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Hospitals are a place of life and death and everything in between. Many people are born in hospitals, they go to hospitals when they are kids and have broken bones, people go to hospitals as they age and need medical testing done, and people go to hospitals when they are ill and start to depart from this world. Hospitals represent the full circle of life and they are hopefully equipped to handle every emergency that may occur in between.

People of all varying ages and health can all be found in a hospital. If they are ill they may be staying there for long term or short term stay, if they are healthy they may be working in the hospital or visiting a loved one. And because of the variations in peoples’ health everyone expects hospitals to stay clean and sanitary.

Any lost fluids should be cleaned right away; people in need of immediate urgent care should be treated first especially if their lives hang on the line of immediate treatment. And doctors and nursing staff should pay close special attention to anyone with medicinal allergies. You want medical files to stay accurate and as current as possible.

No one wants to go to the hospital and have the doctor call you by someone else’s name and you find out that they are looking to treat you while they are holding someone else’s file. You don’t want to find out that the hospital has lost your medical records. And if you and another patient have the same name you want to make sure they are looking at the correct John or Jane Smith.

Many people complain about hospital waiting rooms. There is a point where waiting over an hour to see the doctor borders on rude and ridiculous. Especially if you have an appointment and the office is that far of schedule. You want your hospital to run in a timely manner.

A hospital like any business works best when it is efficient. Doctors and hospital staff should act professionally and be courteous to each other as well as patients and visitors. If any problem occurs it is expected that the problem be handled quickly and with sensitivity. If you are going to a hospital for care or treatment then you want to be cared for and treated respectfully.

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