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Last Updated On: September 30, 2017

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I am a disable women that was put into a horrible situation without help from any legal services under all disability rights Pro bono services, a citizen has the legal right to obtain services under their low –income status, this is their Mission Statement, but refuse services to me because the partnership with each other under a Disability Rights Network.

My problem starts with the Department of Mental Health consultants I am not a client of this mental health organization I never been in their hospital facility as a mental patient, I lived in one their disable building and worked for their org.

I become a whistle blower and threaten to tell their donors for hazardous conditions and bad management, residents dying in their room, and jumping out of the second floor window, I found resident’s personal medical records in the computer room and threaten to call HIPPA on A Community of Friends Inc.

And the same problem with the attorneys (DRLC under Mental health) I went to City Counsel in long beach county State Bar, Fair Housing, Fair Housing for Employment, justice of peace in Washington DC and Los Angeles, and several more, half or mental health stakeholders, and members and I did not get a reply back from anyone I filed most of them 10/12/11 in reference to Disability right Legal Center in 2009 I run myself ragged trying to get legal advice, and services back and forth to the hospital being sick trying to get help but know one would help me legally, this year 2012 I just find out why no services was rendered , the organization that I am suing DRLC owns Legal aid, connected to the County Bar Association, I lawsuit was with A community of friends inc I wasn’t aware of the connection that these organization have with each other until I started researching A Community of Friends Inc. Disability Rights legal center, Mental Health America Mental Health Advocacy, all are Disability Rights Network see doc”.

I worked for Mental Health America as a peer advocate under Dept. of mental health and was terminated for no reason, worked ( one week) MHA is in partnership with the County Bar Association I signed up as a member and every lawyer would not help me, all along these organizations knew that I did not have a chance on fighting this battle along, because I do not know the law, these are the same org, that help write the law for professional conduct. DRLC and the ABA( American Bar association, County Bar) all are partners in crime.

The judge for the Long Beach superior court Joseph E Dilorteo for the case NC056793 works the mental health juvenile court , he is friends with Disability Right Legal Center(DRLC) a national organization network that also works with disable children and adults, and are superb Attorneys contracted under the Department of Mental Health (defendants that i am suing) DRLC and Legal Aid same organization (changed name)_
On May 26,2012 judge Dilorteo dismissed my case on my first amended complaint with prejudice, I was not aware that DRLC worked with the superior courts, and have many offices in side the long beach court , los Angeles superior court.

I was request to file my second amended complaint by June 12, 2012 the judge gave me 20 days I located a building at 316 E 2nd street close to the los Angeles courts to find a attorney or paralegal to prepare my documents.

I found LA Court Documents I had no time to research this building time was running out I asked Mr. Gonzalez the paralegal that stated he had did document for super lawyer on 6/4/12 I asked him if he could have my documents ready for me on the 8th he said yes, on the 8th his secretary stated that he had a emergency and that he could not prepared my doc.at that time, she said he was in the hospital, he could have the documents ready until the 28th, I was screaming at her, I knew judge Joseph Dilorteo was never happy with me, just the way he always looked at me, I just had a strange feeling that something was wrong, she said Mr. Gonzalez called the courts , that he could filed them on the 15th, (I have never heard of that before)maybe so , but the documents were not prepared right.

I had explained to Mr. Gonzalez that I had to have it done professional just like the documents I show him and he said he was better than the others paralegals so I trusted him, when I did pick up the documents, my complaint was a civil fill-in complaint form (which I could have done myself) not on pleading paper ,no prayer for relief, he depose half of my cause of actions ,I gave him a samples of my introduction where I had made many mistakes asked him to fix my flaws , he just used the same civil introduction that I gave him at the bottom printed Opposition to the Demurrer, he did not check for errors like I asked him to later, I found out that DRLC have many offices at 316 2nd street los Angeles, especially room 600 in that same building alone all disability lawyers, “see doc” on or about 5/7/12 I rushed to file a ex parte and a reconsideration letter when I find out that Mr. Gonzalez had messed up my documents on 5/7/12 judge Joseph E. Dilorteo was in a blackout ( convenient)I was sent to Dept11 a judge who knew nothing about the case , this judge Ross Kline had to be in the conspiracy both judges had Loyola students at both rooms sitting in listening this judge dismissed both the reconsideration and ex parte, on June 26th 2012 back in to dept. H with Judge Joseph E Dilorteo HE ALSO HAD STUDENTS SITTING in WHICH I NEVER SEEN SINCE I been in his court room, I only took the opposition to the demurrer to court with me I was going to explain what had happen, I got to the 5th floor at 8;00—8;20 I went to the ladies room I was feeling a lot anxiety, sick to my stomach, I was #3 on calendar to be call to see the judge, I knew I had time, I was never late to court at 8;40 the judge said that he had dismissed my case, I was shocked even if he spent 5minutes on each case I was still be there for #3, I trying to explain to him what had happen ,that was his final decision , though the judge Dilorteo Department H was in blackout for weeks, also in room 505 the computer were down for two weeks in the (DRLC) Law Library, I was to move on the same day I went to court 6/26/12 these organizations made sure that I had know way of fixing my problem and I must say well planned.
Judge Joseph E Dilorteo have already been in trouble with commissioner back in 2006 for using his power to control city issue, the clerk told me that they did not have a clerk to type the transcript on 6/26/12, which was unusual.

