How to Save Money on Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects are great ways to increase your standards of living. But these projects don’t just benefit you immediately; they also offer a major long-term benefit. By improving your home, you add value to your home, which means you can sell it for more!

Want to do a home improvement project on the cheap? While you should never skimp on quality materials or quality labor, you can definitely find bargains without stepping down on quality. Here are some of our top tips for saving money on your home improvement projects:

#1 One Man’s Trash…

… is another man’s treasure. Websites like Craigslist are great for finding raw building materials. From bricks and lumber to exotic hardwoods and local stones, you can find a lot on Craigslist.

Oftentimes, if a builder is demolishing an old house, the reusable materials will be salvaged. These materials can then go up for auction or just get listed on Craigslist. Sometimes, however, the builder won’t deem it worth his/her time to salvage the materials. In these situations, you might be able to go collect the materials yourself. Just make sure to get permission ahead of time!

#2 Buy Wholesale

Most areas have wholesale building supply warehouses that are open to the public. Think of this place as a “T.J.Maxx for builders.” These warehouses will get surplus and/or slightly damaged (but structurally sound) building materials. They then offer the materials to the public at a greatly reduced price.

Also, many of the products found in these types of warehouses are pretty unique. Not only can you score materials at a great price, but you can also find some unusual and interesting items. One word of caution: inventory is not steady or consistent with these stores. So, if you’re doing a long-term project, make sure to buy more than you need upfront. Otherwise, you could get 80% through the project when the source of your special, one-of-a-kind building materials dries up!

#3 Invest in Knowledge

Lastly, before you start a new DIY project, make sure you know what you’re doing. You don’t have to be an expert. You certainly don’t have to be the best. However, if you end up making a mistake, you could spend more money to have someone fix the mistake and do the job the right way then you would have spent simply hiring someone in the first place.

Many hardware stores will offer classes on how to do certain projects. Also, YouTube is a wealth of knowledge for those trying to complete some basic building projects. Take advantage of these resources, and best of luck to you!

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