How to Eat Cheap & Eat Well: You CAN Do Both!

Does a trip through the grocery store turn out to be way too expensive… every single time you go? If so, then you might need some tips for saving money at the grocery store. We recently wrote about how to be a smart consumer in the produce section. But what about everywhere else in the grocery store?

We’ve got you covered.

Eating cheap and eating well in the grocery store isn’t some unattainable goal. It’s a very real possibility. You just have to know how to start. Here are our top four tips for getting great food at a low cost…

1. Buy in bulk. When your family’s favorite foods go on sale (and assuming they’re non-perishables), stock up! Buying in bulk is a great way to cut back on cost. If you’re making a weekly or monthly grocery budget, make sure to leave yourself a little cushion so that you can buy in bulk when the opportunity arises.

2. Stop buying pre-made foods. The more processed a food is, the more it’s going to cost. After all, that raw potato in the grocery store didn’t have to go through near as many processing phases as those instant potatoes on aisle 5. And those instant potatoes didn’t have to go through near as many processing phases as the pre-made mashed potatoes sitting in the cooler in the deli section. Buy raw foods as often as you can.

3. Eat beans and rice. “Well, there’s always beans and rice,” you may have heard your grandmother say. She was right. Dried beans and bulk rice are incredibly cheap. Plus, they’re rich in protein and other nutrients your family needs. Instead of making meat-heavy dishes, opt for beans and rice a few nights per week. You might find that you actually enjoy eating this way, too!

4. Know where to shop. Some grocery stores have incredibly cheap produce, but make up for their low prices with expensive processed food. Other groceries have great deals on name brands, but the produce prices are sky high. Get to know the local grocery stores in your area. Play them off one another, and buy the right items at the right store!

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