Being a whistle blower on mental health consultants, causes the County Board of Supervisor and Mental Health department to get involve, they contract all of these organizations, they all work as partners in family and children with mental health issues and disability, these are the organizations that conspired with other against me; Disability Right legal Center 2008 I asked for services and was refused, at the time I was not aware that DRLC was connected with where I lived ( A Community of Friends Inc.) that had major habitability problem DRLC replied back in 2008 stating that they could not help me.

In 2010, I was in the law library looking for work , I was curious how DRLC got me to work for them everything that I wrote and printed on the computer, Affordable Companion Care is one of DRLC in-home agencies where many strange thing happen at the patients home, besides they leaving me in the house alone without the patient there for a week, I work 7 days straight for three weeks, and i was fired for not working consistency straight every day ,not aware that DRLC operates Long Beach legal aid where i went to get legal services I was refused services, plus in the courts on the fifth fl. room 505 where i did all of my documents on pleading paper, looked for employment, and researches in the law library, again I was not aware that DRLC operate that office without my knowledge of knowing , I was doom before I started my complaint against these Disability rights network,
In 2010, I was not looking to work for anyone that refuse me services, or anyone affiliated with mental health network, my computer was not working properly I was looking for employment, I would always go to the law library( now I know that it is DRLC) to use their computers for legal advice with Cornell law Westlaw, and occasional look for employment, every resume that I have sent to a potential employer at the law library (DRLC) have come back as mailer daemon,( failed to sender) which is impossible I sent myself information and the same thing have happen, I always double check the e-mail address for sending, now one job address is still on my computer a job in south central. I was scared to take that caregiving job@ care.com reason are: the lady lied twice she applied 7/8/12 and had prior sites around the same time after I stop working for disability rights legal center,
she stated that she paid once a month (she told me on the same day I was to work) low amount exactly like DRLC, after she seen I had doubts about her its like she was begging me to work for her mother, she had not did a background check on me, and you had to work 7 days straight, because she did not have a relief person just like before at DRLC this happen right after I filed a (appeal), I didn’t want to take the chance of experiencing the same things I did with DRLC, I am always going to be leering about a nurses job at this point, these organization want me to fall on my face for bringing this conspiracy to public, erasing all of my job sites, employee’s that may hire me, if I have extra income by working in the field that I am trained in I possible may seek a lawyer that can help me, I am not able to paid for anything now since I have been terminated by DRLC.

I was not aware that DRLC operates the agencies which was formerly the Legal Aid office ,every times I was refused services especially in the court house, from legal Aid, County Bar Association, services that are offered to low income citizens as myself, I believe it offer services on Tuesday, you see a Lawyer about your case he helps you put it in a correct manner, each time I went they could not help me, (I see why now) I was not aware that American Bar Association( DRLC) are the lawyer for the Air Force, and Criminal Defense Lawyer and have partnership with Disability Rights Legal Center, that answer some of the things that happen to me at the patient’s home in 2011.

