How to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

Now that November is here, it’s finally alright to start talking about the holidays! With Halloween behind us, we’re excited to turn our thoughts toward Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Of course, as excited as we are, we’re not so keen on the idea of opening up our wallets for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!

So, in the spirit of frugality and festivity, we’ve come up with your go-to resources for decorating for the holidays on a budget. Don’t feel like your home has to look empty just because you’re saving money for exciting things like heating and that credit card bill.

Make It Yourself

As the DIY movement explodes (thanks, Pinterest), there are more crafty ideas than ever before at your fingertips. Get ready for a wave of crafts this November. Serious crafters will want to head over to craftgawker for inspiration.

We found one source that suggested tying a bow around festive-colored pillows in your home. Add a gold bow to a square green pillow, for example, and add a lot of Christmas spirit with just a few pennies and very little effort!

You can always go the classic route of stringing your own popcorn garlands. Just be sure they’re out of reach for pets and hungry little ones!

We love these bottle cap snowmen from Pinterest. Use them as ornaments, or decorate your house with them!

Get Your Own Greens

If you live near some evergreens or pine trees, then why would you pay to buy overpriced cuts from the local nursery. Cut your own pine or fir boughs from the yard (or a willing neighbor’s yard). Burn the open cut so that sap won’t drip out. Arrange the evergreens on the mantel or elsewhere in your home. Intersperse your design with pinecones and other festive bits of nature. If you really want to get creative, try spray painting pine cones with metallic gold and silver colors!


Do you have a stack of Christmas cards from last year? Put them out for display this year. Or, make a collage out of past Christmas cards. You probably have a ton of other cute holiday items that can come back out again this year.

What Will You Do?

We love reading tips from our readers. Share your favorite budget Christmas decorating tips below with other Complaints List readers.


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