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Last Updated On: May 24, 2016

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Business Name: COLORS-N-MORE Painting & Home Improvements
Corporate Address:
140 Yorktown Dr
Ruther Glen, Virginia 22546 USA

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Phone Number: 540-287-9871
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $2,150.00
Average Reported Losses: $2,150.00

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NO respect for your home

COLORS-N-MORE PAINTING — PHOTOS OF WHAT THEY ADVERTISE AS “QUALITY” AND “DONE & DONE RIGHT” ! Please read and review photos and decide for yourself !

Colors N More advertises that they “are committed to completing your home improvement project with the greatest care and attention to detail.” and on another website claims “QUALITY is [their] FIRST priority” but, in actuality, if they are capable of painting a straight line ( even using tape ) or, painting a wall without a dozen drips and sags in it, they showed no proof of it here. Paint all over hardwood floors, furniture, appliances and carpet. Sections of door casing and baseboard left unpainted. Wall paint on the ceiling and trim and trim paint on the walls. They show up to work on your project when they feel like it and show NO respect for your home — Over a month has passed since we made the mistake of letting them in our home and we are STILL finding more sloppy work, mistakes and damage ! Steve will talk all kinds of hype about how good they are and how they “have earned the trust and respect of the community” but the only POSITIVE reviews that you will find for them are from 2011 and left by “anonymous”. THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO SAVE YOU THE SAME HEADACHES WE ARE NOW DEALING WITH AFTER HIRING THEM ! DO NOT BE FOOLED ! Colors N More either doesn t care about doing professional work OR they are incapable of it ! Either way, do you want that for YOUR home !? THESE TWO WEB ADDRESSES WILL TAKE YOU TO VIDEOS ( on YouTube ) AND NUMEROUS PHOTOS ( on PhotoBucket ) OF THE WORK “COLORS-N-MORE” CONSIDERS “QUALITY”



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This will be my final post on this subject, as I refuse to waste any more of my time thinking about or dealing with Michael Snell, Colors-N-More Painting or his sh*tty work. Mr. Snell has maintained from the beginning that he provides quality work at a fair price and that quality is their first priority. Since then, he has made nothing but excuses for his inability or unwillingness to provide what he promised. I have provided numerous photo examples of the work that he did in our home so that others who are considering hiring a professional painter can see… Read more »

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