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Last Updated On: August 3, 2017

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Business Name: PWC Ohio
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4612 Paddock Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 USA

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Phone Number: 513-351-7921
Company Contact: Jock Pitts - President, CEO
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Employed with people working cooperatively for 31 years. The company added me to a list of employees with ages 50 and over. Of which I have in my files to save administration costs by hr Gwen Jones, Nina Creech VP, Jock Pitts president, Mark Kuntz Labor, Sara Burrches Supervisor.

My occupation was licensed plumber, which consisted of other things as well. Like install locks, dry wall plaster, carpentry, electric, painting, weatherization. I had wonderful reviews and evaluations from customers.

P.W.C would cut clients off from service after two calls even if they dont repair items correctly the first time. Money that p.W.C would save from council on aging, united way, and the city of Cincinnati gets pocketed, to maintain the extremely high salaries; seven figure incomes.

My lawyer found out that their salaries more than the city managers, in non-belief.

Jock pitts statement for getting rid of peoples’ jobs, it would save money for administrative cost.

Double dippin is used nina creech, mark kuntz, with kick backs for heating and weatherization.

PWC has sub contractors that will work for the company and on bosses homes. They jack up costs.

Home depot gives the company gift cards for the employees, pwc will use the cards to do company jobs.

The heating company Hadder has all the furnace purchases only. I have documents, for example: a job I did a repair that was about $1,800.00. When seeing the job file, it doubled in the company files. My material and labor was not even that much.

The attorney general’s office needs to do a full investigation of this company.

Example: lumber department buying massive lumber and not using the materials on each job. While only picking and choosing employees that they inspect the jobs on.

We use or own vans and trucks to do company services and only receive $55.00 a month gas.

They purchased a building next door from Messer and he was the president of the board. They just purchased another property were the man that sold them the building is now an employee where they made up a job for inspection for handicap modification.

The admin out number the employees, they continue to receive huge bonuses at the end of the year. While the employees receive peanuts.

They terminated all long term employees and employees on sick leave to save money for their salaries, and their private benefits for upper management.

They now hire people without license. They use plumbers and heating licenses to do jobs without their knowledge, to do other jobs for the company, and have other people sign off on the jobs.


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I’m not here to submit complain but I want to know more about this online portal to get benefit from its amazing features and to make people more aware.

Well, that is disappointing to read. Shame that these people do not how to work cooperatively and for their benefit.


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