I asked Mental health Advocacy for services too 5/2009, and he refused me also Mr. Jim Pries is on A Community of Friends Inc Board as Treasurer; Mental health Advocacy added Disability Right Legal Center and then added Mental health America to their partnership, which all of these organization cause me harm with their conspiracy, County Bar Association, America Bar Association, State Bar Association all associated as a network, and none of these services will services me, all refused to help barred me, I believe both conspired together to stress me to the point that I would be so confused with everyone sending document that I can not reply to anything in a timely manner, In 2010, I was in the law library looking for work , I was curious how DRLC got me to work for them besides that lady Yvonne Green that my uncle knows, it was by everything that I wrote and printed on the computer, Affordable Companion Care is one of DRLC in-home agencies where many strange thing happen at the patients home, besides they leaving me in the house alone without the patient there for a week, I work 7 days straight for three weeks, and i was fired for not working consistency straight every day ,not aware that DRLC operates Long Beach legal aid where i went to get legal services I was refused services, plus in the courts on the fifth fl. room 505 where i did all of my documents on pleading paper, looked for employment, and researches in the law library, again I was not aware that DRLC operate that office without my knowledge of knowing , I was doom before I started my complaint against these Disability rights network, A community Friends Inc. is where my problems originated from, I was eventually evicted for being 2 week late paying rent she is part of the Disability right network Dora Gallo 2009 filed against case BC405725 I was so beat up mentally from everything (planned that way by all of disability right mental health network) I dismissed it without prejudice 2011 this was the same year and time DRLC issues were occurring (have 130 document proof of burden), where I lived for 4 years(building with habitability issues, she owns 65 buildings with disable and mental health clients) i mention i was going to tell their donor the problem that was in the building that’s when my problem began) people dying in the building for know reason, bad management all using drugs, mold on the wall, air condition not working for years. Mental Health America ( where i worked , and was terminated for no reason, all are under disability right network working as one ( have doc.) The Superior courts are contracted under the County Board of supervisor which have partnership with each one them, these are the organizations that I made a complaint against ACOF, DRLC, MHA Gloria Molina sent me a letter stating that everything would be fine, nothing ever happen? I been harass, retaliated against, by tenants in the building that i reported using drugs, plus “i have documents about the building that i stayed in and how these organization worked to keep me in eye view of them by setting me up to move into another one of their buildings something that I was trying to get away from).

On 6/28/12,I filed in the appeal court , have a document of judge Dilorteo and some of the Commissioners together at a car show the court system all work as one also, disability right legal center plays a part in the California State Bar, a lot of DRLC lawyers write Law for themselves, I sent a letter reporting they’re wrongdoing, they stated that they need more information I sent the whole document to them , I could not concentrate at the time to much work to send out without help plus I was looking for work.

I am a disable women fighting against powerful people, with know attorneys helping me all that are low income lawyers is under the partnership of DRLC ,in their mission statement is to serve and protect the disable people , well it do not apply to me, Ihave had the same people follow me every day it is nothing I can do about it, i been to every self-help org, without any help from my research must are shareholder, partnership under helping the disable and mental health, which is all wonderful, but when you harass someone for protecting themselves from harm, and they retaliated against you to save their pretty painted name, but still harassing me under cover, what do a disable citizen do?

But i cannot get any services much more i do not know who to report it to? this has much more to the story, hope that you can understand the corruption that i am experiencing in my life with at large organization of the Mental Health Department, I filed my appeal I still do not have a great chance because Disability rights legal center plays a part in the commission Department, Paula Pearlman executive and American Bar Association fight for attorneys that are prosecuted.

These organization have left me homeless (homeless as of now) I have always had a job, business, dress successful, had something to eat everyday , now thing are different because of these mental health organizations set me up to work for them to keep me upset and confused ,stolen potential jobs from me, urine in my car, evict me for filing a complaint, one of my car got impounded with any reason now I sleep in my car at gym sites, hospital lots trying to found work they know that stress makes a diabetic very ill DRLC works with Cancer and Diabetic these problems that they keep pressuring me with even may kill me, they have my history, jobs that I am applying for, telephone conversation, since I am the silence partner in this conspiracy that is against me, I cannot tell the few people that I know (besides my family) , because it sounds unreal to me? These are mental health consultants trained to work with mental health clients; they could make you look very insane when they are finish with you, when you have no support on your side from any County or Government Official.

I was told I cannot go to the police department, unless someone is attacking me , everything that these org. do is mentally.11/08 a private detective run into the back of my car and other incidents with the police officer occurred, all of these organization under mental health have the Sherriff department contracted with them, don’t get me wrong not saying that all officers are a part of their conspiracy, but this conspiracy is a mental health community network with plenty of stakeholder and contractor, Board members everyone has something to lose, because contracted under one another means Money’ and keeping their record clean for any wrongdoing will keep the money coming from donors and sponsors, I don’t care about they’re money and fame, when they destroys my life, my certificates and license are in the field of mental health and nursing and so far it is hard to get a job in mental health ever again before this incidence I never had an encounter with any of these people judges, Attorneys, mental health consultants, police officer all play a part in the courts system against one individual.


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