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Last Updated On: April 10, 2017

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Business Name: American Overhead Door Inc
Corporate Address:
1080 N Perkins St
Appleton, Wisconsin 54914 USA

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Phone Number: 920-735-9055
Company Contact: Jeff Day - President
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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Over billed 3 hours

I had this overhead door company come out to repair my opener. The tech was complaining the whole time about the work it was entailing.

He tried to sell me a new opener. He called the shop and they wanted $800 for a new opener. I told him no. He then told me they can do it for $750. I again told them no.

He then told me it would be time and materials and I asked how much per hour and he told me $90 and I said it will be cheaper for a couple hours at $90 than $750 for a new opener. He started work on the opener.

After around 30 minutes into the job he dropped a copper bushing. He came off the ladder to look for it and was not found after a few minutes. I asked him to continue taking the opener apart while I looked for the bushing. It was not found. He looked in his truck for a bushing and could not find one and he stated he would have to come back tomorrow.

He arrived on 3/21 @ 08:10 and at 09:05 he was on his way back to his truck to leave.

He returned on 3/22 at 2:25pm to install the busing and finish the job. @ 3:05pm he was done and leaving.

2 weeks later I receive a bill for $408.50 with 4.5 hours labor listed. Unless my math is way off they over billed me nearly 3 hours.

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