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Last Updated On: July 26, 2017

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Business Name: DuraSeal
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Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458 USA

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Phone Number: 800-364-1359
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Average Rating: 1.50 out of 5
Based On: 3 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 27

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Reported Losses: $200.00
Average Reported Losses: $66.67

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Is Dura Seal a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

The worst product

I purchased a product from dura seal and not only didn’t work, but the company refuse to refund my purchase.

So my complaint may save someone else out there.  Dura seal is a fraud and ripoff

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i used it in my 99 deville and it worked

I used dura seal in my 318i last dec, 2013. It was a1993 318i that sat in a lady’s garage for 4 years. I brought it cheap. I changed the water pump, Tstat, and fan clutch. The 1st thing you need to do is find the cause of the over heating. Once that is done you can go about treating the symptom, blown headgasket. There are a few signs for a blown head gasket, coolant and oil mixing, heavy white smoke coming out the tail pipe. I wasn’t getting any of that. I was getting combustion gases in the coolant.… Read more »

Here’s my two cents, I bought the dura seal for my Camry and it worked perfectly. My neighbor used it in his wife’s Expedition and it worked for them to. Guess you can’t make everybody happy…

Well I’ve used the dura seal oil stop leak in 2 cars and a truck and it worked on all three vehicles. The truck was really loosing a lot of oil out the rear main and it stopped leaking after about 180 miles of driving. I would say that all vehicles are different and all leaks are different. This tuff is going to work in most vehicles but there a few it may not worked in either due to the severity of the leak or user error. A lot of people don’t even read instructions…


01/29/2014 I have a 2002 ford f-150 and i noticed alot of oil in one of my sparkplugs "valve cover gaskets" and some oil near the oil filter. The check engin light came on because the truck was miss firing do to the oil. I put one bottle and drive 300 mile and took the spark plug out and was dry as can be and no oil leak near the filter, but i detected this propbem real early. So i think it will handle some things but it it is to far gone i don’t think it will work. It… Read more »
i have been researching this product. judging by what i have been reading,starting with this chris guy, i would say that he’s probably rude often to customers because he has to deal with disappionted customers all day long.after a while, you get fed up, and begin to lose patience more, and more quickly. that being said, i believe the disappiontments are very common because of the misleading nature of this product. after all, its very hard to judge just how bad your blown head gasket is, and what the limit is that this product can handle. i would approach this… Read more »
replacing the head gasket and putting out from$1600 to $3000 to have it fixed also does not solve the problem. who has that kind of money to keep dishing out to replace the head gasket. My daughter just found out she is the 3rd owner on her Buick Rondezvue and the person who last traded it in just replaced the head gasket a second time but the dealershjip did not tell my daughter she was going to be the third owner she was told she was the second owner. And now after contacting the corporate office of GM when one… Read more »
I’m an ASE certified mechanic, there is NO such thing as "Mechanic in a Bottle". However I used duraseal to fix my friends 2001 BMW 330i because he didn’t have the $ to repair it properly and it worked without question. 4 weeks later It still holds firm. I also used the oil additive as well and again it worked on the first time around. Then 2 weeks later this week past I tried the same application on my 96 BMW Z3 and it failed. I haven’t contacted Customer support yet and if they give me the run around I… Read more »

larry williams is also has a leak in his ****. That **** dont work.

chris has a leak of c*m coming out of his a*s… Thats why he works there.

Luckily for you this website allows dick heads like you to have their say even if their full of s**t and don’t even know what their talking about.

Just went to the company’s website before checking reviews and it seems like the videos are shot from an angle. As if something was behind the tailpipe blowing out smoke in sync with the reving of the engine. It would be a good idea to show the back of the car from the rear so you have a clear view that there is no illusion or possible illusion happening. The angle just shows the side. Just an observation. Kinda shady if you ask me.

