How to Save Money in the Kitchen

It’s no secret that food prices are rising quickly every single quarter without fail. There are a number of reasons for the spike in food prices: inflation, fuel costs, increased consumption (demand), and the growing informational demands and regulations placed on food product companies.

What can you do about rising food prices? For most consumers, the answer is nothing. After all, there are some things you have to have: milk, bread, eggs, flour, sugar, etc. Then again, there are a lot of items in your kitchen that you could probably be purchasing in a smarter way (including some of the above items!).

#1 Mill Your Own Grains

When you purchase flour at the grocery store (even whole wheat flour), you miss out on a lot of the nutritional benefits of wheat. By milling flour at home yourself, you can get more nutrients and save money.

Purchase an electric mill to make things really easy. Or, if you like doing things the old fashioned way, you can use a hand-crank mill. Remember, wheat isn’t the only product you can mill. You can also mill oats, corn, and other grains.

Also, wheat lasts forever, so you can buy in bulk, saving you even more money!

#2 Make Your Own Hummus

Instead of buying cheesy processed dips or expensive salsas, why not try hummus? Better yet, why not make your own hummus? Hummus costs practically nothing. The main ingredients are chickpeas, garlic, lemon, olive oil, and tahini (the one ingredient that does cost something). But – if you’re feeling really adventurous – you can make your own tahini. It’s basically ground up sesame seeds and olive oil.

#3 Buy Dried Beans in Bulk

If you thought canned beans were cheap, you should look at dried beans. Dry beans are dirt cheap and taste much better after you’ve soaked them yourself. Plus, using dried beans instead of pre-cooked can beans isn’t that much of a hassle. All you have to do is soak them in a bowl of water overnight and then cook them on the stove slowly for a couple hours.

Not only will you save money and enjoy a fresher, higher-quality bean, but you’re also doing the environment some good by not buying and throwing away a bunch of cans!

#4 Choose Produce Over Product

You might be surprised to know that fresh produce is actually cheaper than junk food. Many people have the false assumption that things are the other way around. However, if you choose a diet of fresh produce, not only will you feel better, but you’ll save money, too.

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