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Last Updated On: December 11, 2017

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Business Name: Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Corporate Address:
1000 Lowe's Blvd
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 704-758-1000
Corp Email: info@lowes.com
Company Contact: Robert A. Niblock - President and CEO
Corp Website: lowes.com

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Reported Losses: $26,657.19
Average Reported Losses: $650.18

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Average Rating: 1.23 out of 5
Based On: 41 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 14 comments

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Lowe's Home Improvement Embarrassment to Longtime Customer and Stockholder

Dear Lowe’s Home Improvement Management,

This is not my norm though I feel it my duty that you need to be aware of horrendous customer experience.

First I have grown up my whole life with Lowe’s using them almost exclusively for untold amount of purchases. I have also been a stockholder in the company for more than 25 years and live in Mooresville, NC. I have also been in sales/marketing/customer service for more than 30 years and I can assure I’d want to know if this was happening on my watch.

My wife and I ordered bought new Levelor window treatments for our entire house at the Lowe’s on River Highway in Mooresville, NC, Lowe’s closest store to their world headquarters no less. An absolute comedy of errors ever since (though we hired a Lowe’s installer named Ryan and he has been great so this in no way reflects on him).

The shades were ordered after Ryan did all the measurements correctly. We never heard anything from Lowe’s for weeks, then one day we come home from work and we have about 30 boxes full of shades on our porch. Ok, we did not know that they were coming, no calls, no emails, no anything.

Ok so we take it all in and call Lowe’s with no return call. We got with Ryan to schedule the install. He did great until he came to some windows where the shades were about a 2 feet too short.

Ok so mistake at manufacture level, or mistake at store transposing the measurements, because he had the correct measurements, as I’ve also been a GC for more than 30 years, so I know also how to measure.

So Ryan called right then to the store regarding the mistake and to “Rush” the order for the correct shade sizes.

At this point we’re going on 4 weeks with still nothing, no communication of any type. We’ve called store and was told that they couldn’t find the order and would have to call us back.

They did call back and magically the manufacturer had run out of material and product for our shades – huh, really? So if that is true, which I do not believe it is, why hadn’t anyone communicated that to us?

As of today we are still in the dark as to when/if we will get them installed, which we have paid for in entirety long ago, using my Lowe’s credit card no less.

I would like resolution and restitution, something done actionable. I am so disappointed in Lowe’s, as obviously I have numerous places I can get any of this and I’ve always chose Lowe’s, no more.

As an aside, I ordered paid for in entirety a refrigerator from Lowe’s online using my Lowe’s credit card once again on July 7th, once again another dark hole. And I get it may be on backorder, or other excuses, but still NO Communication.

So still no shades, no fridge, and I’m part-owner of this company (albeit very small), it is an embarrassment.

I look forward to your communication to me as I’ve wasted far too much time on this matter ASAP!

Concerned, James Brian Trantham

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LOWES TARGETS VETERANS WITH A PHISHING SCAM Lowes is now targeting Veterans in order to get their information, (obviously to sell it, in my opinion) and, they are making it VERY difficult now to get our military discounts, telling us to sign up on line, then, after you provide them with all of your contact information, telling you that you must go right back to the store and show them the ID which was not good enough when you were at the store in the first place. They also automatically sign you up for a lowes card, which can hurt… Read more »
Lowes in Hammond, La is the worse store I have ever dealt with. I bought a new stove from them on the 28th of Feb. They took the money out of my account that same day and said the stove had to be ordered and would be delivered on the 15th of March. After not hearing anything from them ( no phone call or e-mail) I called on the 16th of March and asked where my stove was. After being on hold for nearly 1 hour I was told that it was in their warehouse and would be delivered the… Read more »
After spending over $9,000 on a new kitchen appliance package I am sad to report that the Lowes extended service plan is absolutely ridiculous. Buy your appliances and get an extended service plan at a store where they are actually going to FIX things and honor a replacement policy. 11 weeks ago our dishwasher started stopping mid cycle and an error code appeared. It could not be used. This is a “nice” dishwasher, allegedly. We called for service under our extended warranty. A week later comes the first guy and 11 weeks and 7 service visits later here we are.… Read more »

Does anyone know where Lowes maintains their bank accounts in New York?

the lowes in Petoskey Michigan uses DOSS programing and has been promised for over six years to get an upgrade into the new century. It won’t happen because Lowes headquarters is all about prifit, not efficentcy, not customer satisfaction, not repeat customers. just $$$$$ . wonderfull employess in every department, except pure butt heads in management philosophy…

lowes delivery found us short a toilet on a $5000 purchase. I stopped in at 6am to pick one out and have it delivered that day since the p[lumber was waiting for it.I also returned a $555 special order door that was built too narrow at the top and too wide at the bottom. since I forgot to pay for the toilet they would not deliver it even though lowes owes me $555 for a returned door. I told them to deliver it and I would settle up after I got out of work. they said” It’s lowes policy to… Read more »
Had lowes scheduled to put their windows and siding on our home. they said company policy requires full payment befors work can begin. under advisement of our bank lender and especially our family attorney, we were advised to not pay in full. that lowes has had a long standing problem of avoiding material problems and workmanship problems in a timely manor. the overwhelming attitude of lowes is not customer satisfaction, it is all about getting the money up front and arguing the customer down to the point they give up. we went local for the siding and windows at a… Read more »
If you have hired Lowes improvement Center and signed a contract that says “arbitration” it takes away your right to sue them for damages. I am a home owner that they sub contracted out a roof job and have over $30,000 in damages and can not sue them. I’m looking for other people that had work done by lowes and were lied to and ripped off. Please email me your story. Don’t sign any kind of contract with them. I can’t recover lawyer damages or anything. Sk Thank you and be “becareful”. I’m hoping to find enough consumers that were… Read more »

I so wish I would of done my homework about Lowes …We have not had a kitchen in 23 weeks they got me for over $ 55,000 …They have done so much damage to my house it is crazy ! Kitchen cabinets have been order 3 times and they still are not right NOT EVEN CLOSE !! so buyer beware …YES YES YES there needs to be a class action law suit

Same problem, went to buy an eighteen hundred dollar Frig. on veterans 2013 big discount weekend. With my discharge papers in hand. And there ad stated that’s all you need. They would not accept it. Went straight to Home Depot and bought the frig and they were so nice, I could not be leave the difference, the employee at Home Depot told me if they treated customer the way I was treated they would be let go. (I am not tell what happened to me) I have not and will not shop Lowes anymore. Flowood location lost my business forever.

Stay away from Lowe’s in Siuffolk, Vs in the mornings. They have decided to conserve engergy by not turning the lights or the heat on til the afternoon even though it is 8 degrees outside. I have never been so miserable trying to shop in my life.

So, you’re special and you want Lowe’s to change the rules just for YOU? And every other veteran with a VA card is not having a problem.

I ran into the same problem. I’m a disabled Viet Nam veteran and I’m in the process of building a new home. My intention was to buy lots from Lowes using their 10% discount. They would not accept my DD214, my VA letter stating my disability or my Bronze star letter for Viet Nam service. They said I had to have a VA card………I have not used the VA in over 25 years and I have no need to. Lowes does not care about veterans at all.

I work at the Lowe’s in Lincoln, NE, and at that store we will certainly accept your DD 214 as proof of your service, and most likely the other two as well. I can’t speak for other stores, but I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I personally respect veterans and it’s awful that your store did not do what they should have and given you the discount.


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