pulling out all the stops.  They’ll do just about anything to avoid honoring your claim.  Sometimes, you have to push them hard.  Other times, they aren’t going to work with you no matter what.  It could be that you’re a day or two late on filing.  Or, there could be a minor legal technicality that allows the insurance company to feel justified about not honoring your claim.  Whatever your issue is, let others know about it on Complaints List!

Insurance: Bogus Policy

Did you buy an insurance policy that sounded too good to be true?  Unfortunately, insurance scams are everywhere.  They’re especially prominent in the life insurance industry, an industry known for taking advantage of the elderly, who might be more likely to buy fraudulent policies.  The experience of buying a bogus insurance policy can be extremely frustrating.  However, when you file on, you might find other people who have had similar experiences.  When you share your story, others will feel comfortable coming forward as well.  By talking about your scam experiences, you might even come up with enough information for authorities to track down the people behind the fraud!

Warranties: “Sorry, That’s Out of Warranty.”

This can be an extremely frustrating phrase to hear – especially when you just bought the product.  However, just because a sales rep or manufacturer claims a product or piece is out of warranty, you don’t have to accept their mantra.  No company wants bad press.  And, when that bad press is about their product’s warranty, it’s especially alarming.  By filing a complaint on, you might be able to attract the attention of the product manufacturer.  Who knows… your complaint may even draw enough attention to make the manufacturer rethink their warranty policy – for you at least!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the various problems you might have with insurance or warranties.  Chances are, you have an odd, one-off problem that not many people are dealing with.  You may think it’s so obscure it’s not even worth mentioning.  However, we’d urge you to think again.  Many people are finding that when they share their supposedly strange stories on, others are coming forward with very similar issues!

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