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Last Updated On: May 19, 2017

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Business Name: Parker New York & Palm Springs
Corporate Address:
New York 119 W 56th St
New York, New York 10019 USA

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Phone Number: 212-245-5000
Corp Email: info@parkermeridien.com
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Parker Meridien doesn't honor their own vouchers

I had a voucher for a 2 night stay in the Parker Meridien New York, which could only be redeemed between early January and the end of February, in that year. The voucher could only be redeemed on weekends.

I tried to book 3 different weekend dates but was told each time that there was not availability (limited room availability fir certificate use).

The Parker Meridien could not provide me with accommodation for any date that I requested in that time period, due to lack of availability. Nor would the Parker Meridien accept the voucher at a later date and time.

A replacement or resolution has never been provided. I even spoke with headquarters but they advise that it has to be dealt directly with the hotel.

How unjust that a hotel, that is supposed to be so attentive to customer service and needs, will not accommodate us when we were not at fault for not being able to use a valid voucher.

What is the point of issuing a voucher you never care or feel that you have to honor?


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