How to Not Get Ripped Off!

With the present day economy presenting consumers with tighter budgets, it is very important that consumers be savvy when dealing with money and finances. Consumers need to ensure that they recognize scams and possible fraudulent activities, and that they take appropriate action. Being prudent in decision-making when faced with questionable situations will help ensure that consumers be safe from scam activities.

With the improvements in technology, this has also brought about the possibility of online fraud and scams. With these technology advancements, criminals now can utilize websites, email, cell phones and other methods to attempt to fraudulently get money or information from people. Some of the ways that the criminals can attempt to gain from unsuspecting consumers is through attempting fraud by way of emails, stealing personal financial information through identity theft and several other methods. By gaining information from consumers, criminals can possibly gain access to people’s bank accounts, take out loans in others name and other ways.

Online fraud and scams have become the fastest growing criminal activity around the world. And it is one of the toughest to stop because generally the criminal is unknown and can conduct the scam from anywhere. Because of the anonymous nature of the criminals involved in online fraud and scams, the important part is being aware of potential dangers.

We have put together this information about common online fraud and scams, and how to prevent being a victim. Please feel free to review this information at any time to help you remain safe from online scams and fraud.

Online Scams

  • Online Scams – Useful article which lists information on the top five online scams.
  • Avoiding Online Scams – Informative page which provides consumers with information on how to avoid typical online scams.
  • Scammer Information – Information on four new ways that criminals are using to scam consumers online.
  • Internet Scams – Helpful page which provides information on a number of categories about Internet scams.
  • Internet Crime Scams – Web page which contains information on different crimes perpetrated over the Internet.

Email Scams

  • E-scams and Warnings – Informative page from the FBI which summarizes the various electronic scams you can face.
  • E-mail and Internet Scams – Information on many of the typical scams that are conducted by email and through the Internet.
  • E-mail Hoaxes – Helpful page which contains information on a variety of current e-mail hoaxes.
  • Scam Lists – Web site which provides a listing of typical online scams.

Job Scams

  • Online Job Scams – Useful page which contains scams that can be done through online job seekers.
  • Online Job Scam Information – Article which looks at eight of the most commonly used online job scams.
  • New Online Employment Scams – Useful CNBC news article which provides a warning for potential employees looking for online jobs.
  • Job Scams – FTC warning for job hunters on the potential risks of job scams.

Identity Theft

Cell Phone Scams

  • Cell Phone Fraud – Helpful article which discusses the problems of fraud with cell phones.
  • Mobile Phone Scams – Informative page which discusses the possible scams associated with mobile phones.
  • Cell Phone Fraud – Information from the FCC about the problems of cell phone fraud.
  • Text Message Scams – Useful article which alerts consumers about the trouble of spam text messages and how to stop them.

Scam Prevention Tips

Helpful Resources

  • Internet Fraud Information – Useful page which contains information and tips for consumers about internet fraud.
  • Scam Safety – Portal of information for consumers about the problems of scam and internet safety.
  • Financial Scam Resources – Information and help for consumers in regards to international financial scams.
  • Consumer Frauds and Scams – Informative page which provides a number of resources about consumer frauds and scams.
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