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Every once in a while it’s nice to get away from it all and relax. You want to enjoy a little time away from home where you don’t have to worry about doing laundry, making the bed, cleaning the bathroom, or making dinner. And when you go on your vacation away from home you probably book your stay at a hotel. Unless, your vacation is spent camping.

Hotels can be very costly depending on the room you reserve and the rating of the hotel. A weekend stay at a 5 star hotel will probably cost you several hundreds of dollars and that is just for the room. Unless there is some form of package deal where room and breakfast or brunch is provided by the hotel then you are probably going to pay for food and transportation costs on top of hotel cost.

If you are staying at a highly rated and expensive hotel then you expect the hotel to be nice. The hotel staff should be professional, the rooms should look elegant, and the beds should be comfortable. And even if you are not staying in the most luxurious of hotels you are in a hotel nonetheless and expect a decent standard of service.

In 2011, there had been reports several hotels in New York that had been found to be infested with bed bugs. This was shocking because bed bugs had not been a problem for a long time and it was speculated that so much international travel brought the problem to even bigger name hotels. As the story grew it was found that the bed bug problem wasn’t just a small isolated issue but there were several hotels in several States that had reports of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs may not be the only hotel issue though. There may be other cleanliness issues regarding hotels. Checkout is usually early in the morning while check in is performed mid afternoon allowing time for the room to be cleaned in between guests. However, there are instances where your hotel room may not have been thoroughly cleaned before your arrival. Previous guest’s trash may still occupy the room and not all services may have been wiped down.

If you’ve had to cancel your reservation with a hotel you may have had refunding issues. Depending on how or where you booked you may be charged a cancelation fee and lose the deposit made on the room. If you’ve called about refunds you may have had a hard time finding someone who wasn’t giving you the phone run-around.

If you have hotel complaints of any kind then please share them with us here at We want to know what hotel you booked or stayed at and what went wrong. Tell us and others why the hotel should be avoided.

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