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Last Updated On: January 18, 2017

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Business Name: JELD-WEN of Canada Ltd.
Corporate Address:
550 Munroe Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2K 4H3 Canada

Customer Service

Phone Number: 204-668-8230
Corp Website:


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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $10,000,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $10,000,000.00

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Wrongfully accused

I was accused of swearing at a manager and calling him “lazy ****”. All because this manager doesn’t like my husband. This manager has gotten all the power to his head and doesn’t care who he hurts in his path. So he takes his anger for my husband out on me. Also there is a female co worker that works in the same department as my husband that is a home wrecker. She tries to get into my husband’s pants and when ever she makes plains with him and our kids she would get upset that I show up. She expected my husband to pay for her bills, food and her son’s birthday. All because my husband had work during the 3 week shut down at the plant, and her son is not my husbands. She does have a live in boyfriend and doesn’t help her out. So both of these staff members had me banned from the property and I was not informed about it at all. The manager took his false information to the HR over 2 years ago and I didn’t find out about it almost 2 years later. The HR felt that I didn’t need to know. I have tried to talk to the HR to find out why and give my side of the false accusations that where made against me but this HR refuses to return my phone calls and talk about it. He rather go through my husband. He believes that I am not the important. I feel like a small bug and my concerns doesn’t matter. This company only cares about themself and refuses to help others out when concerns are arise. When there are those that don’t work for the company file a complaint against staff members they are sweep under the rug. But when the staff members makes false statements against those that don’t work for the company then they listen.


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that is bad information posted by the user they should not say things that they do not have proof to back it up. I hear things go on in there and i have never heard anything like that. So i would have to say that this info is misleading to everyone by this person saying things like this.


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