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Last Updated On: January 8, 2018

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Business Name: Helar Campos Md & Associates Family Medical Center Llc
Corporate Address:
435 Montauk Ave
New London, Connecticut 06320 USA

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Phone Number: 860-444-7400


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The lost files

Helar Campo’s MD and Associates 26 lafayette St. Norwich CT, 06360. I made several attempts to retrieve copies of my medical files from this company, every time made a attempt to get copies there data entry lady’s sent the wrong files to me until they lost my original files were permanently lost by mail.

Talked to Allie the data entry’s boss made my complaint after filed with BBB and she said there’s nothing to do about this issue except write up the lady that mailed original files in the mail. I told her that I think that the peruvian lady that works in the data entry department might be part of why my files went missing. Allie said no that was not possible and that her employee hust did not understand what I was requesting thats why things went missing.

The next time I decide to be friends with someone just for a green card arrangement, I will make sure that they don’t work at my doctors office. So when they call me and tell me that they found out I have a kid and tell me that they know of this because they work at a doctors office, I will know its a lie and its because they changed there mind and found someone else.


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I couldn’t agree more… thanks for your input


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