How to Navigate Customer Service as a Consumer

The customer is always right. Right? If only things were so simple in today’s world. That belief that the customer is always right has spawned a huge customer service sector of business here in the States. In a lot of other countries, customer service isn’t nearly as important. Luckily it is here. But we still have plenty of our own problems with customer service. How many times have you spent an hour waiting on a telephone line only to be greeted by an unhappy representative and end up getting no where? Our system is far from perfect, but there are ways around it to get what you want with little stress.

First of all, it’s important to realize that most people working in customer service that you might speak to don’t actually care about your problem. They are people just like you and have their own problems and concerns. They are just getting through the work day like everyone else. Realize that and accept that. It will help you be in the right mindset. Be NICE to these people. Always be polite, use their names, be pleasant. You will be a breath of fresh air to them. Don’t take no for an answer if you can’t get what you want. Keep moving up the chain and insist that service reps transfer you to supervisors if they can’t fix your problem. But once again, BE POLITE! Make them want to help you.

That’s the irony of customer service isn’t it? You have to get people to want to help you instead of the other way around.

If you still don’t get anywhere, turn to the web. There are plenty of stories out there about people using social media and the internet to get their voices heard. David Carroll wrote and performed a ditty called “United Breaks Guitars” that spread virally via YouTube. The result? A guitar manufacturer gave Carroll two new guitars and United made a charitable donation in his name.”

So you see, you can get what you want from customer service! For an even more detailed guide about dealing with customer service check out this site here.

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