I have a 1996 subaru with a 2.5 liter engine. I ordered and used the dura seal product and the first application failed. Following the instructions to the letter I then order the second application and it also failed to fix the problem. I called the tech department and spoke to Chris. He was very condescending and rude. He also told me that I was wasting his time. They refused to honor the money back guarantee so my advice to anyone contemplating using the dura seal product to save your time and money. It doesn’t work and they change the… Read more »

all these people who leave good comment apparently are tied to the company, but also since you pay with credit card you can always dispute it and since it had a money back guarantee you can get the money back , or am i wrong?
also an advice for those of you with foul language just slow down, have manners-everybody will know you are tied to the company that way

Right, I might do just that, dispute . I am about to use a fourth treatment of this product. Joe Lapp, my fiance experienced similar with chris master mechanic on 1/30/13 with chris saying that its not his screwed up, its yours. Told fiance to drain radiator add wayer, drive an see what engine do, of course over heated plus straight water in 20 degree temps, never. ( engine black would be cracked for real along with blown hg) I started having over heating issues after using third treatment the leave in sealer. first, second, or third treatment did not… Read more »
I am going to stick my two cents in this post for what its worth. After being a mechanic on all types of equipment throughout the years I have found these products to work in "specific" situations only. Every leak is different in its type and cause. These stop leaks for the most part are "TEMPORARY" until permant repairs can be made. If a seal has been physically damaged it will not work most times. A worn seal degraded from years of use "may" re-swell and seal but its a limited time cure. Make the repairs and don’t blame the… Read more »
Duraseal, headgasket repair for northstar engine. Ive purchased the repair kit for my 2002 cadillac deville, blown head gasket. It worked for about 2 months, started over heating again talked to tech chris, I was sent a second stronger treatment paid 29.95 , last about 30 days, spoke chris an told him started over heating again on 1/2/13 , their sending me a leave in sealer an duraseal extreme packet paid 16.86. Chris has never been rude to me, just hope the leave in sealer work this time. I do not have anything bad to say about company, ford, gmc… Read more »

The people responding obviously are connected to the company.

Dear: Mr. Rafael Jose Magallanes, Complaint #1 of 1455 Cable Ranch Road apt. 1014 San Antonio, TX. 78245 (210) 392-7096 (210) 815-8829 I have read your complaint about the oil stop leak. I am a certified mechcanic in New York and your description of what happened to your vehicle is rediculus!!! Adding any type of oil stop leak to your engine would in no way cause your header/exhaust pipes to become damaged. The oil system and exhaust system in your engine are not connected in anyway! Your simply an idiot and have no idea what your talking about. luckily for… Read more »
I used the DuraSeal Oil Stop Leak in two cars and it WORKED IN BOTH!!!! I was losing about a quart a week in my van and my Toyota Camary was always leaving a few drops on my driveway each day. I used the Dura Seal on the van and it totally stopped the van’s leak in about 4 days. On that Camary it slowed it down alot but I still had a few drops a week so I called them back and they sent out another bottle for free to me, I just had to pay shipping. The second… Read more »
Your right Rafael s an idiot! I typed his name in the search for this website and look what I found on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could’nt belive it…. If you don’t try for yourself, just type his name in the search-block and WOW. What an ****..lol Rafael Jose Magallanes Who is Rafael Jose Magallanes? Get Information about Rafael Jose Magallanes Here! Filed Under: People By Last Name – M Address: 1455 Cable Ranch Rd Apt#1014 San Antonio, Texas Phone: 210-815-8829 Posted On: September 6, 2012 Posted By: Mike Johnen Rafael Jose Magallanes found my ad on backpage.com for a male escort.… Read more »
i’ve ordered 3 permatech rear main seal for a total of $100 wasted!!!!!!!!!! of course i ordered one at a time until i have put 3 in my vehicle. to be honest it makes my oil leak more. this product is garbage and please don’t buy it it’s a waste of money and it’s not guaranteed product.. use your common sense and don’t use a product that is not guaranteed to work. don’t buy it. when it doesn’t work all chris is going to do is encourage you to order more and it won’t make a difference but make it… Read more »

I used the Permatech oil stopleak and it worked for me! I talked with chris and he never seemed pushy or rude. From reading your comment you just sound like an ****! I’d reccomend their product to anyone. It works and they actually will send out more sealer if you need more. Try going to your local auto-parts store and asking for more sealer for free…

Duraseal did not work for me. Chris at Duraseal was quite awful as a tech and CSR. Duraseal warranty is BS. There is no money back. Duraseal may work on some cars, but it is relatively expensive and Chris is rude and abrasive and sells snakeoil.

abrasive the man is really crazy havent used it yet now i dont know if i should the language use on the phone would get you arrested if done in public how he could run a business is really questionable

I dont know what your talking about… I found that they were very helpful and very pleasent let alone very knowledgeable. They explained what my vehicles problem was and how their product would help. their DuraSeal sealer worked for me and did exactly what they said it would. My cars been running great ever since, been almost 8 months now. Great product and great people over there…


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